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This is really an interesting video


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The guy in the first video is like many others when it comes to their thoughts about both their practice swings and their real swings. For a lack of better word they are delusional.

The vast majority of instructors I’ve seen comment or talk about in videos are in the school that practice swings are non functional and if a golfer tried to hit the ball with their practice swing they would hit it worse. It’s exactly what he was saying that other instructors told them. Face is open, path is wrong. The reaction we have to having to hit a ball and deal with the consequences play a role in what our minds and bodies will do to compensate for where the club is.

Its why instead of doing practice swing create a feel that one wants to happen in the swing for the shot that’s in front of the golfer.

just watching his ball flight his face control is off. You have fade flights, blocks, somewhat straight a draw happening in the video

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In the first video...  I think the analysis is very interesting...  but trying to apply the number of changes will be extremely difficult for the average golfer especially without the equipment to compare, let alone the time to spend making the changes.   The second video kinda explains what Anika and David Duval did very successfully...    I had the opportunity to ask Anika at a practice area...  if she raised her head when playing from a bunker and she explained that she did that to keep her head/neck aligned with her spine though out her swing.  

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