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  1. Interesting. How do you like that Krank driver? What have you compared it to?
  2. Srixon 585 Driver, Hzrdus Red Stiff Epic Flash 13.5* Fairway Metal, Hzrdus Smoke Stiff old Taylormade Burner 17* Hybrid Wilson Staff 4 Iron MCGB 5-PW vokey gap trusty rusty sand Taylormade HiToe lob Spider Mini
  3. My latest, and hopefully last golf club purchase for a good while, was a new wedge/putter setup from Taylormade. The Wedge is a 60* HiToe Lob Wedge, and the putter is the Spider Mini. Really happy with both. The putter has great balance, and any missed putts at this point (of which there will be many) are fully on me. The lob wedge has an interesting feel. It's different than my old Trusty Rusty, and at first I didn't like it as much. Now that I've had a few weeks to get used to it, I just realize it needs to be swung slightly differently, and I think in the long run will make me a better chipper.
  4. Really solid bag! Great club selections, and also nice aesthetics. It's not that hard to build a color scheme, get the headcovers you want, build an overall vibe, but so few people do it. Keep up the good work!
  5. Thanks for sharing. I hope to hit them soon. Did you by chance hit a 300?
  6. I think yes, they are all more similar than different. The distinctions are subtle, but they are enough for it still to be worth while to try a few.
  7. Will be an uphill season for the Steelers but I think they will at least make the playoffs. I see a lot of close games.
  8. Courses aren't going to get shorter on their own. It would take a huge movement and pressure from the golf community.
  9. I wasn't trying to define 'lob' as anything specific. More asking about the highest lofted club used for the shots closest to the green. A flop shot seems like a more specific thing but is probably also pertinent to this discussion in terms of: can you accomplish a flop with just a 56* or do you need a 60*. But my main query was based off the recent article I referenced where someone took the position of "having a lob wedge is unnecessary".
  10. it's not a right/ wrong thing- just different approaches (no pun intended)
  11. Yeah that makes sense. I think 14 clubs is a lot in a bag and doesn't force people to economize at all, which I guess is the idea. I think if max clubs was between 11-13, you'd see less lob wedges in bags.
  12. I was reading an article yesterday where one of the top amateurs was talking about how he doesn't carry a lob wedge, and uses his sand wedge for all chips/ lob shots around the green. His stance was that there's no need to have a club with 60* of loft; 56* is plenty to accomplish all shots. I found this interesting as almost all pros seem to have lob wedges in their bag... I know some guys use up to 64* like Phil, Woodland, I'm sure there's at least a few others. Anyone have opinions on this? Feel free to post the link to the article if anyone has it.. I seem to have lost it.
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