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  1. Hit through the bag again today (minus the driver), five shots per club. Thinking about doing this daily, hoping that it helps me hit the ground running next season. Striking wasn't quite as good as yesterday. Pulled out a handful of junk balls and tried to chip them back into the bucket from about 8 or 10 feet away. Never tried this before; it was remarkably difficult for me. Aim was pretty accurate but I had trouble getting the distance down. Most attempts fell short. Did manage to hit three in a row and 5 out of 6 near the end, so that's promising.
  2. Ok, I take it all back. I love it! Been under the weather for about a week, but yesterday my son and I played a couple simulated rounds at a local course. I beat him both times, and even got an ace. Naturally, he's furious. Pulled it out again today and used the launch monitor to hit through my whole bag. Threw caution to the wind and hit the long clubs, too (If I break a club, that means a new club, right??). Had no issues, and the launch monitor numbers tracked fairly well with what Shot Scope has been telling me so far this year.
  3. Did you wind up going this route or some other options? How did it work out?
  4. I like it, though if I could go back I probably wouldn't buy it, if that makes sense. The GPS part of it is great. The launch monitor side has been useful and I expect more use of it next season as I continue to be more consistent. The thing that sold me on it was the thousands of courses that are loaded up, that I could "play" during the winter. However, with my current setup, I'm worried about swinging any longer clubs since I'm still a little cramped. So anyway long story, it does what it's supposed to do and does it well but I'm not quite ready to utilize it fully.
  5. I've got an incredibly basic setup in my basement. Just a clearance Walmart net and a throw rug on the concrete. So far just messing around with a junk wedge and cut down hybrid I got from Goodwill. The neat thing about the rug is the built-in alignment aids, lol. It's given me a number of little epiphany moments; the shaft and club face were more offline than I thought. Fixing that straightened out my lead arm but threw my shoulders off. Fixing THAT allowed my posture to set up a little more naturally. In all, after about 50 cuts I managed to solve all my problems. While it's hard to get much feedback hitting into the net, I was able to more consistently hit the same spot over time. Hopefully I can start to groove it over the next week or so and find an available range to see if it translates.
  6. As I understand it, earlier watches were big and cumbersome. The V3 is pretty nice, especially considering I'm generally a fan of wearing a watch. I was pretty nit-picky in my review and don't have any experience with Arccos, but all things considered, it's the one time price that really sells it for me.
  7. For me, it's personal awareness. As in, I have no clue why anything happens for me on the course and I don't know what adjustments I can make. I mis-hit...was it my club face or my stance or my swing or the wind or fate?? Hopefully this is something I can address next season. As far as an external difficulty, like Tom Petty said, it's the waiting that's the hardest part. Drives me nuts and off my game when I have to wait on others. I know it's part of the game but it doesn't mean I can't be annoyed by it. Internally, anyway.
  8. Best season of golf ever. Also the first season ever, so there's that. Had a ton of fun and have seen my son and I gradually improve among the daily ebbs and flows. Excited for next year!
  9. My home course doesn't have a range. Couple swing weights on my nine iron, two or three swings for the moon to crack my back, and I'm ready to shank my opening drive!!
  10. Hey y'all! I've updated with my final review, check it out and let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Super short version: I'm pretty nit-picky but I love messing around with it.
  11. Was pretty decent outside so the lad and I played 18 at River Heights today. We started a little rough and never really got it going for any extended stretch. Still a good time as always, of course. I had three three putts and a four putt and a total of 39 putts, 2/14 FIR, 3/18 GIR, and a score of 102. He shot 100. Sun was shining and I was playing golf in November... I'll take it!!
  12. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion on these matters, I'm really struggling to understand why this discussion was initiated in the golf ball section of the forum. Does golf etiquette not extend to the internet?
  13. Played Edgebrook down in Sandwich yesterday with my son, my dad, and a retired friend of mine. Weather was great for this time of year, though a touch chilly, and the course was super wet from the constant rain from the past week. We all played pretty badly but we had a great time. Everything was shaggy and wet and I just couldn't adjust. Lots of chunky shots. Driver was offline a lot. Irons, if they weren't short, they were pulled left. Putting was...surprisingly decent. I tried more of a Happy Gilmore-style of putting where my hands were separated and I was facing more towards the hole than the ball. LOL, drove my son nuts watching me do it, but it worked out pretty well. Shot of the day was a 52 foot putt that stopped just inches to the right of the cup. We combined to shoot about 430 (104 for me). That plus the constant bathroom breaks for the two old guys lead to a near six hour round. But we had a great time and I hope to get the same group together a few times next season.
  14. That never would have occurred to me, thanks!
  15. Got the son to come out with me this morning and play the back nine at River Heights. It was cold but sunny so it wasn't too bad. I started out strongish and fell apart on the last few holes. Couldn't putt to save my life; missed everything outside of two feet. We had differing rounds but both finished with a 53. I had 22 putts. Playing in the cold, with really wet grass, meant that balls weren't traveling very far which we didn't adapt to very well. I also learned (the hard way) that my shoes are not water-proof. I didn't think about that when I bought them earlier this year but its definitely something I'll keep in mind when I buy my next pair!
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