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  1. Appreciate all the info. Going to look into caledonia. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Prepping for a myrtle beach trip. First time going. 12 dudes end of August. For those that have been before, or are locals.... 1. Am I really going to be regretting it with the weather? Or the bugs? What should I expect from the weather. 2. Mostly going to stay at the barefoot resort. Would love some feedback on it, but if you had to give a must play course or two in all of myrtle, what course should I be adding? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Thanks dude. I hadn't looked too much into the puttup option because of the significant price jump. I hope my review can be helpful for anyone considering the basic mat, but it looks like you can't go wrong. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. A little backstory I'm ~12 handicap with MANY inconsistencies and weaknesses in my game. Starting last year I decided to really focus in on specific parts of my game for improvement. Last year was short chips and driver consistency. This year's focus is driver consistency (last year's goal was not met - any tips would be helpful) and short putts. For putting this year, I set a specific goal: to meet or exceed the tour average from 5-6 feet (~75%). The Grint has me at 34.0 putts per round, and while I do not have the data to say how many of those putts were missed at 6 feet, I'
  5. Andrew / Pennington, NJ Currently using The Grint app GPS on my phone. Have never used a watch. Have also used Arccos for a few rounds. Depend on the Grint for yardage. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Andrew / Pennington, NJ Practice is mostly 15 minutes once or twice a week. Currently no consistency or focus when practicing. 1.9 three-putts per round. Love the idea of testing the waters on any kind of innovative tech. Would happily welcome some kind of focused or fun practice routine. Hadn't heard of this before, but it's a great concept. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. I'd like to provide a follow up to my initial (mostly negative) post on the arccos system. Since my initial post I have played 5 more rounds with the system. I decided to take a very hands-off approach to the system based on the recommendation in this thread and have been mostly pleased with the results. Here are some strategies and observations: - at the start of each round I turned on the system and put my phone in my pocket. I then did not open the system until the end of the round. - the putts were of course a hopeless mess. Not worth further comment. Still terrible. But that wa
  8. I like some of the suggestions here. I am going to take a very hands off approach the next couple rounds and just let it run. Will check at the end of the round how it turns out without worrying about it. Maybe it's the phone. I have a google pixel 2, but read all the tips and made sure I was following the steps for recognition. Not sure how some users can go hundreds of rounds with only a handful of issues. I genuinely hope it is something I'm doing wrong and I can figure out a solution. Thanks for this feedback. Going to play a couple times within the next week. Will upd
  9. I thought I would weigh in with an unofficial review on my recent Arccos experience over the last two weeks. A little backstory: I purchased an F9 driver and Arccos sent the completed set of sensors for the three month trial a couple weeks ago. Since then, I have played two rounds so far (actually 1.5 rounds, as I'll explain in a moment). I fully realize everyone's experience is different, but If you have any interest in the system -- and especially if you are considering buying the sensors and not getting them for free through cobra connect -- I would recommend you buckle your seatbelt fo
  10. Cool opportunity. I typically don't bother with trying to get the perfect alignment, but interested to give it a shot and see if there are any improvements. Current location: Pennington, NJ Current line method: Rarely use the alignment Ball choice: Bridgestone Tour B RXS Personalization: Tap Tap Taparoo
  11. this is some great feedback. unfortunately at this time it looks like the pxg fitting location near me isn't doing any fittings in person. i just don't feel comfortable doing it through a questionnaire. fittings are really tough to find/schedule right now in nj. my driver search is honing in on 3 clubs: the cobra king f9 speedback, pxg 0811 gen2, and ping g410 plus. With the cobra prices creeping down to the low $200s online I'm very tempted to just pull the trigger on it. seen and heard nothing but raves.
  12. So I'm seeing the PXG 0811 Gen 2 Driver available on their site for $295 (marked down from $595) until June 1st. I'm anxious to purchase a new driver and planned on testing out a different models (Ping, Cobra, etc., in the sub $400 price range) and getting fitted at my local range once it opens back up. But here's my thought at the moment: If I go and get the fitting for the PXG and that is then included in the purchase price at $295 am I fool to be looking elsewhere. This seems like a spectacular deal for their most current driver and their fitting process on top of that. My question
  13. Hi team, I absent-mindedly clicked on this "ad" that appeared on the forum site today. See front and center in the picture below. The ad made me think I had been signed out and just needed to get back in. Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Luckily I quickly realized my error. But I hate predatory ads like this, and can absolutely see some scammers being able to take advantage of people if someone put in their username and password after clicking.
  14. 1. Location and Age - New Jersey, 33. 2. Current Driver SS - ~100 3. Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average - Slightly above average. 4. Affirmation that you will see the entire program through - Absolutely no doubt about it. All in if selected.
  15. it better be the best on the market for that price. seems really high.
  16. using the MGS reviews they put up yesterday, researched a couple of the options like the amazon basics net. many sold out. looking at some of these that have been suggested though.
  17. And if the courses aren't re-opened by summer I'm setting a new goal of building a simulator. Hope it doesn't get to that point.
  18. Decide on a perfect driver upgrade then break 80! With all the course closed around here it's been an opportunity for stronger goal setting and analysis.
  19. gregb thanks for these updates, i'm interested in the PXG with the discounts I have seen lately on their site. you have a lot of good info here, and it seems like it is performing well.
  20. This is perfect thread for being stuck indoors every day. This past weekend my newspaper ran the Associated Press selections for top 25 sports movies of all time. They polled 70 sports writers. One golf movie: Caddyshack at #4 overall. Actually thought that was high when considering every sports movie, but I would probably have it in my personal top 5. I think Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, and Tin Cup are the holy trinity of golf flicks. Haven't seen The Greatest Game Ever Played. Will give that a look based on these suggestions.
  21. This is only kind of related but I also think we are extremely close to taking a lot of these things onto the VR headsets coming out. If you have had a chance to put on a VR headset like the oculus its impossible (for me at least) to not think about the incredible golf VR possibilities. That technology is far less than $1000. Just need one piece of decent golf software to come out for it.
  22. I'm most intrigued by the app possibilities like shot vision. These other $500 trackers feel really overpriced at the moment, but would expect them to come down in the next couple years, kind of like how GPS was when it first came out. Next thing you know it was on every phone. Feels like our phones already have these capabilities, just need to the right app to come out.
  23. Thanks for sharing. Hoping Cleveland doesn't flood my inbox, but it would be worth it for some wedges!
  24. Wow, this is great info. I just checked their site and they have knocked close to $300 off their drivers (which makes me think maybe GEN3 are coming soon and they are moving inventory). Has anyone else played their drivers or went for a fitting with them? Normally these clubs would never be considered in a discussion of drivers under $300.
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