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  1. fascinating really. Why wedges and short irons tend to go left for people. And same person can miss mid and long shafted clubs right
  2. You mean handle lifted slightly, hands ahead, toe down slightly, square face . Is that what you call droop ?
  3. How difficult is it to return the golf club at the same lie angle as it was at address?Only tour player who I could tell who did this was Ben Hogan.Even tour pros return the club with the shaft above the original start line.How was Hogan able to do this? Bubba Watson appears to be the highest above the start line that I’ve reviewed adding … would say this is the handle of the club at impact. Having it at same level at impact at address. Or above the starting point.Ben Hogan was the closest I’ve slow motioned to having same address and impact handle position DTL.Most, if not all current tour players raise it. Question is why ? And the driver is where it really shows the difference
  4. What has been your most disappointed vacation destination you’ve been to? or biggest bust Ours was Myrtle Beach, during an unexpected back to back tropical storms. We couldn’t back out of the time share unit.So sat inside all week watching the rain pound on the drive way.
  5. RIP to this gentleman.But besides the loop, he actually comes down on the ball very steeply.Opposite of a Matt Wolfe move.
  6. Feel free to post the most unusual.But effective swings you find during your social media searches.And maybe mention how you think they get it to work for them
  7. I was going to add that back in the 90’s. Was invited to a 2 man match play event.The first round we played the winners and were beaten 8 up.We got slaughtered.Our opponents were a dad and son team.The son held the whole team and was striking the ball exquisitely.So instead of cheering against I was just observing what he was doing better than me.Even asked him after the round about his swing and he confirmed what I saw.So yes we got stomped, and no I didn’t cheer against.But can say I learned a tip or two by watching his masterful play
  8. Question for the group as it is something I have been thinking about. If you are playing match play and are competing, are you rooting for or against your opponent, shot by shot? Meaning as they tee off, do you hope they find bunkers, etc. There is no right or wrong answer, but was genuinely curious as it came up recently.
  9. This method was an eye opener for me.When the videos first started coming out it was a small following.Now he has really grown In just a few weeks.It truly proved to me how so many of us will try anything to just improve slightly.And it just isn’t a small margin that will try anything either.Its a vast majority of golfers.Heck, I’ve even seen tour pros try the funkiest putting strokes to just improve a stroke or two.Its such a hard game
  10. this is something for sure.Cant remember if it was Monte or someone else.But they said they like the idea
  11. “The golf swing is maybe the most un natural feeling motion I’ve ever done athletically.If it feels natural. I can assure you I’m doing it wrong” Bing Crosby “its like the bizarro world in super man” anonymous hacker “if you do opposite of what you always done in your swing. You will have made the perfect swing” Ben Hogan “Why did I even take up this game” 90% of handicap golfers be honest with yourself and the instructor.If your a weekend warrior don’t expect a miracle.Tell the instructor how much time you have available to make the changes.Any instructor should be able to accommodate you
  12. I’m not sure I even want to tackle this.I found it on YouTube and thought it was pretty interesting stuff.
  13. https://youtu.be/ipVNx8T6QDc?si=QEv1yCG0Ko4LS0_N
  14. Great conversation here.And as a side note.My good friend is still diagnosing the Ernest Jones handkerchief drill.Over analyzing is what makes him tick.
  15. All excellent responses as usual here.And agree about knowing Monte or GG well enough to critique. Here is a story adding to this.One of my old golfing buddies who is 83 now and can only chip and putt.He was a decent golfer in his prime with a background in engineering and physics.I sent him some golf books this winter keeping his mind occupied after a life saving surgery.The books were Jim Hardy,Ernest Jones,Gerry Hogan and a few others I can’t remember.Anyways he dived into them with a curious mind as usual.Every section of those books he would call me with a rebuttal.Foe example, Ernest Jones talks about a handkerchief drill.His rebuttal is what material is his handkerchief versus his at home.What was the temp outside of the experiment conducted in the book..as handkerchief wool adheres differently to temps.Things like that .. hahah.He is a great soul, but a prime example how easy it is to go overboard or over think things.I told him if he met an Ernest Jones instructor first hand it might be easier.Its amazing how our minds might interpret a video or book differently than others.And how our feels are so unique.I can see how the confusion can just completely overwhelm the teacher and student.
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