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Would you watch a major on tv or play golf?

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If it was the final round I would watch the major. Being retired I have boo coo opportunities to play golf so yea I'd be in my easy chair doing the final round. 

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Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge 58 degree

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Odyssey Triple Track 2-Ball Putter
Odyssey Triple Track 10 Putter
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For me, the deciding factor would be the weather.   During the hot summer days, if the temperatures and wind make for a good golfing day, I will play and DVR the tournament.   At my age and health, it is difficult to play on extremely hot days, so I take advantage of the good days.

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So far this year, I have played golf every Major weekend, both days.  I still love to watch, and can almost always catch the telecast after playing golf.  I will also record the telecast so I can watch the bits I've missed.  For me, playing always comes before watching.  On the other hand, if I have the chance to attend a major, I'll be there.

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Reston, Virginia

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I will typically schedule my golf around the major.  If it's the British Open, I'll play golf in the afternoon or evening after it goes off.  If it's one of the majors that are played over here, I'll play early in the morning and get back home to watch them in the afternoon.  

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I'll play and DVR the Major


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:cobra-small: King F7 5 Hybrid Graphite Designs Tour AD-HY 95 Shaft

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I lived in SOCAL for a few years, one thing I liked about it was football games (my team was still an east coast team) came on at 10:00 and were over by 1:00, so there was plenty of day left.   


One thing I didn't like, was Monday Night Football starting at 5:00 PM with LA traffic, taking me 1.5 hours to get home, most times we ended up watching it a bar for Happy Hour.

Yes, but I never have to stay up past midnight watching a close game.  When I was working, I was up at 5am at at work by 7.  Not a problem now, but I still get up at 5am!!!

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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I'm in the same Boat as Kenny B and GolfSpy MBP.. West coast.. I can either play in the morning and watch in the afternoon or in the case of the Open, watch in the morning and play in the afternoon.. 


Always DVR it so that I can watch it in it's entirety.. 


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