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  1. Jarederco


  2. I bought the CBX 3 wood and hybrid a few months ago. Due to the technology on the sole, the club rested would “roll open” at address and it was very off putting for me, so I returned them. I’m sure they are very good clubs and I love many tour edge products, but my own personal preference couldn’t overcome this regarding the CBX. To each his own!
  3. Hello, I am a new member. I spent many years at another big golf forum website and was ready for a change after mismanagement at that site. I’ve been really impressed for years by the MGS reviews and testing, plus I’ve recently gotten into listening to the No Putts Given podcasts and like them a lot. I was ready for new equipment in 2020 after spending several years with poor fitting equipment, and I took advantage of the PXG ~50% off sales to get some great equipment at good values. My 2020 setup includes: PXG 0811 X 10.5 Gen 2 (Fujikura Pro 2.0 70X) PXG 0341 X 15 Gen 2 (Fujikura Pro 2.0 70X) PXG 0817 X 19 Gen 2 (Fujikura Pro 2.0 70X) PXG 0311 P Gen 2 4 thru GW (Project X 6.5) 54 and 58 Cleveland RTX 4 (DG TI S400) Taylormade Ardmore 3 Srixon Z Star XV
  4. I enjoy Cord grips, and my personal favorites are Lamkin UTX followed closely by Golf Pride Z Cord.
  5. I recently bought a 3 pack for of the Zero Friction Cabretta elite gloves. They are “one size fits most” and use compression technology to fit to your hand size. I must say these will become my go-to gloves for the summer months. I know this one size concept must sound very strange to most of you, but it’s quite nice in my opinion. please note that they do also have synthetic gloves, but I’ve only tried the Cabretta elite model.
  6. I was lucky enough to find a Bay Boy Triswivel II for a great price a few days before the push cart mania began, and I have really enjoyed its features. Don’t think I can go back to a foot brake cart again after having a hand brake, or else I would be considering the Big Max carts too.
  7. I may have missed something somewhere, but why is Tony putting the balls in an incubator?
  8. Jarederco

    MIzuno RB Tour

    I’ve never played the RB Tour X but I’ve been thinking about buying a few dozen since I noticed golfballs.com is selling logo overruns for only $14.99/doz
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