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  1. it's not a right/ wrong thing- just different approaches (no pun intended)
  2. Yeah that makes sense. I think 14 clubs is a lot in a bag and doesn't force people to economize at all, which I guess is the idea. I think if max clubs was between 11-13, you'd see less lob wedges in bags.
  3. I was reading an article yesterday where one of the top amateurs was talking about how he doesn't carry a lob wedge, and uses his sand wedge for all chips/ lob shots around the green. His stance was that there's no need to have a club with 60* of loft; 56* is plenty to accomplish all shots. I found this interesting as almost all pros seem to have lob wedges in their bag... I know some guys use up to 64* like Phil, Woodland, I'm sure there's at least a few others. Anyone have opinions on this? Feel free to post the link to the article if anyone has it.. I seem to have lost it.
  4. Throughout the BMW, the announcers were like "Wow scores are low, you don't expect this at Medinah, I guess it must be the soft ground" Maybe its the top 70 golfers in the world playing their hearts out?? There was some discussion after the event about the course being too easy and scores being too low. I saw a course with narrow fairways, thick rough, plenty of protective water and sand, diversity in shots needed, etc.. I don't think there was anything unusual about that golf course whatsoever. I think it was a perfect spot for a high level tour event, which has been proven many times in the past. Yes they had some rain and the greens were holding. Problem? Would you rather have it like the US Open last year where you hit a 2 foot putt and it rolls 20 ft and falls off the green? Is that even golf anymore? It just irks me that low scores apparently can only mean 'the course was too easy' and not people were putting it all on the line. Take that same course, same conditions, and pick 70 golfers from this forum. Scores still too low?
  5. I find it interesting that even after Abraham Ancer's great showing last week he is only getting 80/1 odds at the BMW. Not saying he is a front runner but I'd put him at more like 35/1?
  6. So happy to see DJ on top (for now). Even though he's not the world #1 anymore I still consider him to be the best. Such a pure swing. He hits his irons so clean its unreal.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. Since you had a chance to hit all 3 new models, can you talk about the feel of all 3? Is the 300 bulky/ clunky in any way or did all 3 models feel similar? Thanks!
  8. I feel like the people bashing these irons (who haven't even hit them) are put off by the price but don't want to say that.
  9. I really only mentioned price because normally when this brand comes up people either have never heard of it, or say "Aren't those the clubs that cost twenty thousand dollars?" So showing that they are actually not overpriced at all...
  10. Thinking about going all Honma Their fairway metals that I bought for around $60 each are noticeably nicer than the Callaways I bought for $300 each (Callaway being my favorite of the American brands). I just got a Honma driver for $120 (compared to the $300 Ping, $300 Taylormade, and $400 Cobra) and it's clearly the best of the bunch. During the first session with it I hit my longest drive ever. By a significant margin. Consistency is great too. Now it's just about getting the swing where it needs to be.
  11. Is there a certain number of posts one has to reach before the signature option appears? I can't seem to find a signature field in the edit profile page?
  12. During practice sessions, I've been struggling a bit. Today I started focusing on keeping the left arm low during the backswing, and the right hand low during the downswing. It really seemed to help. Anyone else use similar swing thoughts?
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