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  1. Brilliant idea in regards to picking up the driveway sticks from Lowe's instead of paying $20+ for "golf" alignment sticks!
  2. Amazing - I'm waiting to find a steal on the TM Spider X Copper now... The 3 items I've seen purchased in "value" condition all turned out to be mint. I don't know how globalgolf evaluates their clubs but I am not complaining one bit
  3. Hello, from Toronto! Excited to a part of this forum: Q: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Joined the junior program at the local club when I was 9 years old. Obsessed ever since. Q: What do you love about golf? It's really you against yourself! No reason for excuses and there's always room to get better. Q: What brings you to MyGolfSpy? In the last few years I've rediscovered my love for the game of golf after having taken a bit of break when moving from my hometown to a big city (Toronto)
  4. Unreal! I am playing Mizuno 825 Pros with the stock S300s in them (off the rack). Been thinking about getting them (and my P790 2i) fitted and reshafted with something stiffer and heavier for a while now. Any advice on where best to look for iron shafts?
  5. Golf is expensive...I bet a lot of us get a bit sad when we see the price tag of new clubs in retail stores. Most of us probably can't justify spending ($500-$1000) on a stock or custom fit club or much more for a set of irons, but it is amazing what deals you can find on the internet! Personally, I haven't bought a "new" club in years, but you'd never know from looking at my bag. So, I'm curious... what are your BEST finds from second hand sources like kijiji, ebay, globalgolf, secondswing, etc. that are in your bag? If you picked up a Scotty at a garage sale for $15 you win My To
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