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  1. Dave in Colorado YES Natalie and Grace Blade Tour or Pro Xdream or Classic Miss short
  2. Al Czervik phoned to say he'll take two of them.
  3. I play to a 18 HCI, and use Enzo Nanopipe (X) shafts in my 304 SS irons. I've played DG (X) in steel in the past and have tried the KBS tour shaft on a high-lofted wedge. I've been wanting to try out some quality steel iron shafts in a weight and flex that is close to my current graphite shafts. These might be just the ticket.
  4. Is guessing a MGS tour staff bag available in the store setting the bar too low?
  5. Hireko needs to jump on this right now. Get some of those Hump X shafts into the public's hands and watch their market share grow.
  6. I received my Scratch 56* 1018 wedge on Saturday (thanks FedEx!) and I gripped it within ten minutes of delivery (I asked Ari to supply the club without a grip so I could put on my favorite). My tour championship was the following day. I took the club with me against the advice of my peers and advisors, all of them suggesting I use the sticks that got me to the finals. I had only intended to try the wedge on the range during warm-up out of curiosity, and then use it for post-season play. On the range, it took me only three swings to get the feel of the club on full shots. I still wa
  7. Mystery solved. I recently purchased a Str8-fit adapter to try another shaft in the Dymo2 head. There is no coning where the shaft enters the adapter, it is a 90* angle, thus there will be no epoxy to cushion the shaft. Sure formula for early shaft failure.
  8. Droid X for me and Droid for my wife on the Verizon net. Running Skydroid app which I will be reviewing here after playing one more round and comparing it side-by-side with my dedicated GPS, a Sonocaddie V300.
  9. Anyone know which wedge Scratch is supplying, the 1018 or the 8620? If the latter, it may be September before any are available as the 8620 won Gold on Golf Digest's 2010 Hot List for wedges, beating CG, Vokey and TM in price/performance, and demand is high. Edit: I see from a post above that they are allowing a fully customized 1018! How sweet is that?
  10. Hey lefties: The ad is still up for the left-handed version: http://www.amazon.com/Lh-taylor-made-kbs-stl/dp/B003MST5H6 Edit: never mind, looks like a single club.
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