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  1. The gen 6 is supposed to be softer than the 5 in the xv and the opposite for the regular z star. I haven’t had any problems with gouging but it is known that after some play you will start to notice the seam on both balls. It doesn’t seem to hinder performance but it doesn’t look very good if that kinda thing bothers you. It’s pretty well known with Srixon and I’ve even reached out to them and their response was that their covers are the thinnest of the premium balls and it’s not a defect of any kind. It’s more noticeable with the white than yellow. Their yellow for me has been great durability wise. You can get 6 packs of the gen 5 right now from golf discount for $10 which is an awesome deal and honesty aren’t much different than the gen 6 imho.
  2. I’ve been playing both the z star and xv since generation 4. I prefer the z star overall but the xv is great off the tee and in the wind. The only real difference from 5-6 is that the z Star is a little firmer and the xv a little softer. But the xv is definitely on the firm side. I use a milled putter so the softer z star feels better to me. For reference I swing the driver 105-108 but I only swing my 7 iron around 85 and I have no problem getting either ball to check on approaches or chips. Buy a sleeve of both and try them out. Best overall ball for the money imho. I will add I really prefer the Srixon yellow.
  3. I’ll probably do a little of both. I prefer to walk but when the course is busy it’s not as relaxing when you have carts buzzing everywhere and on you like rush hour traffic. I wish courses would block off times for walking only.
  4. Let’s do $775 TYD. Via PayPal.
  5. This set has only seen 1 round and 1 range bucket of use. Feel free to message with any questions or if you want to see more pics.
  6. 1) I started in golf around age 12 (40 now). 2) The thing I love most about golf is that it’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. 3) I came to MGS because I love to talk about the game and I’m a self proclaimed equipment junkie. 4) I’m originally from the Twin Cities of MN but the last 10 years I’ve lived in West Fargo,ND. I don’t have a home course, but enjoy playing multiple public courses around the area. 5) I would say the best part about golf in this region is that there is a lot of value in cost/quality of courses available and you can always find somewhere to play. The worst part is our season is so short. 6) Long answer: I’m a self employed sub contractor specializing in framing. Short answer: Carpenter 7) I chose my username based on my profession and because it reminds me when you hit a good drive.
  7. These are standard specs with DG s300 and New Decade grips. 4-PW. Price includes shipping with insurance lower 48. $800.00
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