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  1. I was hitting the 6 ptm sweetly but the 5 with the ttlight is not working at all? I think what I will do for now is just bag my dmp 5 that I hit well and wait for the new shafts and re shaft the 5ptm? Bethpage tomorrow here I come!!!
  2. I am waiting for the RT 95?!? thinking of getting the TS2 5 with it and maybe 4 as well instead of the ptm 5 and a g400 hybrid, love the hybrid but disputation is all over?only thinking, I have to learn to pull/install and start tinkering a lot more, I love that kind of stuff! Can’t wait to get out 2-3 times a week and hitttt my new setup!Local course stillll closed here in Queens NY!!!
  3. So I played Dunwoodie with my new set TSW 56, 52, PTM’s G-5. Looks fantastic and feels amazingly soft, go straight and super easy to hit! 56 cam out of the bunker with great control/ distance. My yardages have changed from the DBM’s because of the stronger lofts but working great, 56-100, 52-110,G-120, P-130, 9-140, 8-150, 7-160, 6-170 struggling a bit with the 5, moved from light graphite to 115 steel and its working great and straight! Thinking I might have to go with a 105 g in the 5i
  4. Alfonso Du Toit - Queens NY 18 ping g400 22’ 190 and g410 19’ 205 address/forgiveness I really like my hybrids but I have heard that TE has some great club!
  5. Started playing 2 years ago breaking 90 and still figuring stuff out, don’t need shafts to be installed the wrong way!
  6. Ok, little disappointed, du! But very happy with the Maltby product! In a apartment, no workshop ! Anybody knows somebody in NY that can pull 4 shafts and reinstall?
  7. What to do? I got a set of DBM’s 2 years ago, always wondering why the f-.....k are my gap and pitching wedge so close to each other like 110 and 115???? Corona and pulled the bag cleaning and swinging in the house set up against the wall and o my, wtf gap is longer than pithing by 1/2. Ok now I know. Pulled the trigger on a set of PTM’s 5-G with a 52 and 56 TSW, just arrived this morning, beautiful and WTF gap is longer than pitching!!?!?!?
  8. It was a toss up between ts2 and Ptm, went with the progressive sole, bounce like ping clubs. Fantastic round -4, been athletic all my live, golf 2 years breaking 90 and going for 80 in the next year.
  9. Just joined the forum, pulled the trigger on a set of 5-G Crome PTM’s with the 52 and 56 TSW’s all with standard TT lights at regular+, been playing for 2 years and started with a set of the black DBM’s, had them build with black UST65G shafts and my dispersion is terrible. Beautiful set but my swing has improved a lot and needed more stable engine. Did a lot of reading....looking forward to the rest of the summer now!
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