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  1. My six iron is giving me fits. I'm chunking the heck out of every shot and if not I weakly pull it it hard left. Also thinking about shelving it, either for my other set's six or the other short shafted hybrid I have.
  2. Owen and I played the back nine at River Heights this morning. I shot a +13 49. Six bogies, two doubles and a triple. Played 3 wood off the tee again to similar results. Pretty nondescript round, but the fact that I'm breaking 100 (or 50) regularly is a solid feeling.
  3. Owen didn't want to get up so I walked River Heights yesterday before work. Walked up, mis-hit my driver and immediately put it away for the round. Re-teed with my 3 wood and played that the rest of the day, never really done that before. It was interesting. Took a few holes to realize that while my driver fades, my wood draws. Had a few rough drives where I would set up and swing like it was my driver, but when I was on, I was really good. Can't hit my six iron to save my life; keep chunking the heck out of it. Rest of my irons are slowly coming back. Wedges deserted me though. Either I wuss out and hit way short or I pull it long and left. Putting was hot and cold. Overall a decent day; 51/46 for a 97. Five pars and only two 3 putts.
  4. Congrats @Alf. S on the ace!!
  5. Today was one of those "Best of times, worst of times..." days. We got to River Heights and the first few holes were backed up, so after waiting around during the first hole, we decided to jump over to hole seven and just continue on from there. Hole one: hacked my way down the course, then dropped a 32ft putt to "save" double bogey. Hole seven: Short par threes are my nemesis right now with my irons such a mess. Pulled my tee shot left, managed to chip over the bunker and two putt to save bogey. Hole eight: Another poor drive followed by a poor second shot. A decent pitching wedge left me 33 feet past the pin, which I managed to sink for par. Hole nine: Another (!) poor drive, then a pulled 7 into water next to the hole. Dropped, mis-hit my bump and run 7 iron which took an odd bounce and stopped two feet from the pin, lol. Hole ten: Hit a beautiful hybrid to the back of the green, then three putt. Hole eleven: Pulled my six iron way left, then managed to bounce my wedge shot off the porta potty. Hole twelve: A short par four that goes slightly uphill, I hit my best ever drive on this hole to within a foot of the green. 65 foot eagle opportunity with the putter wound up a few feet short, then mis hit the birdie putt. Hole thirteen: Driver was back to awful, topped my short hybrid, hit a good wedge shot that rolled just off the back. Hole fourteen: Topped my driver 70 yards, then hit my 3 wood 250 yards. Hole fifteen: After everything that happened so far, THIS was the breakdown hole. Moving on. Hole sixteen: 3 wood off the tee for 250, then more breakdown. Hole seventeen: More awfulness save for a nice lob wedge over the bunker. Hole eighteen: Driver back out, popped it 255 yards (another best for the hole), hit a nice wedge over the tree and bunker that guard the front of the green, two putt to finish for par. If you're still reading, I shot +20 for thirteen holes, pretty on point for me lately. Couple things I'm realizing: When both hit well, my three wood seems to go as long or longer than my driver. Driver fitting sounds like a fun fix, though pricey and not likely. Fairways and hybrids are good but I try to kill it too much leading to more poor strikes than good. Irons are terrifying right now but actually showing signs of getting better. Wedges are really coming along. 50-100 yards and just off the green are pretty good. About 20-30 yards away is dicey. When I actually take the time to do so, I can read the greens pretty well; now my execution needs to catch up. The more I can get out during the week, the more I seem to pick up on. These are some really good experiences.
  6. Wow, hope he's doing okay today!
  7. We played 18 at River Heights today. Lot of highs and lows for this one. Four pars and even a birdie! Also two quad bogeys. Six 3 putts, but also seven 1 putts including two beyond 30 feet. They're letting the rough grow out a bit and I was really having trouble getting a club through the taller grass. Whereas last year I would slice my driver to the next fairway, now I'm just offline enough to miss into the rough so I'm actually penalized more for being more accurate, lol. Couldn't hit my 3 wood to save my life today but my irons were starting to come around. All in all another work in progress. 53/47 to hit 100 on the nose.
  8. That one never gets old love it!
  9. Owen and I played Sycamore Golf Club today. I put my new garage sale finds in the bag and they weren't bad. Probably weren't any better than the ones they replaced either, but I like them well enough to stick with them for a bit. He actually only beat me by a few strokes, 89 for him and 93 for me. Wound up being one of my better rounds to date. We went out with the intent to take our time and really settle in, and aside from a few holes, it worked out well. (Who would have guessed, am I right??) I hit the new hybrid irons decently enough but again my issue is me and not the clubs. Driver was solid; good distance and relatively straight. Another instance where I believe I'm just not quite lined up properly. Putting was good for me. We usually leave the flag in since it was the rule when we started, but I've had six or seven putts in the last few rounds that we on line but hit the stick and bounced away. Started pulling the flag on the back and I holed one using the back of the cup as a backstop. Flag out from now on!
  10. Town wide garage sales today and tomorrow. I've already picked up a 21° Titleist 909H and a set of Adams Idea 6-PW. Going back out. I have a problem.
  11. Ah shoot, is that a thing?? Thank goodness I'll never need to play a legitimate round!!
  12. We played the back nine at River Heights yesterday. Temps in the high 80s, little wind and muggy. Like the day prior it was a pretty humdrum round (+15 51), but I did get a birdie and a pretty funny one at that. Hit a solid wedge onto the green about flag high to the left. My son's ball was closer to the pin but not on my line so he didn't bother to mark it. I mis-hit my putt but it bounced off his ball and right into the cup! For once my abysmal putting paid off. He was so mad; I have a history of being more lucky than good while golfing and it annoys the hell out of him, LOL
  13. We played the front nine at River Heights this morning. Mid 60s with winds over 25mph. Putting was iffy; speed control was my issue today. I either blasted past or was way short of the pin. Messed around with some different clubs trying to keep the ball low to varying success. Owen pointed out that my driver shaft is flexing bad on my downswing which helps explain my recent slicing issues. Might be time to graduate to a stiff shaft. I tried his X shafted driver for one hole and hit one 255 all carry, albeit wind aided. I really closed my driver face the rest of the way and hit it pretty decent. Pretty messy +19 55 today. Last year I was thrilled with that and this year I'm mad, so on a positive note my expectation of myself is increasing.
  14. Owen and I were kicked out of the house today; apparently the best Mother's Day gift we could give to my wife was to get the hell out of her house! We decided to make the trek out to Silver Ridge in Oregon, IL, about 45 minutes west. We really like this course; it's well maintained, inexpensive, and usually not busy. Holy hell were we awful! The course is spread out in a rural area so if you missed too far, your ball was gone. We each lost roughly a dozen balls. Putter ran hot and cold; I had two one putts to "save" doubles and also had three four putts. Irons are still a mess and driver was erratic. Of course I had a beautiful wedge approach and a one putt on 18 for my only par, so I'll see you all again tomorrow.
  15. I've got a G3 band I received as an accidental replacement; I never took it out of the box but its yours if you want to send me your address.
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