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  1. I have really been wearing the Stack TrueBlue sunglasses mostly over the Billy 83 TrueBlue Polarized PLUS. The Stack's just feel more comfortable wearing. When the sun is setting and not as bright I still wear my Tifosi sunglasses. I played on Saturday (4/13). I actually started with the Tifosi sunglasses. As the clouds burned off, I was wearing the Stack glasses. On Monday (4/15) I looked at the lenses and noticed that I have face oil all around the edges, including along the bottom. This tells me that sun is not getting in along the edges. Yes! This is what I prefer with my sunglasses. I do have to be wearing the Billy's more. I just have not found them as comfortable as the Stack's. The Billy's are the more expensive pair and not weighing up to the Stack's.
  2. From other line of their shoes I have heard good things. Looking forward to see if it carries thru with these too.
  3. Congrats to the three of you. Looking forward to see your thoughts, as I am in the starting process of looking into an electric cart. Looking at converting my Clicgear or out right get an electric cart.
  4. As it is asking what I prefer Stand or Cart bag, well that is easy. Our course is walker friendly. I find it way easier to carry and prefer the Stand Bag. I have to say that the Stand bag though is not too push cart friendly. This is the only time that I would like a cart bag. When I do use a golf cart, my stand bag does just fine. When I got my Stand bag, I did look into the ease of using it on a cart. It took time to select my bag, but I do enjoy the walking I do.
  5. Congrats on your selection. Look forward to hear about these putters and your takes on what you think.
  6. Hello from the Culpeper, VA. I am Jason, who is about to turn 50 years old. I am not fond of bright lights anymore. Majority rounds of golf I play, I am wearing sunglasses. The current line of sunglasses that I am wearing is Tifosi. These have there Enliven Golf lenses. I have had Callaway sunglasses, and there was one I had that I really enjoyed, but everyone changes things and could not find ones I could like. I have worn Polarized and Non- Polarized sunglasses golf. Ones that have cost some money and others where I was being careful of cost. This is where I have settled on Tifosi and on my second pair. I cannot wait to start bringing my thoughts on the Sundog Sunglasses, what I like and do not like. I will be comparing the sunglasses with the current pair I am using. How are they reading the green, and golf course. How well does it keep the sun off my eyes. It is a pleasure again to being one that gets to bring my thoughts on Sundog Sunglasses. First Impression: I went out of town when they first arrived. Was anxious to get home and get the sunglasses. I have to say that my first impression was NOT that pleasing, considering the cost of the sunglasses. They were just placed into the shipping box. If I am paying $80 or more, I would not want my sunglasses just thrown in a box with a crumpled up paper on top of them. I have boughten cheaper sunglasses that are shipped in a protective case, inside the packaging for the sunglasses, and then in the shipping box. The first picture is what I saw inside the box. A hybrid head cover as the protective case, not impressive. I would NOT want to store my sunglasses in that, in my golf bag. The sunglasses will get destroyed. On top of it, only one, when they shipped 2 pairs of sunglasses. This is not starting off well for Sundog Sunglasses. I am hoping that the performance of the sunglasses are better than how they were package. I would have shipped them back asking for a FULL refund. There is no way I would spend that kind of money, and not get a protective case. On $50 pairs, I baby them, so can image how I am feeling so far. Over price for something that not worth giving a protective case. First Impression wearing the Sundogs Billy83 TrueBlue Polarized PLUS and Stack TrueBlue. They have a darker lens than Tisfosi sunglasses that I have. With the darker lenses, it darkens the grass greener and sky bluer. For bright sunny days they are great. As you can see I got the wraps. I cannot have the sun coming in on the side, and they prevent the sun from coming in on the side. People have their preference on style and this is mine. I have not notice if I can read the greens any better. With the cost sky rocketing to play golf, including the gas needed to get to the courses, I just do not see the need to go to another course. The Country Club I play at are older smaller greens. They have some slight breaks that are just tough to read. At times it seems that I read the green backwards. One thing I have notice though, is I can track the ball a little better. As I age it is harder to track the ball normally. My depth perception is going, but I have better idea where the ball should be. A pair of sunglasses I would love to compare these too is Oakleys Prism golf glasses.
  7. Well I thought this would never happen! I bought 4 dozen Chrome Tour X's! I guess I committed to Callaway for my Club Tournaments this year. I still enjoy my TP5x's as well, but Chrome Tour's have me thinking of which one I want to be pulling out. Callaway did well with these Tour's balls. And those I let play a hole with the ball like the new Tour's as well. They have pretty much have said what I have said about the balls. Less side spin, the ball is going further off the tee than the Chrome Soft, as well as straighter. Their normal ball of play are Titleist Pro V's.
  8. I had BOAs before. They are nice and lasted for a few seasons. They lasted for several seasons. I do own several pairs of golf shoes, so they can dry out. Never had an issue with the BOA system through the life of the shoe. I am not a fan that they cost more than regular shoes. To me the cost does not offset! With some of the designs, do not fit my feet where some of the guiding holes to help keep the laces in place. BOAs hold the shoe to form than laces do.
