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  1. How are the golf courses around everyone? I have found public courses doing better than some private courses closeby.
  2. Jason Sawicki Culpeper, VA Bettinardi Stock Studio 28 TA Impact #2
  3. Jason Culpeper, VA I mostly walk in the Spring and Fall where it is enjoyable and the humidity is not insane and the hills are not wearing on you. I currently using clicgear 3.5 which I got last year.
  4. Jason/Culpeper, VA We can play golf, and have league all-year-round Use Garmin S20 for step count daily
  5. Jason/ Culpeper, VA iPhone 11 Pro Max Primarily outdoor use No net use
  6. Jason/ Culpeper, VA I have never used a hitting net. No have not used LM
  7. First Name/City State: Jason/ Culpeper, VA Shoe Size: 9.5-10 Current Shoe Worn: 9.5-10 What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: I have a hard time finding shoes the contour to my feet. I have low ankle joint, so I difficulty finding a shoe that does not rub on my ankle. Another issue is arch support, and at the toes my feet are more in a linear line. Shoes can run to narrow, or wide, and can not get the right comfort. Getting that all around comfort is tough. It is usually getting shoes that do not keep rubbing on the ankles.
  8. Jason- Culpeper, VA Zelos 8- Stiff Swing speed: irons- 95 Current Shaft: Project X 6.5
  9. Jason- Culpeper, VA I am RH First Choice: Hybrid- VKTR+: 18* Recoil ES 95 F5 x-stiff Backup Choice: Fairway Wood- GS53 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff Handicap: 9.0 I currently play a Taylor Made RBZ Hybrid
  10. Jason Sawicki Culpeper, VA Current Driver: PING G30 Handicap: 9.6 Swing Speed: 107 Driver like to test: TSi2 9.0*
  11. Jason Culpeper, VA Handicap: 10 Wedges play: Titlest and Cleveland Looking from Raw: The grab on the ball for better spin action.
  12. Jason/ Culpeper, VA/ USA Maltby Piper C- Center shaft putter help me line up the putter better for my putt line.
  13. Jason/ Culpeper, VA Handicap: 10.2 Taylor Made Tour Performance MC
  14. Jason Sawicki, Culpeper VA I currently playing Cleveland Wedges 52*, 56*, and 60* I would choose 56* since that is the oldest and looking to change out
  15. Jason Sawicki- Culpeper, VA Have not used a gps specific device- Use Golflogix App To find yardage into the green and for specific landing spots, and for unfamiliar courses I play for layout and shot play
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