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  1. For about the last 3-4 years I've played the Pro v1x exclusively. This year I started adding the Pro V1 to my inventory. I acquired a couple sample packs from a Titleist ball fitting display to my home course this year. I hit a couple drives to areas of the fairway I've never played from before. It was hot and humid that day, and the ball flew. I liked the feel of it as well. I don't consider the Pro V1x to be too hard, like some golfers; but the pro V1 was distinctly softer. I'll keep a mix of both and see how I play with each version.
  2. I sent you a pm about these, you never responded. Are they still available?
  3. Selling outright to some place like PIAS, PGA Tour Store, 2nd Swing is going to cost you. Best bet is to trade them in on something new. A while back I took my clubs to PGATS to trade on a set of irons. The store was giving 50% over 2nd Swing, and I make out like a bandit. Also, try taking your clubs to a store and see if they'll trade for something other than newer clubs. I'd go after good golf balls, which you could play or sell on any website and probably do okay. You could even try trading here or other websites for things you want or need. Sometimes trading is better than cash.
  4. Clearing the hips - a necessity for a good swing. Here's a video from Jason Glass - Rotational Sports trainer, where you might find something to help you. I've gone through his program a couple times, and it helps.
  5. If you have an abundance of the current 2021 model, I'd be interested in seeing if we could agree on a purchase. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  6. Changes will take time, but you're on the right track. Only advice I have is not to rush when it's your turn to hit. Take practice swings before you address your ball, while others are hitting (out of their sight line of course). One real practice swing as fast as you normally swing - avoid the slo-mo practice swing. Step up and go. One last piece of advice - make a full turn backswing, don't be in such a hurry you rush it. Full backswing. Play well.
  7. Deleted. @Golfspy_CS: Please delete
  8. A couple years ago I started wearing the Titleist Boonie. I bought two of the tighter weave, sun blocking version and have been very happy with them. My ears are positioned on my head at a height where most brims will come down on them and bend them. The Titleist hat allows me to tuck them inside the headband, without the being bent in an uncomfortable fashion.
  9. With that attitude and tone, if I had a product or business I wouldn't want you wearing my logo.
  10. go here: https://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com If you buy one in average condition, it'll surprise you how clean it is. Every purchase includes a wrench and head cover. Currently offering 22% off.
  11. My home course has two vastly different 9s. While similar in length, the back nine is more difficult due to significant terrain changes, some forced carries, natural grasses areas which are not marked as hazards or drop areas, and over the course of a season, can become quite long and thick. This leads to lost ball penalties. The back also has a far greater exposure to the wind. People I have played with will play the front nine from the "White", then play the back from the "Senior" tee box. I think most of them enter their scores as a total for the round, usually from the longer tees. If you just enter the scores as two 9 hole rounds handicapping is no problem. Mixing tee boxes, did you adjust slope and rating for hcp. purposes? Where could one fine the info necessary to do that?
  12. While you may not be suggesting this: If the overall length is within my range, I'm not going to play a different tee on a longer hole just to reach the green in reg, unless the course has mixed tees that have a given slope and rating. It's tough when there is about a 500 yard difference between two sets of tees, while the slope difference is not that significant. I'll take my lumps on the longer tees rather than shorten the course to the extent it's a pitch and putt on too many holes. I don't hold people up when I play so, that's not a concern or reason for choosing the shorter tees.
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