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  1. I came off very rude with some of my early comments on this forum. Forgive me for that. But have to say I am enjoying watching the many YouTube videos. It’s seems all of these instructors really have some solid agendas. But as you stated, have to find the one who meshes with your swing issues. I still think trackman data and a proper club fitting are priorities with good instructions
  2. This one came up on my YouTube quene. But agree, I need to walk away from watching this stuff. I do like his baseball analogy ideas. But trying to conceive how i can achieve what he asks baffles me
  3. Been watching a ton of this guys stuff. Like the baseball analogies. But just not grasping the concept I guess.Any simple thoughts please
  4. It’s all in moderation. If I truly wanted to work on every aspect needed. I would easily be in the gym 4 plus hours a day. But that is just how my demeanor is. When it comes to fitness I’m extremely anal about crossing all my T’s and dotting all my I’s. One thing i do agree on is it all starts in the kitchen.
  5. Why I truly love fitness of our bodies. It’s almost unlimited on what we can do and learn. And the techniques are only getting better from all the knowledge being passed down to us from Experts / trainers/ physical therapists
  6. One of the most overlooked things for guys who love lifting is cardio. I’ve really witnessed some great results from people who did intermittent sprinting. That really gets that heart going and seems to get the body into that confused fight or flight stasis. But the dedication too do that on a cardio machine after or before a workout really takes some soul searching
  7. Great video. I really feel in 5 to 10 years this will be the norm on tour. Guys / Gals will be bigger/ taller / stronger. And the equipment will only be improving. Days of the precision golf are long gone for the tour game. Sadly many a course will become obsolete for tour play standards
  8. Seated barbell / dumbbell/ and hammer curls for the win.Sitting with elbows back really has been a game changer these last few weeks for me. Using less weight but focusing on form with elbows back while sitting upright. Give it a try
  9. Only had time for 6 round this year. And went back to using my 1965 hogan irons with original shafts for this round. Was happy with my 5 th round. Should’ve been lower.But focused more on fitness than golfing this year. I just stick what has worked now for 4 decades. Simple and effective
  10. Well 76 is a great score. If you can shoot that. Than I think the change would be very simple (no matter what it maybe). Might be as simple as grip pressure more or less in one hand or the other. Or maybe your head position is swaying. You ever try putting tees around the ball. One on the north and one on the south quadrant of the ball. And just swing thru that gate. Wish I could help you further. But it’s hard to quantify what you may be doing wrong by posts on here. I’m sure it is just a minor adjustment
  11. I’m seeing a trend here. Seems like this over thinking is just magnified by YouTube videos and instructional forums. What have you guys done to yourselves? I really read this stuff with my jaw dropping to the ground. I’m not treating any of this as a joke reading it. Just in awe how lost in the trees one can become at things. And many of you are lost in the deepest of forests. It’s almost like these online instructors revel off of confusion. And profit from it substantially. We aren’t professionals, and I would say the courses we play are very user friendly. The equipment now a days is the best available. And the ball itself goes straighter with less curve. I really don’t even know what to type anymore on this area of the forum. All I can say is I’m sorry for where some of you are in your games
  12. It sounds like you have the ability to shoot 70 golf each time you tee it up. But somewhere you have a massive disconnect during your rounds. You ever just clear your mind and say “ just swing and let the ball get in the way of the club”? your poor mind is in a whirlwind now of swing ideas and philosophies. Just reading many of these threads I’m noticing a trend. Paralysis by Analysis
  13. You have way more perseverance than me my friend. One thing I would really work on would be ball to club first contact. We had a local high school super star who would always be practicing full shots out of fairway bunkers. One day I asked him why he does this. He said it promoted a clean contact strike in all his shots. And did him wonders when things would go badly. In a fairway trap you have little too no chance of error. Maybe give that a try. As it sounds like your ball to club contact is very poor. Fixing other areas is fine. But impact should be your main concern
  14. Back to masks only again at the gym. And hours reduced from 24 to 12 hours. Went in twice yesterday for an hour each. In the AM I focused on arms and triceps. Form on my curls and pull downs trumps heavy out of control lifting The early evening session was chest and some shoulders. Plus I did 36-50 pull-ups on both sessions. My major hold up now is dieting and sleep. Once I can concur those the results should really blossom.Plus being on testosterone gel (doctor approved) has really helped as well
  15. Any fitness is great for any activity. And love that video by the way personally I do a full 2 hour workout 4-6 days a week. And if I could I would do even more. For me, my fitness is always first. Never really stress about golf that much
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