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  1. Andrew / Pennington, NJ Currently using The Grint app GPS on my phone. Have never used a watch. Have also used Arccos for a few rounds. Depend on the Grint for yardage. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Andrew / Pennington, NJ Practice is mostly 15 minutes once or twice a week. Currently no consistency or focus when practicing. 1.9 three-putts per round. Love the idea of testing the waters on any kind of innovative tech. Would happily welcome some kind of focused or fun practice routine. Hadn't heard of this before, but it's a great concept. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. I'd like to provide a follow up to my initial (mostly negative) post on the arccos system. Since my initial post I have played 5 more rounds with the system. I decided to take a very hands-off approach to the system based on the recommendation in this thread and have been mostly pleased with the results. Here are some strategies and observations: - at the start of each round I turned on the system and put my phone in my pocket. I then did not open the system until the end of the round. - the putts were of course a hopeless mess. Not worth further comment. Still terrible. But that was a given. - on average 3-4 shots per round were not picked up. I was able to take about 5-10 minutes after the round or later that night to easily update this based on memory. Not perfect but also much better than trying to pay attention to it on the course. I was surprised how much better the sensors worked since the first two rounds. - prior to getting the arccos my golf app of choice is the grint. So I went back to doing what I was doing - using the grint gps and scoring system. I was pleasantly surprised that running both the grint and arccos simultaneously did not significantly drain the phone battery more than just running arccos. - the post round arccos data is really helpful and impressive. I am honing in on my on course club distances and feeling more confident as I strategize. - I looked over the caddy features that kick in after 90 holes played and I love the course preview feature even if some recommendations look a little strange. Haven't yet played a round with using this feature to strategize, but I can't wait to do so. In sum- would I recommend someone pay $150 for the system and then $100 subscription fee? That answer is probably still no, but maybe because I'm a cheap-o. But since the arccos was free with the cobra connect I'm feeling like I might pay the subscription fee to keep going with it for a year longer. Luckily have two more months to decide on the free trial. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. I like some of the suggestions here. I am going to take a very hands off approach the next couple rounds and just let it run. Will check at the end of the round how it turns out without worrying about it. Maybe it's the phone. I have a google pixel 2, but read all the tips and made sure I was following the steps for recognition. Not sure how some users can go hundreds of rounds with only a handful of issues. I genuinely hope it is something I'm doing wrong and I can figure out a solution. Thanks for this feedback. Going to play a couple times within the next week. Will update how it goes.
  5. I thought I would weigh in with an unofficial review on my recent Arccos experience over the last two weeks. A little backstory: I purchased an F9 driver and Arccos sent the completed set of sensors for the three month trial a couple weeks ago. Since then, I have played two rounds so far (actually 1.5 rounds, as I'll explain in a moment). I fully realize everyone's experience is different, but If you have any interest in the system -- and especially if you are considering buying the sensors and not getting them for free through cobra connect -- I would recommend you buckle your seatbelt for a bumpy Arccos experience breakdown. Pros: The data feedback after the round was kind of cool. Even after a single round there were a couple nice insights. I also like the feature of breaking down individual components of the game for separate handicaps. Cons: Upon reflection, I have never felt so disengaged from the actual sport of golf as these past two rounds. And full disclosure: I truly love golf data and analysis and all that. What I didn't love was that as I played I couldn't help but feel that fun was being sucked out of the sport. I can't really say it was because I was confused or getting used to it. I watched and read up on the system, as I was excited to use it. Watched all the tutorials. Researched what to do. But it simply became a chore throughout the round to maintain the system. I realize this may just be a personal thing, but it truly had me questioning why I was playing golf this way. The killer flaw: the recognition of the sensors was absolutely horrendous and so damn frustrating. Did I get a bad batch of sensors or something? I was making sure to check the system constantly because almost every hole, and definitely every other hole, something had not been recognized. I was following all the tips: practice swing, etc., etc. Still too often nothing registering. And then it started sitting in the back of my