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  1. Can you provide bounce and grind of each head? If I recall, choices are: D/D, D/S, S/S. At one time, there were stamped on the hosel. Thank you.
  2. Hey, NRJyzer! Is the PM19 on the auction block? I'm still playing them, and will be for the foreseeable future. I'm trying a variety of shots with them, and digging the hell out of playing them. I'm hooked on 54º and 58º. No more 56º/60º in my bag. Interesting comments about not taking full swing with them. I recently read something by Butch Harmon " if you have a 58º wedge and can't hit it 58 yards, get rid of it". I thought that was really interesting, in light of the fact I didn't take a full swing with any lob wedge, ever. Next round I had about 55 - 60 yards and I thought of that and tried it. Well, it went about 70 yards high and straight. and just fell out of the sky with very little roll or spin. I've tried it couple more times with varying results. I'll only hit it if the conditions are right - clean fairway lie, little wind. It's actually kind of fun. You should try it. I'm guessing you'll hit it about 110 . I find it works well out of sand on short high shot, too.
  3. Normally, I'd steer clear of this topic, but today I will weigh in. In my opinion, the answer is NO. Ball manufacturers are not going to create a ball that performs like Titleist's Pro V1 line, then sell it for nothing. They might as well burn money. Pro V1s didn't/don't just happen. They are the result of meticulous R&D, which costs $$$. Additionally, they are constantly being tweaked, in the areas of performance & durability. Different performance characteristics are test win the lab, on the tour and on the course - witness the current Testers Wanted. Two different balls are being offered to us to test and evaluate. They may make it to the market, they may not. I don't believe any other ball company devotes that much time energy and resources to their product. The closest thing to a poor man's pro V1 is, IMHO, an older version of the ball, which can be bought on the internet for a reasonable price. I AM NOT SAYING other companies don't produce quality balls; they do, indeed. One of which just might be the better ball for you. I am saying Titleist takes their ball R&D and Marketing to another level. I've played the Kirkland 4 piece, the TP5, and others, and loved them. However, I feel I get much more from the Pro V1, without having to make trade-offs (other than price - but, hey! I'm really good at sussing out great buys on new Pro V1.s). I'd recommend you take your swing to a reliable ball fitter and get his/her input. Then try other balls. FYI The Pro V1x is the only Titleist product in my bag. I've had others, but I've found brands that provide more of what I need/want is those areas than Titleist does. Their apparel? That's another topic all together. I love their clothing, too!
  4. Will take them all for $70 and $7.95 shipping if no logos and PayPal okay.

    1. JalanK


      Sorry, Just saw they are tour soft - though they were Pro V1 I'll pass on them

  5. Hey, Ed! I'll take that as a Thank You!
  6. I enjoyed watching Craig Stadler, Ray Floyd, Payne Stewart, Jim Furyk, Lee Trevino, Fred Couples and Bruce Lietzke. Lietzke grooved an over the top fade, which required little practice to maintain, and made a good living never playing more than 25 tournaments in a year. All had different swings, but all of them played well.
  7. Are you currently playing any PM wedge? If not, perhaps getting a couple gently used 2019s would be a good move. If you're unaccustomed to the high toe, big head, slight offset, high bounce, getting new wedges might be a misuse of your time and money. I read several reviews of them, then bought pre-owned from CallawayPreOwned.com for less than the cost of 1 new one. it took a few practice sessions to become accustomed to them, even though I was used to high bounce. Now, they're in the bag. I usually keep my wedges for 3 years. I find them to be easy to hit on a variety of shots. The bounce helps me, the offset doesn't hurt me.
  8. I've been playing the Pro V1x for about 5 years now. I quickly preferred it to the Pro V1 given the ball flight. Back then they were considerably firmer than most all other tour balls. They're softer now, and I like the feel. Played the TM TP5 for about a season, finally gave it up for the V1x. I keep about 6 dozen of the V1 to play in heavy wind in an attempt to keep the flight down. I am so stocked up, I probably won't buy again until the 2025 model becomes available.
  9. I ave a drawer containing 3-4 Swis Army watches. It's been 10 years since I last wore one. I use my phone to keep time.
  10. I "own" about 8-10 pairs of shoes. However I currently wear only two pair. As I've aged I've found I need a wider pair of shoes. To get the right fit, I've found I need an XW in 9.5. Not enough companies provide that option. So, I've relied on FJ to supply me. I currently rock two pair of the FJ Fury. I find them to be comfortable and dry. I would like a firmer sole. As a walker I experienced some big toe tendonitis. Xtra Strength Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen took care of that.
  11. I played all last year in Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers polarized and liked them. However, I'm currently looking at Oakleys. Particularly at the Dark Prizm Golf lenses. Haven't quite decided on which frame, it's between the Flak 2.0 XL and the Portal X. Decided it has to be the Dark (not Black) Prizm for brighter sun. I can play w/o glasses in cloudy weather. I've decided I don't want Polarized. I'd prefer the Prizm as they provide better definition. Now just need to snag a great deal on them. 1/26 Update: Acquired a pair of Oakley Portal X with Prism Dark Golf lenses. I tried on the Portal X and the Flak 2.0 XL and preferred the fit and coverage of the Portal X. I like the D Prism Dark Golf for the visibility and the improved definition over my polarized Ray-Bans I was able to take them outside and test for visibility an sun protection ( it's winter here, with ice and snow) When the sun was out, they were great for light reduction. With some overcast the still allowed my good visibility and definition. On darker cloudy days, I don't wear sunglasses. I used to take my glasses off to putt. I'm going to try putting while wearing these, to determine if the increased definition helps.
  12. I'm not into pleats, but I did recently upgrade a few pairs of shorts. I bought them online at Nordstrom Rack. I suggest you look there if you already haven't. You might find something you like. Went into a store nearby yesterday. Nothing in golf apparel, it must all be online.
  13. Currently wearing DryJoy jacket and a pair of pants I bought at REI. If it wasn't so damn pricey, I'd seriously consider some of the Euro stuff like Pro Quip, Galvin Green. Maybe Galway Bay. I think it's time for a new set anyway, so I'll start trolling online sellers.
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