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  1. The PRGR has the ability to change the club being tracked (lofts) and calculates ‘smash’
  2. Practice can be more fun too I’ve also found taking demo clubs out on the range is a lot more fun when comparing them against the numbers generated by your own sticks
  3. A bit of a contradiction here, even with Trackman you’d struggle to know your distances off each club at the range using range balls
  4. NS Pro Modus 105 regular
  5. GraceRW

    Ben Hogan

    The Ben Hogan golf company and brand must be one of the most exciting prospects this decade to emerge from golf recently (I’m very fond of PXG too, but price point puts them out of reach for the average Joe). Just to confuse things, I game Mizuno and Titleist...
  6. Oh yes! The number one golf ball on tour is the number one ball for a very good reason, despite the marketing $
  7. GraceRW

    The Batman

    Not for everyone but I’m a big fan of the mallet, scotty and marvel characters - checkout my new ‘bread & butter’ (the Phantom) I’ve christened the ‘BatMan’
  8. I do recommend trying the Alignment grips from Golf Pride if yours are due for renewal or considering an upgrade
  9. On the back of a recent fitting all of my woods have been fitted with ACCRA shafts - I recommend both if you’re in the market for new bats
  10. Availability, price (£199), convenience, portability, user friendliness, swing & ball speed accuracy and smash factor are insane, carry & total distance are also fairly accurate (super sufficient for gap testing purposes and wedge distance control)...knowing your numbers is a complete game changer when working on swing speed, all from a pocket sized launch monitor that runs on 4 * AAA batteries, that’s not fussy about location or whether you’re in a net in the backyard, down at the range or on the course - checkout the YT review from MrShortGame
  11. Building my own practice net in the backyard has got to be one of the best decisions I made before the COVID lockdown
  12. Independent tests prove for some manufacturers, given a large enough sample size of the same model of ball, the shape can change and they can also display different playing characteristics
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