mind: an underlying kind of mistrust in what was going on. And every time a shot was not picked up I just became angry. Now, instead of thinking about my next shot, I'm rushing around and annoyed as I'm trying to click to diagnose if a shot registered, or if I need to click around in the app to fix things. When a shot is not picked up by the sensor, zooming in to properly place a marker where an unrecognized shot was brutal, especially if I had already started moving to the next shot. Again, I know to each his own - but I felt like a fool immediately checking my phone after every single shot, squinting at the screen, then vigorously dragging and clicking buttons. BY FAR the worst part of the system is the putting setup. Simply useless. Back to the drawing board with this Arccos. When you get to the green you have to designate where the pin is and then drag it with your finger. Or walk to the stick and tap your phone while at the stick. Literally stand next to the pin with your phone open and out tapping away. Crazy. I ended up just inputting the number of putts after the hole. I'm still not exactly sure what it was doing there. That's about enough I guess. In sum - it was midway through the second round, when I was on the 5th or 6th straight hole where something hadn't registered that I said enough is enough. Finished the round on the trusty Grint app. As I reflect right now, I find I'm actually kind of insulted by Arccos. They bill themselves as THE premium product in this space. $150 to buy the set on amazon if you don't get the free set with a driver. Then the kicker: $100 subscription a year. The product is simply nowhere near any sort of premium quality in my opinion. I have heard some mixed things in the forums (which I actually really appreciate because it kept me from purchasing the standalone Arccos system earlier). Will probably give it one or two more rounds, and if things improve I'll be the first to be back on here telling about it. I'd love to hear if anyone has any special tips or tricks. I would also absolutely take any recommendations for similar products that have helped you track your game with data.
  6. Cool opportunity. I typically don't bother with trying to get the perfect alignment, but interested to give it a shot and see if there are any improvements. Current location: Pennington, NJ Current line method: Rarely use the alignment Ball choice: Bridgestone Tour B RXS Personalization: Tap Tap Taparoo
  7. this is some great feedback. unfortunately at this time it looks like the pxg fitting location near me isn't doing any fittings in person. i just don't feel comfortable doing it through a questionnaire. fittings are really tough to find/schedule right now in nj. my driver search is honing in on 3 clubs: the cobra king f9 speedback, pxg 0811 gen2, and ping g410 plus. With the cobra prices creeping down to the low $200s online I'm very tempted to just pull the trigger on it. seen and heard nothing but raves.
  8. So I'm seeing the PXG 0811 Gen 2 Driver available on their site for $295 (marked down from $595) until June 1st. I'm anxious to purchase a new driver and planned on testing out a different models (Ping, Cobra, etc., in the sub $400 price range) and getting fitted at my local range once it opens back up. But here's my thought at the moment: If I go and get the fitting for the PXG and that is then included in the purchase price at $295 am I fool to be looking elsewhere. This seems like a spectacular deal for their most current driver and their fitting process on top of that. My questions for the forum are: PXG owners out there, how happy are you with the 0811? Was the fitting experience good? Are there better clubs on the market at this $300 range when including a fitting cost on top of that? I know lots of places don't include this in the purchase price.
  9. Hi team, I absent-mindedly clicked on this "ad" that appeared on the forum site today. See front and center in the picture below. The ad made me think I had been signed out and just needed to get back in. Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Luckily I quickly realized my error. But I hate predatory ads like this, and can absolutely see some scammers being able to take advantage of people if someone put in their username and password after clicking.
  10. 1. Location and Age - New Jersey, 33. 2. Current Driver SS - ~100 3. Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average - Slightly above average. 4. Affirmation that you will see the entire program through - Absolutely no doubt about it. All in if selected.
  11. this is really cool. will give it a shot. thanks for sharing.
  12. it better be the best on the market for that price. seems really high.
  13. using the MGS reviews they put up yesterday, researched a couple of the options like the amazon basics net. many sold out. looking at some of these that have been suggested though.
  14. And if the courses aren't re-opened by summer I'm setting a new goal of building a simulator. Hope it doesn't get to that point.
  15. Decide on a perfect driver upgrade then break 80! With all the course closed around here it's been an opportunity for stronger goal setting and analysis.
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