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  1. Strong may have been a bit of an exageration but it does bear thinking about, its quite weird that it is.
  2. There is a strong field of opinion (controversial I know) that says The Masters shouldn't be a major. The things that make it so special, the course, the setup etc, are what make it very predictable and repeatable. A Major should have defining charatcteristics (like The Open = Links) but always being at the same course and setup in theory make Augusta a lot easier than the other 3 majors, because you can exactly prep for it. Everyone knows where the pins are going to be, exactly what tee shot you need to hit etc. I would say The Open if only 1 major as it is the original, but then again I
  3. Finally got out onto the course for 2 9 hole rounds on Friday and Sunday. UK courses have been shut for 9 weeks, so we're finally able to get out and play. It's 2 balls only, all walking, and started with 9 hole rounds to manage capacity. We're back to full 18 hole rounds from Tuesday as the initial rush has died down. It was great to be out there, I played pretty decently for the first holes after a 9 week lay off, so good to be out in the fresh air.
  4. So, here is the review of the bag, at least up until I can get it on the course! First Impressions: Very smart, side by side with the previous version the stand sits a bit taller and the legs don't spread out as far. On its base its a bit taller as well.The top at 6 way instead of 5 is well padded around the top, and the pockets are plentiful. It feels like it might be a bit lighter, but to be honest once full of clubs not enough you can actually tell. Key Changes: The leg mechanism is very different. It has moved to be aligned with the top of the bag, whe
  5. Have gone with the BRD4, found a good deal on Amazon, fingers crossed it lives up to expectations!
  6. So, we've been over this territory on a few threads recently but I'm so stuck I thought I would right down where I am at. I play in the UK, have a Clicgear push cart and walk fairly regularly, lots in the winter when carts aren't allowed on the course. I've currently got a 2 main bags, a Mizuno cart bag and an old (2018) Mizuno BR-D4 bag for carrying. The carry bag is starting to get very scruffy, legs a bit loose, so I want a new bag for this season (whenever COVID-19 lets it start). I think I can reasonably get 1 bag that can cover both walking and push cart, but given I walk a reasonab
  7. @M. Parsons Any more thoughts on the BR-D4 bag? I'm a Mizuno junky so am caught between the ping and the mizuno. I have the old version BR-D4 and it's not great, the pockets aren't the easiest to access, the legs always need the tensioner adjusting and the should straps are not the best, keen to see any photos you have or more detailed thoughts?
  8. Hi Guys, I started playing golf when I was about 10 but didn't really do it in any serious way until about 10 years ago. I got fit for my first set of JPX 825 Pro which I adored and I've been a bit of a Mizuno groupie ever since. I have been a regular on the Mizuno forum over the years, but love the content MGS produces so thought I would spend some more time here. My handicap is 19, but was on its way down quickly over the winter and I hope to get below 15 by the end of the summer. I'm a gear head in the fact that I'm an engineer by training, so love data and the technical details, but I
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