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  1. Always interested in and willing to test the latest golf products. Would love to test the new Maxflis
  2. I would love to test for Titleist....I currently play Chromesoft but finding it may not be the best ball for me.
  3. My Leupold range finder is now 8 years old and showing some age. I've been looking to replace it with one that has current technology and features.
  4. I would love to test this putter. I am constantly looking for one that feels great enough to keep around for awhile. I have been through most of the Oddessey models and still looking for the "one".
  5. I love Callaway and have been playing for years but always a couple of years behind in technology. Would love to move up.
  6. I play early and always damp/wet on my course. Although I have shoes that are supposed to be waterproof, my feet are usually wet when I'm finished. It would be great to test a shoe that would keep my feet dry. I'd love to test these.
  7. Joe, Indiana,PA 90 MPH Callaway Mavrick SubZero EvenFlow Riptide, 60 Gram, 5.5. Flex No. But plat UST Mamiya Recoil in my irons
  8. Usually walk with my BatCaddy electric cart but looking to upgrade it.
  9. Joe, Indiana, PA 7.4 Index Net and range, both indoors and outdoors
  10. Joe, Indiana, PA Test outdoors on range and with net iOS iPhone 8 most recent OS
  11. I also use a BatCaddy with remote control (for 3 years). I has been awesome and since it has a rear 3rd wheel that prevents it from tipping when going up hills, it works great in the hills of Western PA
  12. I've been using the BATCADDY for 3 years and it has been reliable and easy to use especially with remote control AND the back wheel to prevent tipping while going up hills here is western PA
  13. Joe, Indiana, PA 11M Footjoy Pro SL Comfort and Waterproof
  14. Joe Geary/Indiana/PA Zelos 8 - Regular Flex Swing speed 88 Current iron shafts UST Mamiya Recoil F3
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