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  1. There's a thread floating around somewhere regarding goals at the beginning of the season and I'm too lazy to look for it, but I'm fairly certain I didn't hit any of my goals. Just started playing a couple years ago and unlike from year one to year two, my progress in year three was not linear. Objectively I know this, but it still hurt this year. I began the year with a handicap of 18 and I'm currently at 20.4. Swing was a mess; everything was hooked badly. Finally trending in the right direction just in time to shut it down for the year. Broke 90 a few times but was far more likely to shoot over 100 and had an abysmal +51 one round. But I did play several new courses this year and gained a few new golf partners. That makes it worthwhile.
  2. Owen and I played a scramble out at Silver Ridge for the local high school golf team with our friends Mark and Paul. It was a good time. Paul's game had abandoned him to the point that this was only his second time out this year. His driver was still not great but the rest of his game was pretty decent. Great to see him out there playing again and I really hope he comes back all the way next year. Teamwork was the name of the game today, and not necessarily in a good way. We had a number of shots where there was only one good option, and a few times that good option wasn't the best of choices, either. On a good note, we all contributed fairly equally; everyone sank at least a couple of putts and the shots tee-to-green were split up pretty evenly. The bad note is that our approach shots were rarely close which left us with few good scoring chances. We went -5 with six birdies and a bogey. Food was good, a bunch of money was raised for the kids, and we all had a good time.
  3. Yesterday's shot of the day was an approach from about 120 yards out. Was on the downslope just in front of a creek that cuts across the fairway. Lined up about 45° to the right of the green with the ball about thigh high and took a baseball swing. It drew nicely and wound up about ten feet from the flag.
  4. Played Settlers Hill in Batavia yesterday with Owen and our friend Tim. None of us had been there before but we'll definitely be back. A lot of the course is perched up a bit so you get some nice views. Lots of undulations and some really pretty holes. They had shut down for about a year and a half and made some alterations so my Shot Scope watch wasn't too helpful. Hole 1 is now hole 18. Fairways and greens were beat up a little because of the lack of rain this year. I was pretty awful with my long clubs today. If I wasn't topping it I pushed it right. Had it somewhat worked out by the end of the round, but the penalties really killed me today. Shame because I was actually putting really well for once. Tim had similar driver issues but not nearly as bad and wasn't putting well but he put together a decent round and almost had an ace. Owen played great; a few birdies including two back to back. He was on pace to finally break 80 until he added up his score before the last couple holes.
  5. @cnosil @Kenny B @Vegan_Golfer_PNW Appreciate the offers/advice, fellas! The first hurdle is the "practice" part. Thinking maybe going the yardstick route and breaking it up; 2-3-4-x times a day for 5-10 minutes a pop until I have something consistent. Its the commitment part that's difficult. In-season I'd rather just be out playing, and off-season other hobbies hit the forefront.
  6. C'mon man, this isn't about me, this is about trying to make @fixyurdivot feel better! But yeah, and I've mentioned this before...putting probably legitimately costs me a good ten strokes per round. Some focused putting practice this offseason will do me a world of good.
  7. Some good advice in here. Definitely need to refine my chipping game, which currently stands at "close your eyes and hope for the best." Of course I'm joking...but not as much as you might think.
  8. This line still cracks me up way more than it probably should, when Lisa questions what the chorus meant:
  9. I'm still not terribly consistent, so I always think any change in performance comes from me and not from the equipment. To avoid the risk of selection paralysis I didn't dive too deep into the results and am mostly hanging on to the quote "There's no such thing as a bad ball." This way I can pick a ball at a price point I'm comfortable with and live with the results.
  10. This question is why I went with the weekday pass rather than the unlimited one. The plan was to go elsewhere most weekends. Turned out to be a nearly 50/50 split instead. I've come to really enjoy the familiarity and therefore comfort of my local course. For me there's also a time factor: a five minute drive to this one versus 25+ minutes to any other course
  11. If you're looking to feel better, I'm your guy!! I average more than 2 putts per GIR. I do have seven birdies and an eagle this year so clearly golf is way more luck than skill, lol.
  12. As Owen and I started with hand-me-downs that we've since upgraded and I've added thrift store finds, I've accumulated a few too many clubs according to my wife. Not at home, but off the top of my head: An early 2000s Titleist driver PXG 0211 3 wood Tour Edge 3 wood thats a couple seasons old but for the life of me I can't remember the model. Taylormade R7 3 wood in a 5 wood shaft Dunlop 3 and 5 woods Tour Edge Bazooka 7 wood Old 11 and 15 woods whose brand escapes me at the moment. Titleist 909H 21° hybrid Grand Hawk 3H and 4H Wilson Capitol and McGregor Regency 2 irons Nike Slingshot 4 iron Old Wilson Staff blades 2i-SW Cobra AMP 5i-PW Some really beat up Srixon 4i-PW Sure Strike 45° and 55° wedges Pinemeadow Pre 52° 56° and 60° wedge set TaylorMade Sim A wedge Titleist SM7 50° and 54° wedges Titleist SM8 60° wedge C3i 65° wedge Cleveland Huntington Beach putter a couple other really cheap knockoff putters a few various kids/ladies clubs Wow, its one thing to see them at the house but it hits a little harder when I write it all down. On the plus side we've been able to piece a few sets together for outings or friends to borrow when they took up an interest, which was the main reason we've held on to most everything. We had some great friends that handed down some clubs to us when we started and now we're able to do the same.
  13. I bought the weekday pass (M-TH) at my local course for $378. We put in more than 60 nine hole rounds this year which are usually $16, so roughly $1000. I'm actually happy to have calculated this as I'd been thinking about going with the unlimited pass next year at $740. Now it looks like it'll be a no-brainer to pull the trigger!
  14. At that price point, I'd be thrilled with the chance to win a box of balls. A couple of boxes of ProV1s would definitely brighten some days.
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