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  1. lol Yeah the Srixon is just as forgiving as the Ping G400 but didn't get quite the hype, at least here in the states. Solid club. Lower launch than many drivers I've tried (especially the high launching G400 Max).
  2. I love the color scheme of your bag and headcovers. Also very sharp blacked out wedges and putter (mostly) contrasted with the sleek Blueprint irons. One hell of a bag. Good job. Not a fan of your woods for my personal tastes but if you hit them straight, that's all that matters. Have fun!
  3. Serious looking bag. Have fun out there.
  4. I mean they are great clubs, and if you've found what works for you (many good players like TM) then stick with it, by all means!
  5. Of course it's all about swing and practice practice practice! But the Rogue X's are a very big iron. I bought one just to test out and hit around at the range, and wow it's huge. Abnormally so. The Rogue Pro is a more normal iron size. The Callaway Apex is the perfect iron all around. I have the 16's but the 19's are good too. They are not bulky or chunky or overtly game-improvement in any way, but they are a very well built (Read: Forgiving) club. I will probably get a set of the 19's at some point now that the price is coming down (can be had for around $800 last I checked). The shape of the 19's is even sleeker and more aerodynamic and should satisfy discerning 'player's' eyes as far as a compact top-line. The Mizunos are great as well, and as someone else said, you might not need the most 'forgiving' of the lineup (marketing). Go for build quality (forged). These are 2 of the best irons on the market so you are looking in the right place. In my experience, American irons will have more tech (Read: springy face effect when hit properly) and the Japanese irons will be more traditional (a quality forging that will never under-perform). If you are a very good golfer and have a very consistent swing, then of course getting a fitting is the only way to go. If you are inconsistent like most golfers, a fitting is still good but the results will be skewed as to how you are hitting that day, how your swing is changing from minute to minute, etc. To summarize, just pick one! Both are great and will be an improvement over the bulky Rogue X's.
  6. A true Taylormade fanboy.. Are those the John Rahm irons?
  7. I mean New England is still a top tier team for sure... BUT... what a joy it is to see them come back down to earth.
  8. Thanks man. I always enjoy the Samurai theme and these are a fun modern twist. Will post more pics when I get a better camera.
  9. Interesting. How do you like that Krank driver? What have you compared it to?
  10. Srixon 585 Driver, Hzrdus Red Stiff Epic Flash 13.5* Fairway Metal, Hzrdus Smoke Stiff old Taylormade Burner 17* Hybrid Wilson Staff 4 Iron MCGB 5-PW vokey gap trusty rusty sand Taylormade HiToe lob Spider Mini
  11. My latest, and hopefully last golf club purchase for a good while, was a new wedge/putter setup from Taylormade. The Wedge is a 60* HiToe Lob Wedge, and the putter is the Spider Mini. Really happy with both. The putter has great balance, and any missed putts at this point (of which there will be many) are fully on me. The lob wedge has an interesting feel. It's different than my old Trusty Rusty, and at first I didn't like it as much. Now that I've had a few weeks to get used to it, I just realize it needs to be swung slightly differently, and I think in the long run will make me a better chipper.
  12. Really solid bag! Great club selections, and also nice aesthetics. It's not that hard to build a color scheme, get the headcovers you want, build an overall vibe, but so few people do it. Keep up the good work!
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