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  1. Not trying to hijack the thread, but there are times with thick grass around the green ( too thick for me to hit a wedge out of) I'll hard putt with a 5 wood. If the grass is so think that it will grab a wedge, I choke down on a 5 wood. Like gripping a putter. Then putt firm, and it will jump out. Be sure to practice this shot first.
  2. Thanks for that info. They are predicting the change over will only stop play for 8 weeks. They plan to do it during what they claim is 'Prime growing season'. I can handle switching to another course during that time.
  3. Thanks for that info. I'm in western Arkansas. Some of the other courses have the bermuda, and this one is planning to change. It was built in 1996??? with the bentgrass, and now the new owners want to change. Maybe they'll stick with bent, and we won't have to worry.
  4. Jack Alma, Arkansas Callaway -Superhot, Titleist- Tru feel About 20 years ago, I played the Top Flite distance. Then, back in 2016???? I bought some Top Flite Gamers. They were fantastic. Performed similar to a proV1 & a Chrome soft combined. They seemed to scuff pretty easy, though. After that, I ended up playing various other balls. Always looking for a new affordable ball.
  5. With this being announed already, I'm hoping they won't surprise us with some kind of 'premium' during that time.
  6. I looking at joining a course that is opening back up this year in December. They have already announced that they will be changing the greens from bentgrass, to a hybrid champion bermuda . This will occur next June. What do courses usually do with the members making payments during this down time? I know it varies, and will ask them, but I'm just wondering what to expect, and what the most common way this is dealt with. Thanks
  7. Most of the time, he leaves his vehicle and someone takes him home.
  8. I do better with an 8 iron or PW. Only use the (finesse) wedges when trying to go over an obstacle, out of sand, over bushes, etc. My Son can play all the fancy wedge shots, no matter what the lie is. For me, it has to be sitting on grass, and I know when to not try it.
  9. I'll have a beer after 9 holes sometimes. I've know a few that played better when they could barely stand up. One of them said " The golfer I get, the better I drunk"
  10. Update. I started playing again last weekend. Just concentrating on the swing basics. My score is still pretty low. The cooler weather & hunting\ football season has emptied the course. I'm enjoying it again. My time in the golf forums has slowed, because I don't want to ( overdose) on golf. Thanks for all the good words and replies.
  11. Another thing I've been told about serial numbers. They use real numbers on fake clubs. They have a real Scotty that they copied. Now let's say the serial# is ABC123, they use ABC124, ABC125, and so on. They may actually use up to a thousand numbers. Then, when someone calls Cameron putters and asks, it's a real number. Also, they don't get 50 calls in 1 week asking if the same number ( ABC123) is real.
  12. https://golfpartnerusa.com/pages/spot-the-fake
  13. I'll see if I can find the links. I bought a fake-Scotty putter 2 years ago. It was a gamble, and I got it for $35 bucks. I figured I couldn't go wrong for that. Well it did turn out to be fake. The first thing I was told is "A magnet won't stick to a real Scotty". Yeah, mine's magnetic. My Son has the real deal, and mine feels 95% as good as his. My putting improved 500% with this fake. We laugh and call it my (Scooty Cameroon ). I'll see if I can find the links. They gave several details and pics.
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