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  1. I ave a drawer containing 3-4 Swis Army watches. It's been 10 years since I last wore one. I use my phone to keep time.
  2. I "own" about 8-10 pairs of shoes. However I currently wear only two pair. As I've aged I've found I need a wider pair of shoes. To get the right fit, I've found I need an XW in 9.5. Not enough companies provide that option. So, I've relied on FJ to supply me. I currently rock two pair of the FJ Fury. I find them to be comfortable and dry. I would like a firmer sole. As a walker I experienced some big toe tendonitis. Xtra Strength Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen took care of that.
  3. I played all last year in Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers polarized and liked them. However, I'm currently looking at Oakleys. Particularly at the Dark Prizm Golf lenses. Haven't quite decided on which frame, it's between the Flak 2.0 XL and the Portal X. Decided it has to be the Dark (not Black) Prizm for brighter sun. I can play w/o glasses in cloudy weather. I've decided I don't want Polarized. I'd prefer the Prizm as they provide better definition. Now just need to snag a great deal on them. 1/26 Update: Acquired a pair of Oakley Portal X with Prism Dark Golf lenses. I tried on the Portal
  4. I'm not into pleats, but I did recently upgrade a few pairs of shorts. I bought them online at Nordstrom Rack. I suggest you look there if you already haven't. You might find something you like. Went into a store nearby yesterday. Nothing in golf apparel, it must all be online.
  5. Currently wearing DryJoy jacket and a pair of pants I bought at REI. If it wasn't so damn pricey, I'd seriously consider some of the Euro stuff like Pro Quip, Galvin Green. Maybe Galway Bay. I think it's time for a new set anyway, so I'll start trolling online sellers.
  6. I have no personal experience. However, I have friends and playing partners who wear them. Every one of them thinks they are a great shoe. Comfortable, durable, roomy. Next time I'm in the market for shoes, I'll seriously consider buying them. Unfortunately, the one I want the v.4, seldom go on sale.
  7. I needed a cart for most of the 2017 - 18 seasons due to bad hips. Prior to that, most of my golf was played while walking. In 2019 I began walking, again. I think I used a cart a half-dozen times in 2020. I prefer to walk, too. However, I no longer carry my bag, unless it's a 9 hole executive course. Otherwise, It's a push cart for me. Walking keeps me in better shape, gives me the exercise I need, and actually makes rounds more enjoyable. I joined an 'old man's league' at my home course this year. The other three guys are walkers, as well. We're all over 65. Two of my group are in the
  8. There are far too many balls out there I haven't tried for me to say for certain. I have eliminated Srixon as a brand, too hard in my opinion. Snell - same thing. Would not go back to TM TP5 again. Might try the TP5x. Tried the TM Project (a) when it first came out. Sorely disappointed. Haven't played any Bridgestone in so long, not sure what they're like anymore. I'd probably start there. I like a slightly firmer ball, so their softest models are a no for me. Callaway, haven't played anything of theirs in so long. I don't have any interest in fringe market balls like Vice, Cut, Clear etc. M
  9. Hi Eddie, Good luck to you in your quest for fitness. We can all benefit from improving our fitness. In the weight training area. the 5 most important moves are: Push. Pull, Hinge, Squat, Plank. Of these, pulling is probably the least important. Hinging and Squatting are probably the most beneficial to you. Glutes are king. The more you develop them, the more swing power you will have. BMart 519 has some very good ideas. Hingeing and Rotation are high on the list. For equipment, a couple kettlebells will go a long, long way toward strengthening. The key is knowing how to properly sw
  10. Did you find different generations of the balls in one box? I wouldn't want to buy versions that were 2, 3 or more generations old.
  11. The recommendation in another thread, to buy TaylorMade TP5's, aroused my curiosity about Titleist Practice Pro V1s. First, they actually state their balls are cosmetically imperfect, but go on to emphatically state there are no performance issues or irregularities in their balls. However, I'm curious if all the balls in a given box are the same model. Would they all be Pro V1 or do they mix in the Pro V1x, as well? Also, are they all the same, current model; or could they be a variety of versions of the ball? I'm not interested in owning them, I have quite enough stock on hand. Anyone fa
  12. If there is a competent club fitter club maker in your area, he should be able to provide what you want. Call or visit him and bring your clubs when you go. He can determine what you might need and do the work. Turn around time should be pretty quick. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer of your clubs and ask for their recommendations. Note: I see you live in the Mpls area. Go see Stan Steuter at Golf Club Hospital on 43rd and Bryant Ave. S. www.golfclubhospital.com. He's the best in this area.
  13. A couple years ago I bought a new set of irons on ebay which were 3 - PW, AW, SW, LW. The gaps from PW, which is 45º, to LW were 5º each. After playing them a little while, I decided on different wedges and went with 54º S and 58ºL. I enjoy a few extra yards with the 54º over my previous 56º on full swings, and I'm able to dial it in on less than full shots; the 58º is as good as my 60º was in previous sets. I like the consistency.
  14. If you're playing Ping Eye 2's, It's apparent you don't switch clubs too often. Consider the $2000 a long term investment. Over a 5 - 10 year period, depending on how often you replace your irons, your investment could be considered practical. Otherwise, since you paid for the fitting, you are under no obligation to buy from CC. Feel free to find a competent club maker/fitter who could confirm your stats and see what he would do on a set of the same clubs.
  15. I can see it now. Originally all I got was the little blue square with the ? in the center of it. Thanks.
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