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  1. Today’s golf is not really different from when I learned to play in the early 1950’s. Today’s power hitters invariably hit a fade. They set up pretty much the way Ben Hogan did. I heartily recommend his 5 lessons as the Bible . Everything in that book was right. Grip, posture, etc. my second book would be Tom Watsons , getting up and down. Sam Snead had a pamphlet about his swing that was enlightening also everything else is a spin off. I was a single digit for many years and now time has caught up with me. But the point is those books covered me for my golf career. If you get caught up in stuff, Rotellas book would be helpful
  2. I too have a mavrik driver. When fitted by a Callaway fitter,( actual Callaway ) we came away with a 9 * head set at stated loft and neutral. Swing speed is under 80 mph. I questioned him and he said A) The driver is difficult to draw , B) my angle of attack is just about 2* upward. More loft would give me too much spin. The shaft is A flex. If I wanted higher loft he stated a stiffer shaft would keep my spin down. The point is if you were fitted to that club the setting would be correct. I spent a long time with him. He was right. Alway get fitted and question everything. I’m not making negative comments but trying to demonstrate how crucial a fitting is.
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