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  1. I think the Planemate helped me find Martin Chuck and his tour striker academy. I attended twice so far. And enjoyed every minute of it. For the plane mate. I think p4 to the finish is really where this thing shines. The backswing might be a little forced imho. But I see this product easily helping any handicap amateur out there. And it is still the top of my training aids that I do own. On the range this would be a great product swinging at 5-10mph. Just ingraining a proper motion at that speed on a daily basis. Really trusting what you’re doing first. And a device like this will never cut you any slack if you’re off somewhere. When you get that club shaft at p4 hip high. You need to aggressively feel the hips opening first. With the hands and club feeling like they are doing nothing but keeping that cord hanging limp. It’s very counter intuitive for anyone who was a hands style of golfer. This item really drills in a powerful modern Tour style swing into your body. And than some Only once did I see someone use this at the Raven in person. And it was a young man who came in for a one on one lesson versus the academy. They had him use it while using the tour striker pro 7 iron. Which is just amping up the difficulty two fold.
  2. I got back a few weeks ago from another tour striker academy in Gilbert Az. This one I felt more confident in than my last visit. I really was impressed how Mr Chuck and his assistants added to my instructions from what I learned last time. And at the same time they were focusing on a multitude of other swing issues from the other participants. Last clinic was working on low point control for me. This one was taking it a step further and working on maintaining low point while adding the body not the hands to advance the ball. My issue was always a hands style golfer over body. So a feeling of the left hip pocket open and right foot up before I get my hands to the ball is very difficult But I also listened in on another student who had the opposite problem. He was major body and no hands. He came to the academy hitting almost wide open face shanks. One after another. Martin picked his swing apart right after a few swings. And had him hitting a right to left shot the last day consistently. That was an impressive transformation and he was like a kid on Christmas Day. He showed him a swing with literally a no body rotation feel. And more hands and physically turning the club over at impact. That is a sign of a good teacher and a great academy. When places like this can fix amateur swings. That is when I listen. I’m more into guys who can fix us than professionals on tv. As amateurs we have way more unique issues than any tour player would ever have. I can’t wait to go my third time in the fall. I have plenty to work on now for sure
  3. The think I tried to relate was what I learned from Mr Martin Chuck and his assistants. His one helper told me you can beat someone who is only focused on super shallowing. You can beat someone who is focused on a mega squat in transition. You can beat someone who is focused on hips wide open at impact. But it is hard to beat someone who focuses on a good impact position. Which is what his whole training aids and teaching resonate We all had a chuckle at his clinic talking about instructors who focus on overdoing one aspect of the swing with their students. But fail to realize that overdoing one area. Forces one to have to over do another to compensate. And on and on the compensations go. Swinging a club within variables is the key. Not in over exaggerations. Great conversation here. Can’t wait to go back in a few months to the tour striker academy for a second time. For online in person instructions. I would say Mr Martin Chuck would be the best for many if not all. He focuses on the main area of the swing that matters the most
  4. I guess it pertains to people who are taught. Or being taught to shallow the club. I can see many who goes into this blindly can really make things worse for themselves
  5. Just a personal question. Who on here as gotten or heard of people getting worse. Trying to being taught to shallow the golf club ?
  6. Great write up. The tour striker academy was all about impact. Hands ahead , divot after the ball. Not so much about being mega shallow or wide open at impact. But more about improving the overall strike and ball flight. And this was from chipping to full shots. in 3 days I must have hit a thousand hip high low flying iron shots. Was a simple concept. But something that will take time. Was happy that he got away from the modern teachings I see on YouTube of massive pivots and club shallowing. That stuff is so over done imho
  7. Great write ups. I will be going back for sure to the Tour Striker School. And wouldn’t hesitate to try others down the road
  8. Goober

    Pga 2k23

    Got this for the Xbox series x. The course designer is a blast. And getting to the point where im somewhat competitive online with the master tgc swing settings who else plays ? also have a PlayStation but haven’t jumped on this yet for that system
  9. so is this an instructor or a coach? I have no idea what they are talking about. But seem to have a connection of some time. I’m thinking one is the caddy and one is a tour player I assume.
  10. Why have 2 swings ? Or two philosophies ? It’s one swing , one intent. After attending the Tour Striker Clinic it all makes sense now. You’re creating a real mess following that video. Personally go find a real good pro and learn and master one swing intent for all clubs
  11. I just got back from a 5 week trip in the south west. Played 14 rounds of golf and took a 3 day teaching academy clinic. Each day I got a different set of rental clubs. Will stand by my first post that the drivers I got were like hooks machines for me. But no matter what iron set I had. I seemed to really hit some great shots with them. Maybe it was the three day tour striker clinic that helped. But never playing these courses, I even impressed myself with some of my irons swings. For some reason regular flex for the rental drivers was a norm. So played my old aim 30 Yard right sling hook. Next time I come out in the spring I will get rentals again. Just don’t want to deal with the airline mess of waiting and hoping all your bags are there. Now if I drove the 3 days to the southwest I would most certainly do it
  12. Good post. We had one guy in our group who was really really struggling. Shanks, fats, thins .. the whole nine yards. After the first day he was like a new golfer. Really amazing the changes they made in his swing. But it did seem like they focused a little more on him than others. I treated it like an intro into The Tour Striker program. Will go back this spring and maybe get more hands on
  13. Attended the Tour Striker Academy 2 weeks ago. Really enjoyed my time with Mr Martin Chuck / his staff / and the randoms who were in my class. Biggest thing I learned is the swing is all about match ups. Many of us would never do well being mega shallow or wide open squatting hips at impact. Have to find what combination works well for us. Even if it isn’t the newest swing teaching fad on instagram. According the Mr Chuck the score card tells us if our swings our working. Great learning experience and will do this again in the spring as a follow up At the Raven training center. Only negative is I had to rent clubs from the Raven. Since I had some bad experiences taking clubs on a flight In the past Let’s hear some academies you all attended. And what positives you took from them
  14. Already had a huge pre Christmas gift being able to attend the tour striker academy for 3 days a few weeks back. That was a great learning experience. Even though I used rental clubs from the local golf store for 3 days So for Christmas my wish is every young girl and boy has a smile on their face Christmas morning. No matter where they are
  15. First off , happy holidays to all. Currently been around Palm Springs and the Phoenix area for 3 weeks now. Touring, exploring, and getting some rounds of golf in. I also attended a three day clinic at the Tour Striker Academy. Decided not to bring my clubs as a bad experience with an airlines in the last discouraged me. So this time I’ve been renting clubs at every club I play at. Kinda like a pot luck of what you get in their bags. Hardest clubs to get used to are the wedges and driver. What are your thoughts on rental clubs when traveling ? Good or bad experiences ?
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