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  1. Depends on the shot I am hitting and how you want to control the traj of the ball. I would practice both just so you can have options around the green. I feel that you need a solid stock chip with limited wrist motion and then more creative shot that require more loft being delivered and the wrists to move ala the short game chef style.
  2. I still went with the 430 lol- but I can attest- coming form the Sim 2 this thing is super straight and still gets it out there a decent bit.
  3. Not as much as you'd think... plus it doesn't get knocked down by the trees
  4. I use gaffers tape and that seems to keep it on pretty secure. I have trouble with the grip twisting during the install.
  5. I'll check it out next time I'm visiting. I'll hit you up as well. Unfortunately all my family has moved out of the area so it may be a little bit.
  6. I grew up in Northern AZ as well in Holbrook. Been gone a long time but love Flag!
  7. Hello Spies! My name is Taylor Wyatt, I have had the honor of doing quite a few tests here on the Forum and am honored to get the call for The Stack! I was off the grid on here for about 9 months from last fall to mid summer, but am glad to be back to playing some golf after dealing with some injuries and changes in my professional life. I keep busy with my family and work, but do get to play a good amount despite my current commitments. A little bit more about me, I am in my mid 30's and discovered golf about 6-7 years ago and have been hooked since. I grew up playing baseball and play at a fairly high collegiate level for 4 years. I started to take my golf game seriously AFTER a trip to Bandon with my buddy who does a Ryder Cup style trip with a bunch of guys he played college golf with. I was a last minute COVID sub and was hooked after going to golf's Disneyland. After getting beat up by the wind and a bunch of high level players I got some lessons and really competitive with myself. I play at around a 6 HCP and feel like a could get lower with more rounds and reps. I live in Oregon in the Willamette Valley and play here primarily. I go over the mountain for a golf trip once a year in Bend and get to play in the desert a couple other times while visiting the in laws. Here is my father in law enjoying a round together. He doesn't play but just likes to ride a long a chat up my playing partners. I play between 2-6 times per month currently as am a family man with two little kiddos (7 and 5). I recently opened a new practice for my company to be able to be closer to home. I am a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, which is a fancy way to say I see patients who need prostheses and braces for their limbs. I am a practitioner which mean I see the patients and fit them with what ever they need. It's a great job, but not the most flexible with time off to get to the course. Hopefully once the practice is more established and being closer to home I will have more time to get out mid week. I really value being present with my family so I try to involve the kids with playing, as they continue to get older I hope to bring them on the course more and more. My son joined me on a family trip to play a few holes with grandma, grandpa and his uncles. He lasted 7 holes, but was thrilled to be playing "real golf". I am serious about my game but just play for fun, I have yet to play anything competitive, but would really like to play some tournaments. I made it a goal to play 2 tournaments this year, but with my new work situation I had to make some sacrifices to the golf game. On to the Stack! Like I said earlier, I was thrilled to be selected for this test. I heard about the Stack through the Chasing Scratch pod and from the Matty Fitz story. I have done super speed in the past and saw some decent results, but struggled with some of the tracking and plateaued at around 105 SS. I was looking into making the investment into this system in the spring but decided to wait until after the summer for when the schedule is more consistent and viola! I get to test this bad boy out! I will try to compare my experience with Stack vs SuperSpeed since I did that one a few years back. I am looking to gain speed, obviously, with this product. But I want to see it translate to the course. When I did the superspeed system I gained speed, but wasn't really there with my swing and was a very spinney player. I have been fit with most of my bag and have really improved with my swing in the last few years. I have really worked on not swinging with max effort in order to get more consistent with my ball striking. So at the end of using this product I'd like to see my cruising speed increase to wear I can get those extra 10-15 yards off the tee without having to over swing. I have had a few hip and back injuries over the last year that has limited some mobility. I am working on it but hopefully the Stack with help some of the ROM issues in the back swing. Ultimately, I can't wait to test this product out because all of the great things I have heard regarding the customer support. I am a huge fan of Sasho's work in general and can't wait to be a part of something he has developed. With my background in kinesiology and with what I do for work, the way he talks about the golf swing is right up my alley! Wife and I at an Angel's game this year (they lost of course ) Also we have bunnies!
  8. Played 9 yesterday after work. Hit it really well, just had one water hazard and a few misses long that cost me a few strokes. Shot a 40 with two doubles. Should have been a closer to a 36-37 with the way I was hitting it, but was pleased with the ball striking.
  9. I like my Srixon set, the combo of the Zx7 and Zx5 really works well for me. I'm not as fast as you but can get up over 110 if my body is feeling good that day. But one thing that you can consider is the wood bat vs metal bat analogy, similar to a GI iron to a players style. The more forgiveness you have on the face is theoretically better, but if you're hitting it off the planet it doesn't matter. So with irons going with something that is not going to punish you on the mishits ( Like the Srixon's) but that still requires you to dial in you swing to maybe a 3/4 back swing you're game will be better off. It's an accuracy game with the iron so you need to go with a club and more importantly a swing that can produce more accurate shots. Hope that helps
  10. Shot an 84 on Saturday with 4 balls OB on the front... oh what could have been! Either way it was a fun round and was able to work on some stuff with driver. Iron's were crisp with a shorter back swing. Driver was just a lot of pull hooks that I figured out a little on the back. I have another round next week so hopefully I can get a round to come together!
  11. I have the 7's and love them, haven't ever hit an iron that was that pure feeling but also fairly forgiving. I haven't hit the miura's unfortunately.
  12. I like that, I feel like I never swing well when I've been fit because of the same think. I also had a similar experience at a Club Champion- all exotic shafts. But when I went to the place I got my driver from; he only tried the stock options. His opinion was that for most people the stock option is more than sufficient. Unless you're a high level competitive golfer the exotic shaft is just an up sale item.
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