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  1. It's a MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP. PGAs tended to be the weak link in the Slam rotation. With the Ocean course last year and Southern Hills this year - there's some teeth. Not the 25 under birdie fests most weeks. There are scores out there, I shocked that many of the favorites who seemed to be in form [and my picks - dammit] aren't grinding it out. Sorry about Tiger. Another couple of months rehab and a dead flat Old Course and we'll get a better idea if he can compete again. Weather has been sucky for him too - welcome to the 'old guy' world.
  2. I'm going to crush it. I see all this negative talk - must be reverse psychology. Positive thinking for me.
  3. Tough first group. Thomas playing great, Xander with a smooth 61 last round, Rahm is crushingly steady, Hovland's a local ~ up at Stillwater, OK and can get hot. Hatton can get hot both ways; good and bad. Wins most likely to helicopter a club. McIlroy and DJ can't seem to put 4 rounds together (either could scorch the field). And Cantlay sneaks in for the win. Still thinking. Going to be a coin toss.
  4. Many courses I haunt have one or more 190 -210 yd. par 3s. My 7-wood, a Cobra, lets me hit a high fade that distance. The hybrids [I've tried a number of them] don't give me the same control of that shot; visually they show a stronger appearing draw bias at address, even the "pro" versions. I will change out the 7 wood with a 21 deg. hybrid for the same distance depending on the course/wind. I hit the hybrid lower with small draw as the 'normal' flight. As always, your mileage may vary.
  5. Scheffler is hard to pick against, he'll score well but I'm off favorites. Dustin is coming off a wedding [just the celebration part - they've been together over a decade] and I think he's trying to get back to focus for a full four rounds; just not this week. JT has an upcoming wedding for distraction so he's out. Therefore I'm going with Sam Burns to win ----hold it Steve, he's not even in the 1st group. Xander looks good in bucket 1. Burns in 2. 3 is going to need some work - no love for any of them on current form. Bucket 4 is another mystery - got to check recent performance. Good luck to all. O/T Phil needs face his gambling addiction. No sign of it yet. Barkley and Daly are cautionaly examples though Charles has pulled out of his tailspin recently.
  6. Chalk won last week but it's never the best bet; these guys are too good. [Champ with a lousy drive, Rahm with a cart bounce on his and maybe the order changes]. No Rory for me, I wouldn't take Tiger against the field in his heyday either. Arrrgh - just by saying that, Rory will scorch the field by 15 strokes. Different course though not unfamiliar, I'm checking on who has a nice uptrend going. Conners looks good as a breakthrough. Good luck to all.
  7. Gary Woodland. Hot lately. Long. Should be in the mix Sunday afternoon.
  8. The Haas son Bill and (not) geezer dad Jay have made the weekend. Terrific accomplishment on a 7400+yd course. Jay making his 799th PGA start and first cut made since 2010. Quite the record and twosome.
  9. I put a 4 and/or 5 in the bag for testing (F8) if I should go all one length. My back will pinch late in the round on 9 - wedges as I tire and "perhaps" let my posture sag a bit. No structural problem but doc says the disks have compressed - join the club - he's as old as I am. Back to the clubs. Solid feel, related to the heaviness. Distance control is good. Playing with some shafts, looks like I'm still a "stiff" guy but down to a 80 gram shaft from a 95 in past hybrids. A regular shaft wasn't workable on command. I could get a double cross easily if I was trying to feather a fade (you can't talk to it; just hope for a good tree bounce). That seems related to the heavier weight feel. You DO know where the clubhead is at all times.
  10. I'm here in Augusta. Lots of rain and thunder tonight [Wed]. I can see the start times pushed back to ready the course. Probably both tees. Rain to quit early [by around 7am] and the rest of the week looks good though the mornings will be cold [40s]. Not good for old backs. So - softer greens Thur/Fri - good scoring. The weekend should firm up for a great finish.
  11. I'm looking forward to the singles. I can see Rahm vs. Cantalay. If Kopeka plays, I'd put Poulter up against him just for aggravation. Thomas against Mcilroy. Others you'd like to see?
  12. I see homogenized courses have entered the conversation. I've seen about all the railroad ties I want for my next two lives. Bunkering - From the wild and wooly at the Scottish Open to the sod faced pits at Royal St. George and other Open rota. US designers are a blind-following-blind troop. Firm, banked faces so the ball rolls nicely down to a flat firm base. Oh the bitching and moaning a few years back at Memorial when Nicklaus used bunker rakes that left small (small) ridges. You'd have thought that he was stealing food from their mouths with the complaints. Most of the tour fairway bunkers are a minor hindrance, perhaps even better than the nearby rough for play. Mad howling if the players could only advance the ball instead of getting pin yardages. It's a damn hazard. Make it play like one. Steep faces. Next rant. No green books next year for any courses. No anchoring - arm lock crap. Putter held in the hands only. Clubs can make local rules for anyone with a disability needing help holding the club. Time for a Snickers bar.
  13. Here's Value Golf https://www.valuegolf.com/putter-heads Many are painted but there's a good variety. Another place - don't have any idea about quality. https://www.diamondtour.com/golf-components/club-heads/putters-chippers.html You might scare up a local Goodwill or other thrift store. Some have a oddball collection of very used eclectic clubs. Perhaps suitable for refurbishment?
  14. On course security for the players needs to be better addressed. Didn't learn much from Tiger's mobbing a few years ago. Phones(cameras) should be banned except in award/interview/meet and greet areas. Cut off the alcohol sales two hours before the end ($16 for a beer???). Congrats to Phil, Padraig Harrington, Stricker, Cink, Hoffman, Rose, Matt Jones, Poulter, Stenson, and Westwood. Quite a feat for the age 40+ geezers soaking up a good portion of the leaderboard.
  15. Wind forecast is still kind of limp. Thursday/Friday barely get in double figures by the afternoon. The Saturday/Sunday forecast not much at all. https://www.google.com/search?q=weather+kiawah+island&rlz=1CATTSD_enUS774US774&oq=weather+kiawa&aqs=chrome.0.0i131i433j0j69i57j0l7.26078j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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