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  1. Kevin B - Ohio I will occasionally putt across the carpet throughout the winter months. No past experience with mats. I have looked into the perfect putting mat I would be interested in the Slow 9-10 stimpmeter - public municipal due to that being similar to the courses that I play.
  2. Ohio I would be interested in trying the full spectrum oil or gummies. On course demeanor is pretty calm but I can definitely tell when I have a chance at birdie or even par (bogey golfer). Heartbeat will begin to pick up pace especially when playing against friends. I use an Apple watch to track workouts and as an on course GPS
  3. Kevin Minster, OH Currently Play Ping G - U, S, & L 56* or 60*
  4. Kevin Bensman - Ohio 2. I typically use my apple watch and the 18birdies app 3. 18birdies app / apple watch
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