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  1. Steve Smith Hawaii - BUT - I'm in Augusta, GA for the birth of our new granddaughter (it was Wednesday - 8 lb. C Section, grandma says she's the cutest ever). She's # 10 in the "grand*" dept. We'll be here to December. Alas, I have not qualified for the Masters so you won't see the clubs on TV. hdcp 8.7 Current irons - Maltby forged cavity back, Proforce 95 graphite, stiff,. 150 yd club is 7 or 8 depending on pin position. 7 with front hazard, 8 if a back pin and long is trouble. Okay, I'll level with you. I'm really looking to go single length (got any Cobras or want
  2. Steve Smith here. Handicap, 8.7 and the three hackers I usually play with out here in Hawaii. Note: While you maskless mainland marauders (good on those who wear) are subject to a 14 day quarantine on arrival; golf clubs are not. PS I'd pay for the extra shipping. 7 iron to 150. I'll go low and hard to a back 150 pin with an 8. I use Maltby forged cavity back irons. +0.5 in. 2 up. Sub 70, your testing has put them on my radar and bookmarks for golf clubs because I'm due for a fitting with some hotter faced clubs that still have the thin lines I like. Thanks in
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