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  1. We played Wolf hammer with the dots from the NoLayingUp guys video with my normal group of four this Saturday and it was a blast. It is a lot to keep track of and can get out of control quickly especially on the last two holes where the player with the least dots is the wolf and sets the dot amounts to try and get some money back. We printed out a copy of the dots cause it was our first time and had one person keep track of wolf and one person track all of the dots/junk/garbage whatever you want to call it. I would recommend it if you like gambling when you play. Constant action.
  2. I have Dormie Workshop, Seamus Golf , and Rienland head covers all high quality. I would recommend all of them. I like to mix it up.
  3. Location: New Orleans, La Current Bags: Vessel lite stand 2.0 in black/white and Sun Mountain C130 in black Things I look for in a bag depend greatly on what I am using it for however in a cart bag I like full length dividers, the layout should be organized and well thought out. Most cart bags have plenty storage and valuables lined pockets. Finally, the bag has to look good and of course a spot for the cold boys that actually stays cold for 18 would be a huge plus.
  4. The majority of the time I play with guys much better than me. I have learned so much about the game, course management, how to deal with setbacks etc. It exposes the weaknesses in your game in a good way that gives you hope and encourages you to improve. It has made me better and I learn something new every time out. I do find it much more fun. On the other hand when I go to play with people on my level or worse I usually have my worst rounds. Its funny how this works. I almost feel bad when I play with people better than me that I am not pushing them to be better of offering anything but then I realize the money I donate and entertainment I provide is more than enough.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with this however I am always 100% confident in every shot and more often then not I do not execute! LOL I do need to practice more real life scenarios instead of just blasting away at the range. I feel this is a common problem with average golfers. When you have limited time to play I think the tendency is to want to see and feel yourself hitting good shots so its hard to buckle down and have a few disappointing sessions where you work on shots you are terrible at to improve long term. For me I need to stop trying any shot that I stand over the ball and say " This is a terrible idea"
  6. Shaft length in my driver is 44.5". I am also a shorter person at 5'5". I was fitted for mine at club champion and it produces excellent results when struck in the center (obviously!) however I struggle to find the center of the face and to be honest I am all over the place. I make excellent consistent contact with my 3 wood and because of this I was considering getting a 13 degree 3 wood to replace my driver. My current 3 wood is 15 degrees. Just curious if any one has tried this in lieu of shorter shaft length in driver and if so what were the results? I was thinking a little shorter but a lot better dispersion?
  7. Louisiana, 39 years old Current Driver SS is 95 Average fitness level I have heard great things about this product and been wanting to try it out. I am in it till the end! Thanks for the opportunity!
  8. Here's my WITB 2020 COVID-19 season. What you think?
  9. I have these in a different colorway. They are super comfortable. I saw these when they came out and wish I knew ahead of time and I would have waited to get this color. The only thing that I don't like is that the toe box area appears larger than normal. Just the aesthetics of it throws me off a little plus my feet are not super wide. They feel great just a personal hang up.
  10. I tend to agree with Dave. My buddies and I play "Ready Golf",as we call it, and we enjoy a faster pace of play. However, we still find time to violate some of the rules on your list all while be conscious and respectful of other groups/golfers out on the course. To me part of what makes the game so fun is the social aspect..... gambling, drinking, giving each other a hard time and celebrating together. I enjoy taking my time to appreciate the course architecture and scenery as well. The key is to enjoy your personal experience in your own way all while being mindful to not infringe on other golfers personal experience. P.S......About your stance on what the pros want........If I ever get the opportunity to play with Rickie Fowler and he doesn't flirt with the cart girl I will be highly disappointed.
  11. Thanks for sharing. In search of a new shaft and will try this out
  12. I watch a ton of YouTube some for instruction but mostly entertainment these are my Go To's: No Laying Up Golf Sidekick Rick Shiels Golf Vlogs UK Saguto Golf Mr. Short Game James Robinson George Gankas Golfholics Fried eggs golf Athletic Motion Golf
  13. Play at least once a week. Drop strokes through lessons and practice sessions( I have a lot to drop) . Work on shot shaping. Be grateful that I can still play and Have fun
  14. #3 for sure ..... Always on my best drive of the day too.. and I can't believe all the iron cover love on this thread!! Great post really enjoying this one.
  15. I use the garmin approch S60 gps watch and I find it pretty accurate. I have compared it a few times to a range finder that one of my buddies has and distances were comparable however I can see the advantage of having both for different situations as discussed in previous comments. Luckily the guys I play with carry a range finder if I need it.
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