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  1. Liift4 week6, day3: shoulders,/core, golf specific. Treadmill walk/jog/run/walk
  2. P90x3, CVX bootcamp, then golf specific. Stretching. Still under the weather.
  3. In! Tried to go all LIV team! cutt line: -1 low amateur: Cristo Lampretch Raw finish
  4. Liift4 week6 day1:chest/tri. Treadmill. Still not feeling good, trying to sweat it out. I couldn’t push myself so hard, I was afraid I was going to shart.
  5. LiiFt4 week5 day4 legs, core, then treadmill. Wasn’t feeling good yesterday, I skipped a day and took it easy today.
  6. They don’t appear in the pga superstores list of putters anymore…
  7. LiiFT4, week5, day3 shoulders/hiit/core. Golf specific/treadmill walk, run, walk
  8. I said I loved the unit other than the fact I couldn’t speed train with it. It’s like Flightscope listened to me, no one listens to me, I’m a teacher.
  9. Early morning tee times because I have young kids. But something about having an afternoon tee time then having dinner after always appeals to me.
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