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  1. Scotty Schafler will have the most points. Colin Moricoua will secure the final point.
  2. FF has a fairway wood now available. It is on their website. As for feel going to Fairways and hybrids, at least for me, there was no noticeable issues.
  3. I purchased one of the new Freeflex shafts (FF45) and I love it. My shaft is set up a 1/4 of an inch longer than standard and is a Stealth 2 head set at 10.5. I love the set up, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the shaft and would purchase it again. I like it so much I am putting them in my fairway clubs.
  4. Date - 5-20-2023 Course - Shannon Greens Gross Score - 84 Course Handicap - 14 Gross Strokes over/under par - 12 Net score to par - -2 Net Score - 70 Net birdies or better - 6 Longest drive - 260
  5. Date - 5-21-2023 Course - Shannon Greens Gross Score - 83 Course Handicap - 14 Gross Strokes over/under par - 11 Net Score to par - -3 Net Score - 69 Net birdies or better - 8 Longest drive - 265
  6. I will play a ball until I lose it if it is just a relaxed round. If it is a tournament, I will go with a sleave of new balls. Most of the balls I take out of play are due to cuts on the cover from my wedges. The longest I ever played a ball was 22.5 rounds, I wore just about all of the logo and writing off the ball be for I hit an errant shot with it and put it in the water.
  7. Fanboy I had the same interest in the fairway and iron shafts. I have reached out to the company rep and when I get a response, I will post it.
  8. Has anyone tried the new Free Flex golf shaft that was just introduced? It is a new company in Korea with a similar product to the Autoflex shaft but with a little tweak in technology and at a reduced price. I ordered one and thus far, 7 rounds in I love it. I'm not going to tell you that I have gained 20 plus yards, because I have not, I'm still 225 to 240 with 250 plus with a dry fairway but with this shaft they are almost effortless yards, for a guy turning 60 this year I do not think that is half bad I'm not someone who believes you can buy a golf game, but I do believe in taking advantage of changing technology and materials to try and stay competitive as we get older. If you get a chance to try one of these shafts sometimes, I would defiantly recommend trying it, I'm think of putting them in my fairway clubs as well.
  9. I have a 6-way Staff bag with my clubs arranged as so. Like many of the respondents to this post I am OCD about where the clubs are in the bag. I even put the bag on backwards when I ride in a cart, so everything is just the way it is displayed. For me it is based on shot selection, when teeing off, take the cover off the driver, store the cover on the OW , tee off replace cover and move on. Most of my second shots will be one of the three groupings of clubs. Finally, I take a wedge and putter to the third stroke and when all goes well, I am in with par or better. I even have head covers on my irons to protect the face as well.
  10. As crazy as it may sound, my Sand Wedge. I have a Lobe Wedge for green side bunkers, and I rarely find myself in the sand wedge distance. But like everything with golf, it is subject to change.
  11. I have 4 different shaft brands/models in my bag. My driver is a Project X HAZRD Blue - Stiff My fairways and my 4 Hybrid have Air-Speedster - Regular My 5 & 6 Hybrids have Kura Koge Black - Regular My irons have Mitsubishi MMT - Regular
  12. If you decide to buy one use this link and it should save you $50. http://alphardgolfusa.refr.cc/scottporter
  13. Here is what the upgrade does, as well as, what is included. You can now upgrade your V1 and get all the new features in the V2! 6 axis gyroscope to keep the cart going straight on side slopes Integrated Bluetooth to connect with accessories like the TFS More power, more torque, more efficient firmware Electronic parking brake on hills Include V2 remote - smaller, lighter with bigger buttons with internal rechargeable battery lasts for 5 rounds App enabled for firmware upgrade, customization, and backup remote.
  14. Nice units, both of them. You can purchase the conversion kit to upgrade your V1 to the V2 for about $250.
  15. I recommend both. I have both on my Clicgear and could not imagine the V2 without the front wheel conversion. Is maneuvers so well. Besides the cart, the V2 wheel conversion was the best money I have spent. If you have not seen it put on, I can send you pictures of mine.
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