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  1. There is a BIG BIG difference between playing music that you and your cart mate agree on and played at a volume that does NOT bother others. and playing music or other stuff at a volume level that potentially bothers others on the golf course. The question I would ask is... are you playing that for your own enjoyment or just trying to get attention and annoy others. Usually the answer is quite obvious.... unfortunate
  2. Aerotech steel/fiber I 95 ... used to be a stock shaft for some companies... now a 45/50 dollar up charge.... guess they found out how good they are...
  3. Love the 14 way for cart.. for walking, prefer lightest bag without 14 way... I use midsize grips and the individual slots make it much easier for getting clubs in and out without jamming them in. Have always used Sun Mtn. C130 cart bags and their zero-G for carry.
  4. Shooting even par in the first round of the stroke play club championship as an 11 hdcp. When everything goes your way, it's hard to express the elation. I didn't win, the second day was good, but not good enough... but the memory of having my best round ever is a great memory.... thanks
  5. I have used BOA for several years... I would never go back to laces. It's so much easier to adjust your shoes as the round goes on. For me, The shoes loosen up a bit as the round goes on and just a turn of the knob does the trick. INHO the extra money for them is definitely worth it. THANKS
  6. Thanks ... I did club repair and custom club building for over 30 years. Worked with a high school developmental golf program. Enjoyed success at the club level in winning club championship and other club events. Currently serve as a rules official with the PGA section as well as the Golf Association of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Golf Association. Spent 9 years on our club's board of directors, serving as golf chairman and greens chairman. I'm currently on the golf, greens, architect committees and am the handicap chairman at our club. Have purchased a few of the training tools and use them to teach others... The inside approach, speed sticks, orange whip, speed fan. Thanks for the opportunity Good Luck
  7. UNIQUE.... probably the best word I could use... not a fan of the logo.. Name is okay and relates specifically to Tiger. Logo's seem to drive sales, so I'm not sure if his association with the brand will overcome a less than attractive logo (IMHO).
  8. Old Old school using PW and GW that are part of my Taylormade M6 set with Steel/Fiber shafts.. and Piing BECU 56 degree SW and a 60 degree LW
  9. Merry Christmas to you and your families.. THANKS for all you do and the interesting and fun information you provide for all of us.
  10. When you look at the expected results by swing speeds. The maximum expected distance reduction with a driver is 15 yards and that is a one time reduction or at least it seems that way. maybe there's more to come ?? Given the .56 yds gained per year as the PGA said has been gained over the last 30 years, they would have to do this again in 30 years to stay at the expected distance result from their suggested distance adjustment. Who knows... IMHO if we just continue on with no adjustment to the ball.. and think about going back to the club lengths and lofts (irons) of 30 years ago, would be an interesting study.. Thanks for all you do .... jy
  11. In the first video... I think the analysis is very interesting... but trying to apply the number of changes will be extremely difficult for the average golfer especially without the equipment to compare, let alone the time to spend making the changes. The second video kinda explains what Anika and David Duval did very successfully... I had the opportunity to ask Anika at a practice area... if she raised her head when playing from a bunker and she explained that she did that to keep her head/neck aligned with her spine though out her swing.
  12. I've played 3 of them... thanks Merion East Pinehurst 2 Bethpage Black
  13. I've always found that putting a ball on a tee, especially for beginners allows them to concentrate on the swing mechanics and not have the frustration of trying to get the ball airborne, then lower the tee until you remove it for at least the irons. For myself.. on par 3's, I always use a tee regardless of club selection. thanks
  14. What you experienced seems to be the trend among young people. Hats on backwards, shirts not tucked in... standing on another person's line of play, yelling while other are trying to hit a shot. playing music loud enough to be heard a few holes away. Watching PGA, etc. on TV and listening to the verbal comments, yelling, etc. and it's somewhat promoted by the PGA... tells you what's to come for the future of golf. TOP GOLF is educating the next wave of golfers that we will be dealing with on the course. No one is trying to educate the up coming youngsters to the etiquette of the game we all have grown to love.. unfortunate.
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