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  1. I think that fitting should be HONEST.... If someone comes in to get fit and displays an awful golf swinging ability, the fitter should tell them that it's a waste of your money to try to fit a bad golf swing, It defies logic if they think that a specific club/shaft selection will help fix a bad swing. Having said that, when you go to a retail golf store, you're going to get someone that is less proficient at fitting than going to a fitting specialist, but again... honesty should come before sales. being honest and telling the golfer that they would be much better off investing in lessons before spending the money being fitted and investing thousands in new equipment... but as usual, this will probably never have a priority in the club business even though it might create a life long customer .. SAD
  2. I have the Ping g425 driver and the new 0811 x driver... I bought the 7.5 degree driver hoping to get additional fairway roll... The driver is probably 15 to 20 yds shorter in carry than the Ping, but the overall distance is probably 5 to 10 yds more on firm fairways.... The sound of the 0811 x is dull, unless you hit exactly in the middle... not a very big sweet spot for a modern driver...
  3. A great opportunity... I currently am playing Titleist Pro V1X, V1X left dash and V1 left dot... would be interesting to see how this ball stacks up... thank you
  4. GREAT opportunity to try a driver of this quality... Currently hitting Ping G425 and PXG 0811 X Gen 4
  5. Looks interesting.... would love to try it.... currently using toulon garage indianapolis center shafted THANKS
  6. Have tried the Ping 425 and the PXG 0811x.... would love to give it a try.... THANK YOU
  7. GREAT IDEA.... would really enjoy the opportunity... THANK YOU
  8. Would love the opportunity to try it. I have a hitting mat, but no net, so it would be perfect.. THANK YOU
  9. THANKS for the opportunity.... would love to try them...
  10. Very unique look... would love to see how they perform and the comfort level they provide... THANKS
  11. Great combo.... Evnroll with it's variable grooves and a great shaft.... would love to test it... THANK YOU
  12. Would like to test against my V5 ... THANKS for the opportunity
  13. Would love the opportunity to try the Homma driver... currently using PING G425
  14. Variable groove.... great idea for distance control... would love to try it.... THANKS
  15. Would love to test a great pair of shoes... currently wearing FJ Boa THANK YOU
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