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  1. Order any G wedge from “the golfworks” bend to 49’ for between $30-$70 and you will be at 130! All there heads are fantastic!
  2. De-lofting opens the face and increasing loft closes the face.
  3. Garry Player use to say…hit them high and cry! Keep them low for the doe!
  4. Merrel hiking sneakers , done! $80-150 for waterproof!
  5. Off the shelf, it was a return, customer did not like it, brand new $360, could could not not give it up! It is a great driver, I just feel I want to get the best out of it and then my bag is set for the season!
  6. Yes, but inconsistent, I feel it can/should be better
  7. Yes, but it is such a nice head and I don’t want to spoil the looks. A bit peed off that they most probably did not put a tip weight in when assembled!
  8. Easiest is going to be to go to a GP 25 or Winn 22 light grip? But concerned overall weight is down and best overall weight should be standard specs?
  9. Bought carbon driver, love it! One question, measured SW when I got home D0, supposed to be D3, what’s the right thing to do?
  10. Sorry, off topic but I found this putter in basement, very good condition with great original grip and 35.5’ shaft. Any collectors out there?
  11. You cant beat the new KE4 Max for about $50 a club assembled, new lofts 30’ 7iron.
  12. Trim code for 5w is W2 = 1inch. check out The Golfworks website.
  13. Stupid question? We’re do you measure the swing weight on the grip from? Back or lines on grip.
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