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  1. Close your club head at address. Take a shorter back swing. Get your hand in front of the ball at contact. The swing controls the ball flight, not the club.
  2. Finished up the MLM testing of the 849 Pro up against my current Cobra Speedzone Extreme. The results were very interesting, definitely not surprising when you look at the head styles. But I'm battling some minor injuries too to my right shoulder (partially torn labrum) and left adductor strain so I haven't had the smae swing speed I had a few weeks back when I was on my golf trip.
  3. Qualifier, the mlm swing speed is about 5-7 mph off consistently when measured next to the prpg and the camera based launch monitors, based on what I’ve seen IMG_4594.mov
  4. Well, since I know this is where I need to post things, here is an update. 1) I received my driver it’s back just before my golf weekend. I ended up play 2 1/2 out of four rounds with it and was very pleased with the performance. 2) I have done some range testing With my current cobra speed zone extreme and the sub 70 849 pro. I’m so comfortable with the cobra that it’s going to be a tough road for the Sub 70. But I can say I’ve been pleasantly surprised with its comparison numbers. At this point in the testing I am almost considering trading a car or a driver as a control and then testing the sub Saturday against a few other models. Just because I’m so comfortable with that cobra it’s hard to have a fair “head to head” comparison.
  5. Is this where I should be posting my updates!? This new testing format has me all twisted up.
  6. That looks more like your swing speed! Also, I thought you're from Wisconsin!? Isn't 40 degrees is a warm day in those parts
  7. I have the pro’s and love them, you won’t be disappointed
  8. I'm not saying head doesn't matter, but I think that it doesn't matter as much as we are told it does... as in the latest model isn't going to always be better. I just think you can get more impact with the properly fitted shaft verschanging the head... which is the idea of the original post.
  9. Love this post! I think the real truth in this is that the head only matters to the point of the overall weight and distribution of that weight. All the faces a basically going to produce the same ball speed. So the only other factor has to be the shafts. As my pro told me last week… the heads don’t matter as long as the shaft is right for you. Looks like the lighter Ventus is the answer here. Quick question, are you using the velocore ventus or just the stick option that comes with the Sim2?
  10. Looks like I’ll be getting the 849 pro for the forum test today! Can’t wait to hit it, and this is right on time for my golf trip this weekend! Can’t wait to see how it does! With this and the no. 005 putter I just picked up I’m almost to a full sub 70 bag! Probably will dip into the wedge space next when the zip cores in need a replacement
  11. Glad it’s getting to you quickly, it’s a missile launcher for sure!
  12. @rbsiedsc here's what you need! lol
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