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  1. Beautiful putters. Thanks for sharing.
  2. G400 Driver (9* stock, Stock Stiff Shaft -.5 in) CBX 15* Fairway Metal MCGB Rescue T-MB Utility Iron Neo Genesis Irons (5-Gap Wedge, KBS Stiff Shaft Stock) Trusty Rusty 55* & 59* Wedges Zing Putter (this is the one thing that can rotate)
  3. I feel like driver tech peaked with the Ping G400, but maybe that's just my opinion..after that, it's just getting a good shaft, and working on your swing
  4. I usually just play 9 holes. The last time I played, I was even with par for the first 4 holes, and then went back to my standard quadruple bogey for 5-9.
  5. Our courses have been closed but I'm not really sure why. I often play as a single and don't really want people around me on the course anyway. I guess humans can't be trusted to follow basic guidelines.
  6. Quite the bag! Love the wedges and putter most. Congrats on a great setup.
  7. Those irons are ZiNgErS. Congrats on the new set!!
  8. Aye- it's a slapper. Looks like some good players clubs. Congrats!
  9. Really slick bag. Happy to hear you are loving the driver.
  10. Sim Irons! Pretty hard! Can you send a few pics of them at address/ compared to other clubs at address? Trying to gauge how chunky they actually are.
  11. lol Yeah the Srixon is just as forgiving as the Ping G400 but didn't get quite the hype, at least here in the states. Solid club. Lower launch than many drivers I've tried (especially the high launching G400 Max).
  12. I love the color scheme of your bag and headcovers. Also very sharp blacked out wedges and putter (mostly) contrasted with the sleek Blueprint irons. One hell of a bag. Good job. Not a fan of your woods for my personal tastes but if you hit them straight, that's all that matters. Have fun!
  13. Serious looking bag. Have fun out there.
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