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  2. Are you willing to wiggle on the price a bit?
  3. There's also I training aid I read up on over the weekend called the chiliwacker. Funny name, sound concept IMHO.
  4. Slow backswings, just to get the feeling; I'm a rote learner due to years of being a classical musician and repetition works well for me. If you have instagram, Luke Donald has a good video on this. Check out LD's video here
  5. Yeah, the only reason to upgrade would be the better compartment.... You can buy the new straps as well if that's a dealbreaker, from my understanding.
  6. This is good if you need things like angle of attack and the other 7 stats that the + offers that the OG mevo doesn't. Also, if you have paypal credit you should be able to get this for 6 months interest free financing. That's usually what I do for my bigger golf purchases. With that being said, I'm most likely going to get the + come fall. I may be trying out for my university's team and would like to be able to really 'dial-in' my practice routine.
  7. Clicgear 3.0, I've had mine for nearly 10 years and the only I only had to replace the hanger for the bottle carrier because I snapped it off folding the cart in a hurry.
  8. I use them while warming up because the hitting bays are angled differently than the driving range itself; leading to some weird things happening for the first few holes. I use two alignment sticks, one for my feet and one for the starting line of the ball. I use the one for the ball to have a reference for face angle so I can practice draws/fades and see what I can/cannot hit that particular day. Also, I wouldn’t buy golf alignment aids; go to your local hardware store and get driveway reflectors, I paid $2 each.
  9. A wall will help with the first half of your takeaway. Practice chipping with your rear up against the wall, start with what would be a 5-yard bump and run and work your way up to where the shaft is parallel with the ground. Do you practice on turf or on a mat? If on turf, an alignment stick stuck into the ground at a (steepish*) angle can be used to give feedback if you have laid off too far. If playing on a mat you might have to get a bit creative; my coach and I have designed a contraption using PVC pipes and a pool noodle that’s adjustable and extendable. *Steepish because you may have to overexaggerate with a steeper swing plane in order to make quicker progress. Practice slow, take 100 swings a day (if possible) for 2-3 days. 2-3 days should be enough to engrain change without (hopefully) becoming too steep. **Well, after reading your post a second time I see that you'd probably dislike these. Sorry.
  10. - Anthony - San Antonio, TX - 9 - Ping S55 (currently testing Sub 70 699 pro) - T-100S
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