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  1. Mine was through paypal, but the member posted on this forum.
  2. I direct messaged the Admins when i was scammed, they made a post and deleted the member from the forum.
  3. Anyone debating lessons or gear needs lessons. You can always improve your form. Even the pros are constantly getting lessons, clubs ain't going to make you better lessons will.
  4. Mine will not make it through 2 rounds. I can play 27 and it will usually die a few holes after that. for 18 its great no issues and come home with 20-30% left. I also use it as my dailey watch and if I know i'm playing saturday I will usually fully charge it the night before and it still wont make it though 2 rounds.
  5. I have the s60 and love it. It does everything I want it to do. I previously had another garmen product that was more for back packing and back country stuff. It had a golf app but wasnt great. The s60 is nice and slim in comparison and combined with the app it's a great tracking and all around great addition to my game. On the course everyone always asks me yardage and compared to my range finder it's usually within 3-5 yards. I'm not that good anyways to dial in 3-5 yards so it's perfect. My greens in regulation have gone up big time because I'm choosing the right club more often. If I hit it pure haha
  6. The worst! I hate when the plug and sand its terrible, and i'm a club ***** who hates getting his putter dirty and scratched.
  7. I usually hit a fade yes, So I guess hitting the ball straighter with a pull would reduce spin and either carry or roll a little farther, but 30 yards is quite a bit.
  8. When i get into pull hooks which is pretty common for me, I'm not releasing and i'm swinging all arms and smashing it hard left. If I cant practice it away I'll just adjust my aim on the course more right to counter the pull. It usually takes me a few rounds to get it sorted out. And for some reason my hook pull adds 30 yards to my drive????
  9. I personally don't care about resale or the stickers. I like clean very clean so I usually remove the decals when they start fallling off. I play a couple times a week and the in and out of the bag usually wears them off pretty quickly.
  10. These fires are killing me, smoke is so bad and being outside sucks. What the heck can I do to fix my golf itch while California is burning?
  11. How far are you going to take it? just a quick scrub and polish or are you going to strip it and grind it down and completly refinish it? They are some good videos on youtube i've watched them all.
  12. Congrats on that milestone. 2000 is a lot of posts dang!
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