  9. Think I am heading in the same direction myself, with the same balls!
  10. With the testing why not have others hit the balls to see what they think. Had a fellow member give it a try. He normal does NOT play Callaway. Gave him the chance to see what the new Callaway is about. It was a hole that it is a tight tee shot and over a pond. He was impress with how he was able to hit a straight shot. He liked how it felt coming off the club face. His next shot, he tried to play a very high lob shot over a tree and just missed clearing the tree on the last branch. It was a shot that he would not try. He liked that all around play if the ball. Let another golf buddy give it a shot, who used to play the Chrome Soft. He switched to Pro V1 because the Callaway Chrome Soft is too soft for his liking. So why not let him try the ball out. He liked how it is comes off the club and that it is not as soft as the Chrome Soft. I not sure though it was enough to convince him to play the Tour. As for me, the weather is getting nice and the shanks are coming out of hibernation! I still like how I hit the ball with less of the side spin. My short game has improved, just have to remember what I am doing to continue this game. Also considering getting the 4 dozen pack of Tours to have on hand for important rounds! If the Tours were anything like the Soft's, I wouldn't even been thinking about it. There has been an improvement on how I have been thinking of playing my golf game. This has been informative to myself and pushed me to try things that I would not try or do normally.
  11. Where to start! Pet peeves...... Hmmmmm.... One of the biggest is having slow playing members and they know that they are slow and REFUSE to let anyone play through!!!! Our course is not super big. Playing solo you can get a round in, with a cart, less than 2 hours! When these folks are out playing, the round is at least 4 1/2hrs! This is having a huge gap in front of you too.. Another peeve is how lazy the members are!!!! They do not fix their ball marks, fill-in their divots on Par 3 tee boxes! There are times I would empty the bucket filling in the divots! The last one is members pushing their carts ACROSS THE GREENS! Yes across the greens! They try saying it does not harm the greens.
  12. So, how many will take a scuff, or used ball and take it for a spin? I would not usually think about it, unless the game is a mess and no shots are working. Since this is a testing period, I decided to use the balls that I used last time and were scuffed/used. I can say I was impress that the play was not effected. Was hitting the ball just about normal distance for in-season, well it was pushing 70 (2/26) where I live in Culpeper. On hole 3 (par 5), with the 17th running along side, I typically play from the 17th fairway (over 85% of tee shots). This time playing with the ball that had a mark since shot one last round, STAYED on the 3 rd hole. I was holding my lines better than I normally do and this was with the ball from last round. On holes that I typically have lack of control, I was having better, straighter ball flight! Don't think I didn't have errant shots, because I did! Still didn't loose the ball, found every shot that went a stray. The image was from the previous round of the ball I used this round.
  13. I got out on an overcast chilly 53* day. Pretty excited to be on the course again with the chance to be playing a golf ball that I am asked to review. On the 10th tee box. Getting excited to try it the Callaway Tour and X out. To ensure the golf swing is not going to fail me, I decided to hit a Pro V1 along with the Callaways. Hit a little fader with the Pro V to start things off into the fairway. Next came the TourX, and piped that straight towards the green, just slightly right into the green side bunker. Lastly the Tour, and that was a little draw into some loose dirt. I really liked the feeling of the TourX and how it just pooped off the driver face! The Tour felt good, but just didn't get the same poop feeling as I did the X. As I was walking up to the golf balls, Tour first to grab it and play it from the Pro V spot to try and compare the two. Hit the Pro V a little thin to the back of the green. The Tour nicely onto the green, and got about 5 yards of roll after it hit the green. The Tour X gave me the chance to see how it reacts hitting it out and onto the green. Here I was impress that this ball rolled about 5 yards. The spin action was nice. The 11th hole is up. Hit the Tour X left. Had me in the position to play a shot that I had to work it around the tree, and avoid the OB on the left. These types of shot, usually trying to work a fader around the tree, would either go straight into OB or right into the tree. Not this time. Was able to work to left to right around the tree, the ball being below the feet on the side of a little hill. And put it right behind a tree again! Now trying these boys out on 185 par 3 shot! Miss hit the Tour and was able to notice it in contact. The Tour X performed like you always wanted your shots to do. Land on the green and not roll a bunch. This was a 6i shot in today's condition. I used the triple line alignment to help with lining up the tee shot. It actually helped. I never done anything like that before. I'm testing out golf balls, so I wanted to see if it would help with aligning my shot. By the 4th hole, I noticed that the balls were looking scuffed and used. I usually get mostly a round in before I start noticing the wear and tear on the balls. The Pics show me using the triple alignment to tee off, and the scuff on the Tour after the first tee shot. Have to say I am impressed how they are performing. I have to say I was not expecting the ball to be performing the way they did.
  14. I made it out the putting green with the limited time I had today! I was mainly going on feel of the ball of the face. I did notice a difference between the balls. The Chrome Tour felt softer coming off my putter face. I did mention that the alignment lines mess with my head. So of course I had to gave it a try since I am testing here. I actually was able to use these triple line alignment without looking down second guessing my line I want to putt. Today I used 4 different putters, putting 3 Tour and 3 TourX. These are the putters I used in different weather conditions and green speeds. I had most putts cluster together. One thing I noticed was that all the balls came off the putter face and were rolling. I didn't notice much slide before the rolling. I can say that I could change ball on the green every time, Callaway would be high consideration because I am able to stay focus and not second guess my line of putting. I am even thinking possibly for tournaments, so I will have them for putting! I am looking to when I can get out on couple holes at the club I can test the short irons, long irons, and the tee shot (where it is reachable going over trees). So if scored them out of 10 for just putting, I would give a solid 9.
  15. Thanks for the comparable data! I was not expecting to see Titleist Pro V lacking! Really has me thinking how actual play is going to be now.
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