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  1. I’m playing a links course for the first time on the Oregon coast this weekend, pretty excited! I’ll let you all know how it goes... and no it’s not Bandon [emoji17] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  2. Taylor in Wilsonville, OR In the house/garage either on carpet or an inexpensive Amazon mat. I currently have $30 piece of out door carpet trimmed to the shape of a green being pasted along as a putting mat. I'd like to test the medium pace, I don't play many private courses, but the public ones I play have really nice greens. I'd also like to add, that in addition to the wet winters in Oregon, our fall season is being hijacked but the horrific wildfires and hazardous air quality preventing safe out door activity.
  3. Taylor. Wilsonville, OR Taylormade Spider Tour Tomcat 14- I like the mallet putters, mainly because since I've switch from a blade style I've been making more putts. This thing just looks cool, I like the landing strip alignment line and who doesn't want a ping putter!
  4. Picked up a mint PXG Gen 2 0811X with an Accra shaft from 2nd swing, traded in my F8 and a few other club that were just sitting around and cost less than $100 out of my pocket! Been really happy with the performance and adjustability so far. Seemed to have picked up a few yards and the accuracy has been great! I was able to get on trackman with it and the spin was way down compared to my Cobra F8.
  5. You’re on the right track, there is also the factor of neuro fatigue. Might want to step back from the training, rest, then get back after it! Also remember the true goal, what happens on the course. All these numbers are dust if you’re seeing the improvement once you get to the course! Yesterday I played and I was working on slowing the back swing, keeping my balance, and just making my fairway finder swing and every drive was over 250. My average drive is 235 so that’s the importance of the training is to get your in control swing on the course as fast as your prior all out swing. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. Same here! Is shot even playing nine yesterday! All my putts inside 10’ were money, just need to get the iron game working to get some better birdie opportunities! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  7. I recently switched to a catalyst black shaft in my irons and love the feel. I am adjusting to them as I feel like I don't need as much force to get them to impact as I did with my steel shafts. But I was able to try a few models at a demo bay before I bought and made the switch. I'm a little faster than you, but not much.
  8. I love that set up, but I lack distance off the tee and I'm really able to use my 56 and 49 degree wedges for any shot around the green. Just yesterday I was able to hit a high flop with the 56* over a bunker to a tight pin and stop it close for a birdie put, where as I like having options at the top to make a full swing with a 2 hybrid or 4 iron to get the right trajectory I need into the green. Probably just different ways to get the same result. I like your set up and hopefully as I improve my ball striking I can move to a set up more like yours. I also play one length irons and that may be where I need to look for a change.
  9. I'm the prime example of this! At 31 with a balky back I'm down to a 4.1 hcp with an average 240 drive but very good wedge and putting. Working on improving the iron game but still, when I go for distance I get in trouble
  10. Putting test concluded! Finally! That was a lot of puts! But the good news is my short game is on point! It's crazy to think I've hit over 400 puts in the last two weeks!
  11. Hey same here and I can barley poke it out to 250 and I'm the same age as chasing. We have have different strengths. I'm deadly with my wedges and putter. I played with two guys yesterday when were both 10-20 yards longer and even with my approach shots off I was stil getting up and down for par almost every hole where as they were in struggliesville once we got to the green!
  12. I have the same issue. Just keep doing the protocols and your body will eventually start swinging faster on the course. My goal isn't to have a 118 swing speed on the course, but if it's an average of 105-110 and under control with good contact I'd rather have that. Just today I was swinging like crap, making horrible contact but my speed was way up. I slowed down to 105 range from 110 and made center contact and my ball speed was over 150 every time. So I thing speed is important, but not at the determinant of contact.
  13. I set it up to hit the line every time, I was shocked it was that clean at the end Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. That’s what I was discovering, I had clubs for yardages that I never took a full swing at. My lob wedge goes 85 yards on a full swing, but I almost never would use it I would 3/4 my 54 or gap wedge and be more accurate. So if you can learn to manipulate one wedge for around the green and then just use the gap wedge for your fuller shots I think that might be the simplest approach. just saying, I also I’ve been laying up to more yardages that suit my best yardage from the fairway instead of trying to bomb it as close as possible and recover from a possible terrible lie. So essentially the anti-Bryson. I’ve heard Justin Thomas talk a lot about practicing with wedges too. He has some really insightful things to say on it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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