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  1. Tom, Santa Clarita Yes, Bushnell YardagePro Compact 600
  2. I'll go with Charles Howell III for tier 5 and -5 for the tie breaker. BTW: Someone might want to edit the copy/paste that reads the winner will be announced the week after the "masters" unless it's going to take nearly a year to determine the winner of this.
  3. I voted for my tier 1-4 players. Since it doesn't look like Fred Couples is in any of those tiers i'll make him my tier five vote. As for the winning score for a tie breaker...even though the course is going to play soft i'll say - 280 (aka -8)
  4. Tier 1 Rory Mcilroy Tier 2 Branden Grace Tier 3 Tony Finau Tier 4 Matthew Fitzpatrick Tier 5 Charles Howell III Tier Breaker -5
  5. 1. Tom, California ​2. 2 handicap (speed can vary any where from 100 to 115). 3. Epic Sub Zero 4. G400 LST
  6. Tier 1 Phil Mickelson Tier 2 Thomas Pieters Tier 3 Brandon Grace Tier 4 Fred Couples Tier 5 Ian Poulter Tier Breaker 1st = 279 (aka -9) 2nd = +9
  7. - Your first name and home state/province Tom , California - Your current handicap 1.6 - Your current golf ball Taylormade TP5x - Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player In the two most recent fitting sessions I had with Callaway (about a year ago), and Taylormade (about a week ago) when I was trying drivers and fairway woods both reps/fitters thought I was spinning the ball a bit too low (back with the Callaway testing I recall some 1500 spin rates, and with Taylormade I recall a 1800 with driver shots). I would think since I try to make the same setup and swing on all clubs (and only change my ball position ... and occasional maybe spine / axis tilt when playing a driver vs everything else. (Driver ball positioned edge of target side shoulder. All other clubs - hitting off ground - in line with my target side ear/shirt logo, center of pectoral muscle.) I would think my spin as far as high vs low would carry over from driver on down through the bag. In conclusion I would suspect I would be considered a low spin player, and might benefit from the higher spinning MTB Red. Much simpler to change to a higher spinning ball then change all the golf club shafts to get increased spin...
  8. Tom, 39, California. Lack of distance is holding me back from being a better golfer. I'm not a short hitter when compared to the normal groups of people I play with (I'm at the top or around the upper few of the people I play with), but there are a lot of people that are longer than me. Given my index I am severely lacking compared to what stats say the average person of my index should hit the ball distance wise. Given my general fitness (compared to the majority of society and majority of golfers I'm acquainted with), my flexibility, my strength, and lack of any physical injuries or aliments there should be potential distance untapped. Its likely that the lacking area is in knowing how to move in a way that is efficient to producing distance. Statistics on and off the tour support the premise that if you have distance you'll hit more greens in regulation, the shorter your approach shot the closer your proximity to the hole is likely to be, the closer to the hole you are the more short putts you'll have, the shorter the putt you have the more likely you are to make the putt. The more greens in regulation you have (large factor) and the more putts you make (smaller factor) the better your scores on average. Having the data of Gears, BodiTrak, and Trackman to see what is actually happening in the swing, and having someone who can understand and interpret the data from those correctly could be the key to improvement.
  9. 1. Tom, CA, USA ​2. Ping Cadence TR 3. Current putter is not custom fit, but has an adjustable length shaft. 4. Either is fine. In recent years I have leaned toward more mallet style putters (with higher MOI), so the Queen B 9 would be the closer of the two to that style (however I've putted well with both styles, and would be happy to use either).
  10. Your first name and home state/province: Tom, CA Current handicap/avg score: 2 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set? I have not, but I'd definitely be willing to play them. What is your current iron set? Taylormade Rsi TP. I'm able to out drive my playing partners by 30-50 yards at times, but when we get on par 3s I often find those same players hitting the same club, or less then what I do. Its finally worn on me, and I've decided its time to go to a distance iron and see how much better my game could be. For an iron categorized as a distance iron I've got to say the looks (based on pictures here and on Wilson's website) look much more appealing than other distance irons I've seen in the past.
  11. California Ping Cadence TR Tomcat center shafted with adjustable shaft length Aim/alignment I feel my current weakness with my Ping putter is my ability to aim/align it and myself as consistently as I think I have done with some older putters I've had (Spider, etc). Given what the MLA is supposed to do it should work well for me.
  12. First Name Tom Home State/Province CA Current Handicap 2 Current Iron Set Taylormade RSi TP irons One length or Variable I would be up to using either, but I believe the One length to be the more interesting prospect.
  13. Tom California 2 laser - Bushnell Precision Pro (think that is the name - the old giant binocular looking one). I've experimented with GPS on my smartwatch, but wasn't impressed. Lasers are the way to go.
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