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  1. How many LPGA players play blades? Most am men's swing speeds and distances will compare better to the pro woman's game. I don't know the answer but I bet it's almost none. Over the years I have tried playing with a Miura blade and then "players cavities" like AP2 etc. I found that a GI club like the regular Cally Apex is a good mix for me. Back to the original topic, the PGA pros probably play blades to be able to hit irons in specific windows and spin control out of various lies. The limitation of my Apex clubs is flighting it down, they just want to go in the air. Also, I think "jumper
  2. An update and a comment. As there has been a few posts about the Modus 105 vs 120 here was my experience. The 120 felt like the worst shaft I have ever hit. It felt terrible in my hands and very boardy. Manimal had explained why it felt that way to me in another post. I then went with the 105 S and much, much better for feel. Played in Florida last weekend with my new JPX 919 F, Modus 105 S shafts. The 5-6 irons were a beast. Great flight and distance. The 5 iron has basically thrown my 25 degree hybrid out of the bag, they go the same distance but the 5 is more controlled on misses. I st
  3. Thanks Manimal! I'm going on a buddies golf trip this coming up week I will report how it worked out. The course can be different than the range. I'm not expecting any huge regrets though. My entire goal was to give myself the best fit possible than it's probably all user error after that. The ego took a hit not playing almost blades but getting back into the 70's is the goal this next year.
  4. Thought I could share my recent fitting and shaft experience. I had T100s irons with stock AMT S300 White shafts. Never really felt like I could get along with these. Compared to my playing partners I was pretty short. I hear all the time that irons are about accuracy and not distance but I find that to be partially true. When I have a par 3 175 over water and I'm stepping on a 5 iron instead of smoothing a 6 iron it's mentally different. I know that lofts are different and don't pay attention to the number on the club etc. Something just didn't feel right. I got fitted and went with JPX9
  5. I was fitted for this driver yesterday. I went with the TS3 mostly because of the head shape. The numbers for me for both models were very similar. I had a PXG ProtoX that I actually hit pretty well but I have T100S irons and wanted to try the new driver out. Keeping in mind that maybe the PXG was a bad fit I was 27 yards further with the Titleist after settling on the stock Tensi 65 S White shaft. The most interesting thing for me was that I had a slight toe hit going for the day for me and I didn't really lose ball speed, spin was pretty good too. I take simulators with a grain of salt
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