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  1. Yes swing up, Left knee moves but I try and keep weight back and swing around low for a draw?
  2. Keep your weight on your back foot, right foot if your a righty and pivot around keeping your wait back and never slide any driver….
  3. I played g400 liked, g410 did not like, went for 425 fitting? Ended up hitting and loving the Mizuno stz with px evenflow !!!no a mizie man!!!
  4. Add 3 grams of lead to the head and 3 g of lead just under your grip and try! You will be amazed and the flex should not really matter if you swing smoothly!if it still to light ad another 3 grams to the head only!
  5. Been tinkering the last month, pulled the trigger on the PTMs in summer with the TTLite, just re-shafted with the RT75 and loving it! Looking at replacing my ping g410 Alta 65 cb shaft, can’t decide between Pro Tsl or Avalon 5 or 6, I love the purple but the TSL is most probably the right one ss100?
  6. Alfonso Du Toit iphone10/ipadpro queens ny outdoor/indoor/lifting room....net
  7. I wanted to buffer my order tomorrow for 14 JumboMax grips and 9 xcaliber shafts by selling some very amazing clubs, my wife hade a fight with me so I am keeping all the clubs for my son! If u are interested in an excellent set, only needs a driver the price is now $351$ DBM standard Set 4-g, one season of playing
  8. 33’ strait putter, if u line up the 3 red dots behind the shaft u know u are square! $80
  9. Lots off love went into the set up, helpd me break 90, but the DBMs are great for diggers, the PTM are better for me, sweating and using bounce! It’s a beautiful set and always got a lot of interest/compliments, honestly I was going to keep them for my son, but need some cash to get to the perfect set up with the PTMs, without my wife complaining 2M!
  10. No, build by Golfworks. I got a new set of PTM/TT build that I am gaming now , very happy but I want to go bigger grips and back to gravity shafts so need some cash!
  11. Need some cash for new grips and shafts! selling 2019 gamers DBM 4-G, one seasons play., KE4 3 & 5woods brand new, only hit a couple of times at range, 54 & 58 ms+ wedges and xRed hot SC putter. $350, phone me 347-262-6410, in Queens NY.
  12. Alfonso Du Toit, NY, Queens 14H, forged Maltby PTM irons G-5, new TSW Maltby forged 52&56, very very nice, ping G410D, TM R11 4 W, g410h 3H, g400 4H, SCottyredX2, best combo on the planet - With Snell new mtb-X........Bethpage all day long!!! Some club’s last forever! Still play my Wilson squash and tennis rackets!!!!
  13. I was hitting the 6 ptm sweetly but the 5 with the ttlight is not working at all? I think what I will do for now is just bag my dmp 5 that I hit well and wait for the new shafts and re shaft the 5ptm? Bethpage tomorrow here I come!!!
  14. I am waiting for the RT 95?!? thinking of getting the TS2 5 with it and maybe 4 as well instead of the ptm 5 and a g400 hybrid, love the hybrid but disputation is all over?only thinking, I have to learn to pull/install and start tinkering a lot more, I love that kind of stuff! Can’t wait to get out 2-3 times a week and hitttt my new setup!Local course stillll closed here in Queens NY!!!
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