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  1. Awesome, would love to try these out. New York, NY 15 handicap taylormade M6/Mizuno MP-32 depending on how confident I am that week haha
  2. Yep, It's almost sad how much I obsessed over it for the last week or two, still pissed I pulled the trigger on the MP-32's and missed out on the 900 tour/Forged deal. I think the Forged are going to be exactly what I wanted out of the clubs. If nothing else I'll use the MP-32's to learn how to really strike irons. I'm very much a feel player, and I remember hitting my dads old MP-60s and I absolutely LOVED the feeling of them (the club weight was perfect, I dislike lighter irons, and want something heavier at the end, which is part of the reason I want to upgrade). So maybe the feel of
  3. Yeah, They're going for right around 300-350 on ebay right now, hoping with the new release and if I monitor ebay enough, I'll be able to find a good deal. I know the 32's are a pretty well known club, so maybe they'll be more forgiving than I expect I'm just getting to playing weekly after only playing a couple times a year for the last 5-10, so I'm no expect but my irons have been the best part of my game by far.
  4. I’m hoping to get a real steal on EBay at some point for the forged. Have old x-14s that im probably too good for now, and just got mp-32s that I haven’t hit yet, that I got super cheap from a family member, but I really don’t think I’m good enough for those yet. I’m really annoyed though, I missed out on a split set of forged(4-6)/tour(7-9) 900s that went for $165 on eBay. Hope I can find something in the 150-250 range in the 900 or 919s when the new JPXs come out.
  5. Yeah that’s what I’ve heard. I just don’t know if I should be playing them right now. I’m a ok to good ball striker (usually hit the center of the club, issue is more fat/thin most of the time) but if nothing else I’ll use them to learn how to really strike the ball with. But like I said the JPX line seems exactly where I need to be in terms of skill level. I finally got back into playing consistently the last month or so, after playing sparsely, so maybe if I keep it up this summer by the end I’ll be good enough to play Them somewhat consistently.
  6. Huh I’ve heard the same about the MP-32s but hadn’t heard about the x-14s the same way but that’s good to know. Wasn’t planning on getting rid of either. Love the x-14s and played them well, but I think they’ve done their job now. Felt like the JPX line should be the next step up, but maybe I’ll work my way into the Mp-32 set using the 6 iron up from the x-14 set.
  7. Was just curious. I need to upgrade my 20 year old Calloway starter set (love my x-14s) but don’t have a huge budget. Does anyone know if when the new clubs are released there would be a big drop in price on the 900/919 forged? Got a set of MP-32s from some family but I don’t think I can hit those well yet (just getting back into playing consistently after playing maybe twice a year for the last 5-10 years). The forged seem like perfect steps in between the two. Pissed I just missed out on an eBay sale where a mixed tour (7-p) and forged (4-6) went for just over $150.
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