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  1. I really liked the apex pros they fit well and felt very nice off the face. My only gripe is the black finished looked so good when new, after about 20 rounds they look like trash. They play well no problems but to me the finish is a big part of looking down at my clubs.
  2. 50/42 was a terrible front but found my game on the back like usual. I blasted a 3 iron 225yrds right into a bunker I usually come up short of with my 3 wood. Not sure how it happend but was my best shot of the day and the fairway bunker wasn't too hard to play out of.
  3. Not sure yet but it will be needed after work today. Prob going straight to tequila and then follow up with a few rum and cokes.
  4. I'm only speaking for myself here, but I found the game improvement irons greatly increased my dispersion. Using a blade/muscle back/cavity back reduced the spread but the miss hits are bad. if you are shooting in the 100s you should be fine with GI irons. and like the above poster said if you can get fit hit as many different irons as possible and see what works best for your swing. I would also suggest lessons before you buy new clubs. Lessons will go a lot longer to get those scores down. you can play the best clubs in the world but if your swing is inconsistent lessons are worth way more than new clubs.
  5. Normally I would ask them to play through, but my home course has a no play through rule because of COVID. Its a pretty silly rule because we don't have to get close to play thorugh.
  6. I was more concerned about the 200mph golf ball that almost killed me.
  7. Long story short. The group infront of us today was deathly slow. The group behind us very impatient. Twice these dicks drove their ball into us in the middle of the fairway the second landing a foot from me. What would you do? What should I have done?
  8. Playing with what give you confidence is huge. Anytime I think I'm going to screw up a shot because of a club I usually do.
  9. Got a lesson and my swing back. Pretty happy with an 84 after shooting in the high 90s the past few weeks
  10. Been waiting for this. Had a practice round with the rocks and I'm looking forward to wrecking myself.
  11. Without getting fit how do you know what shafts to play. True Temper XP 105 is what are on my current irons and I like them just fine.
  12. I really want to get fitted, but right now there is no place that I can get fit within 500 miles and a ferry ride. Most clubs that were doing fittings are on hold until this COVID mess is sorted out. Maybe next year i'll get an entire bag fitting.
  13. I'm thinking about getting into MB's and was wondering what everyone on here plays and their respective handicap? Does handicap matter in regards to the type of iron we play? Can you shape the ball better with a certain iron?
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