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  1. Driving is by far my biggest strength. My approach is definitely the weakest part of my game, my second shot is often my worst!
  2. I have recently purchased the TSR2 3 wood and being the fairway finder is the exact role I use it for. I have found it great and also find it has good distance as well.
  3. I just got fitted for the TSR2 Driver and 3 wood and I love them.
  4. For me it has to be irons. I am still using my dads old irons and they are definitely the worst part of my game so will be looking for something with more forgiveness. I am also constantly looking at new putters.
  5. Really interesting to read the feedback on these systems. This is definitely something I will be looking into in the near future!
  6. You don't hear many people with a 11 wood! What iron does that replace for you?
  7. Very interesting to have an opposing take. I guess its different for everybody. I also find the 4 iron invaluable for hitting it out from the trees. I used to have a 3 iron that I only used for that exact reason but I swapped it out for another wedge.
  8. That's great to know. I also only really use the 3 wood off the tee. How do you find the 5 wood? The stopping power of a 7 wood on the green is a big selling point to me. Still carrying a 5 iron makes sense for those low shots under trees. Good to know you are never going back!
  9. I have never heard anyone hate their 7 wood.
  10. I also have a 3 wood which I mainly use off the tee but occassionally use off the deck. I think I am more likely to ditch the 4 iron for another hybrid instead of fairway wood but just see that so many people love their 7 wood.
  11. I used to hate hitting my hybrid but after a couple of lessons its probably most reliable club now.
  12. If its light rough I tend to hit the hybrid over the irons anyway if its thicker rough I would go with a higher lofted iron. Have you seen the new Taylormade video with Tiger Woods explaining the punch shot out of the rough with a 5 wood? That would probably solve that issue.
  13. I am currently debating changing my long irons (4&5) for a some fairway woods. I currently have a 4 hybrid (190 carry), 4 iron (180 carry) and 5 iron (175 carry) but I hit the irons inconsistently. People that have made the switch from long irons to fairway woods, do you regret it or are you never looking back?
  14. The space behind issue is exactly why I am looking at the SkyTrak plus!
  15. Cut line +2 Low Amatuer: Christo Lamprecht What a fun idea! Definitely going to play around with the Vokey Selector tool.
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