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  1. I'm guessing the biggest reason for this is that choking down means you're holding a narrower part of the grip, or you might even be off the grip into the shaft. A narrower grip will create different grip pressures, likely more squeezing and tension. I wonder also whether choking down creates a very slight counter balance situation as there is weight above your gripping point which could affect the swing weight. In any event, if you're cutting shafts down, it's not always as simple as just lopping off half an inch. You may then also need to add head weight to maintain the same swing weight. Taking half an inch off will change the swing weight be about 3 points, and one swing weight is about 2g of headweight.
  2. First Name/City State/Country - Paul Hudson, London, UK Current Putter in Use - TaylorMade Spider S 35" tell us which one interests you and why? Ketsch, I think it looks fantastic, my eye definitely suits a mallet more than blade, the Ketsch seems to have a bit more of a compact head than other mallets, and I really like the look of the three alignment lines
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