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  1. Fairly certain those shafts come at no upcharge from Mizuno. I was fitted for irons at Club Champion this spring and paid $875 for the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged (4 - PW). They were discounted since they are releasing the new JPX models later this summer/fall. You can go onto Mizuno's website and see the different shaft options. HMBs, would probably be closer to $1,300. If you're hitting those P790s that far, you might be able to save a bit by not getting the 4 iron or even the 5 iron. I had a great fitting experience at CC, but I never received my Trackman data which was a bit frustrating.
  2. What an absolute dream for a golfer! Can I cut off a body part for extra entries!?
  3. Think I may have discovered the problem this weekend. I took video of me with my new 95gram shafted 7 iron and my old 130gram shafted 7 iron. I already have too long of a backswing. The light shafts caused my backswing to get even longer, like John Daly long, and I think this is causing inconsistent strikes. The heavier shaft is still past parallel, but not absurdly so. Sent an email to my fitter to setup an appointment to get rechecked.
  4. 72 was the Sheep Ranch, the new course at Bandon Dunes, too! Pretty fun day! CC was offering free fittings and I got in on the reduced price for the JPX 919s before Mizuno stopped selling them so I got a pretty good deal on it all...as long as I can get the shafts figured out. I only asked to hit no upcharge shafts due to budget so they were built by Mizuno. CC doesn't carry any stock as far as I know. I'll have to do some more toying around with them and see if I can get used to em. If not, back to CC to see what else they can do!
  5. Ha! That's great. I actually had a great fitting at CC and it was obvious to the fitter and me that this was the best shaft from the testing we did. It just hasn't translated to the course. The other thing I thought about is that the fitting was maybe 3 to 4 weeks into when I ramped up playing for this summer - could have still been working out the winter kinks. I've been pushing and cutting - at the same time - disaster zone. My 4 rounds prior to getting the new clubs were 75-78-78-72. 3 rounds since getting them are 78-81-86.
  6. Yeah, we started with my old mizzies. I prefer to hit a cut and on that day my cuts were missing left, which is my preferred miss. We tried about 8 different shafts and the 98g modus were clearly the best on that day. Dispersion was tight, but that was just on full shots. Now, having them on the course, I feel like I can lose where the clubhead is throughout the swing and it's seems like 70-80% of my shots are misses to the left, and further left than my S300s. I never felt like the S300s were too heavy, but then again, that's all I've ever known. This was my first fitting for irons.
  7. You very well could be right with the indoor fitting. I'm thinking another issue could be that the whole fitting consists of full 6 irons and I do like to hit low shots, three quarter shots and such on the course. It's great to hear about the CC guarantee. I'm gonna give these a bit longer before reaching out to them.
  8. I recently had a fitting at Club Champion for new irons and purchased Mizuno JPX 919 Forged irons (4-PW) with Nippon NS Pro 950 GH stiff shafts. The shaft is 98 grams. Previously I was in stock Mizuno MP-54s with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts at 130 grams. I'm 3 rounds and 5 range sessions in with the new clubs and I am really struggling to square the face with new irons often missing left by quite a bit. I realize it may take some time to get used to them, but it's getting worse. I was hitting them great at the fitting, but on the course has been a struggle. I'm wondering if it is due to the shaft weight. Has anyone else experienced problems moving to lightweight shafts? I'm somewhat consoled by the fact that Club Champion has a perfect fit guarantee so I'm thinking about going back to have them take a look. However, I'm not sure what the perfect fit guarantee means - can I get completely new shafts for free or will they give me money back if nothing is working? Appreciate any insight people have.
  9. This deal is still going, extended through the end of July. Anyone else just want it to end!? I recently had a fitting and being a leftie, they didn't have the gen 2 X, which I was really hoping to hit as it looks like a solid option for guys with negative angle of attacks. I keep looking at the PXG website and hoping the deal goes away soon so i don't have to keep thinking about it!
  10. Matt - Portland, OR How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? Once a week for 20 minutes Typically around one 3 putt per 18 holes. I'm really intrigued by the stats it gives as well being able to practice putting at home in a small space. It also interests me that I can get my wife involved as putting is the one aspect of the game she enjoys.
  11. mchiller


  12. Just picked up my new JPX 919 forged irons from Club Champion. My fitter said he got a call from his Mizuno rep on Monday and said they are no longer selling the JPX 919s. They're having a little dead period until the new JPXs are announced this fall.
  13. My first one at CC a couple years ago recommended a mallot with a small amount of toe hang. At true spec this year he recommended a blade with a plumbers neck with about 45* toe hang. The mallot i brought into true spec had me aimed 1.8* left. The straight edges on the blade got me to .7. I found that really interesting. The fitter said a mallot with a rounded back helps lefties aim left, the blade with straight edges helps lefties aim right. I like the look of the wide blade like the Scotty square back so I set out on a mission to find a wide blade with a plumbers neck. Turns out that is really difficult to find for lefties. The only one I found was the PXG closer so I ordered it and it should be here soon. I did look into PXG fittings with their mobile fitting van, but there weren't any near me in the near future. They were priced right at $50 though. I didn't want to wait for a fitting with them since their price discount ends at the end of June.
  14. I should also mention that the nice thing about True spec is that their putter heads we're separate from the shafts so you could try different hosels. At CC they were all together.
  15. I have tried 2 different putter fittings, both were somewhat disappointing as a leftie. The first one I did was at Club Champion. They had about 10 putters for lefties. The second was at a True Spec and they only had 6 putters for lefties. Both times I learned a bit about my stroke, but didn't buy any putters they had there. CC used SAM puttlab and True Spec used a combo of CAPTO and Trackman. Would love to find a place that actually has decent options for lefties.
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