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  1. I agree with you. I'm not sure that you (or I) couldn't get more out of videoing your (or my) swing?
  2. The first Hole-in-One I ever hit I made with a Max-Fli. Oddly, I really haven't used them much since then. It's probably time to give them another try.
  3. This should be a very popular one. Who wouldn't want to test one of these? One suggestion for MyGolfSpy. The choices for putting performance are "Strength" and "Weakness". For my my putting performance falls exactly in line with my handicap so it's really neither a strength nor a weakness. It's about as good as it should be for a person of my handicap. Just a thought. Good luck to all who sign up.
  4. Sub 70 is an interesting brand. I'd love to test some of their product.
  5. I'm with you, bro. Saw an interview with Xander Schauffele who said he'll choke down on his driver as much as 4 inches.
  6. That's interesting. In my experience driver shafts are all butt trimmed now-a-days. Very few players (only ones with extreme swing speeds) will tip a driver shaft. I've never seen anyone add weight to a driver head. ... at least not in the last 25 years or so. Interesting discussion. Personally, I grip my driver about an inch down the grip for most drives. Occasionally I'll slide back to the end of the grip if I'm really trying to whale on one. Sometimes I'll slide an inch or so down the grip if I really have to be certain to fade one. Nice chat, take care.
  7. Why? I'm not doubting you. I just don't know.
  8. Having a set tee height can't hurt, might help. It's generally considered a good idea. So, ... probably.
  9. I got my first hole in one way back in 2008 with a Max-Fli golf ball. Would love to test some of their more recent offerings.
  10. This is a great concept. Its a really good idea.
  11. I currently use a Bushnell Hybrid, which I've had for many years. I'm also a fan of Arccos built into my grips.
  12. I have been gaming an Edel putter for 5 years now. Mine is the older version of what's now the 5.0 style. I got custom fit for it and their fitting process is second to none. I'd love to try out the latest and greatest. Looking forward to either reviewing this or reading the reviews on it.
  13. 2 things about Honma. 1 - The rare times I've tried their drivers they have always been expensive but felt cheap. I'm not a fan of the skinny little grips they have always seemed to put on their drivers. 2 - This does "look" better than what I've seen from them in the past. Where I live, you'd have to order it sight-unseen. Ain't nobody got one of these to test... besides Club Champion and good luck getting out of their with any change from your thousand dollar bill.
  14. Hi this is Chet from Ohio Man, I would love to test these for you. My Shoe Size is 11. Currently I wear True Linkswear nearly every time I play. If its really sloppy out and I feel I need to go with a spiked shoe then I go with my Ecco Cage Spiked shoe. I always feel the most important thing when trying out golf shoes is comfort. After all, who wants to play 36 when your feet are hurting after the first nine? The second most important thing would be grip. I've actually done a shoe test in the past just for myself. I was curious how my shoes might affect my performance. So, I went to the range with my launch monitor and 3 pairs of shoes. Here's my test. 1 - First I thoroughly warmed up. Stretched out, hit a bunch of balls. Prepped as if I was going to play an actual round of golf. I used my driver which I have been fit for. 2 - Next, I hit 5 balls with the driver wearing each of 4 different footwear options. Barefooted (yeah, it was like 45 degrees out), In my Ecco Cage Golf Shoes with Soft Spikes, In a pair of Puma Cross trainers. (Regular athletic shoes, but with a pretty aggressive tread pattern), then the last 5 balls I hit wearing my True LinksWear Night Camo Originals. 3 - After those 20 balls, I went into the clubhouse and chit-chatted for 5-10 minutes. Sort of clear my pallet. 4 - Went back outside and hit 20 more balls. I hit 5 with each pair of footwear, but this time in the opposite order. First the True Linkswear, then the Cross trainers, then the Soft Spikes and the last 5 I hit barefooted again. Swing # Carry (yrds) Swing Speed (mph) Ball Speed (mph) Smash Factor Swing # Carry (yrds) Swing Speed (mph) Ball Speed (mph) Smash Factor Barefoot Puma Cross Trainers 1 230.4 100.9 138.4 1.37 11 259 105.3 150.5 1.43 2 221.1 93.7 134.5 1.43 12 247.4 104.5 146.2 1.4 3 231.4 99.8 138.6 1.39 13 240.2 103.1 141.4 1.37 4 208.4 97.6 126.6 1.3 14 233.3 102.5 143.8 1.4 5 220.8 102.9 132.1 1.28 15 246.3 103.5 144.1 1.39 36 254 104.5 148.7 1.42 26 255.4 104.5 147.9 1.42 37 233.3 104.7 138.3 1.32 27 249.7 102.9 144.6 1.41 38 227.8 105.1 136.4 1.3 28 240.6 103.9 146.2 1.41 39 239.7 104.7 141.2 1.35 29 259.2 103.3 142.4 1.38 40 238.1 105.9 140.9 1.33 30 259.6 103.7 149.7 1.44 AV 230.5 102.0 137.6 1.35 AV 249.1 103.7 145.7 1.41 Ecco Cage with Soft Spikes True LinksWear Original Midnight Camo 6 234.9 101.7 139.4 1.37 16 260 104.3 150.1 1.44 7 259.5 104.1 150.1 1.44 17 265.2 107.3 156.5 1.46 8 256.8 104.3 148.9 1.43 18 249.8 104.6 152.5 1.46 9 254.5 106.6 150.4 1.41 19 243.6 104.5 146.6 1.4 10 236.6 105.3 141.1 1.34 20 259.9 105.9 145.7 1.38 31 245 104.1 144.2 1.39 21 261.3 104.5 150.6 1.44 32 260.5 104.1 150.4 1.44 22 262.5 107 155.3 1.45 33 258.6 104.3 149.5 1.43 23 248.9 104.5 152.3 1.46 34 255.4 106.6 151.5 1.42 24 243.8 104.7 146.8 1.4 35 237.9 105.3 142 1.35 25 259 105.3 143.7 1.37 AV 250.0 104.6 146.8 1.40 AV 255.4 105.3 150.0 1.43 So, what do my results show? I got the worst carry distance, swing speed, and smash factor without any shoes. Everything else was pretty close. You could say that the True Linkswear won out. Those are the shoes I normally wear for playing or practicing, so they may have had a familiarity advantage. Also, the ground was moist and cold, but I wouldn't have called it slippery. So, in poorer conditions it may swing a different direction. I will also say that I think I can do a little better barefooted if I practiced that way a bit. It felt weird and I was pretty self conscious while I was doing it. Although, I think most people who saw me assumed it was some kind of training I was working on. This was a fun experiment and I love it if more people would try it and see what they get. After doing it, I'm going to guess that if I did it on a different day I may get different results. If I tallied all the golf shots I hit from now until the rest of my life. I'd be surprised if soft spikes out perform the True Linkswear shoes in any situation other than the most extreme cases of slippery conditions. What do you all think? Chet in Ohio
  15. Greetings Forum Friends, I just signed into this forum due to the opportunity to test the Heppler Putters. They look awesome to me. I am looking forward to checking out other topics on the forum as well. But first, let my reply to this thread with the required information. My name is Chet, from Westerville (near Columbus), Ohio. Of course that's in the USA. Currently I game an Edel putter. I have a couple of Custom Shop Scotty Camerons I sometimes put into the bag instead. I completed the PING online fitting and it put me into the FLOKI. 34.5". I'd be excited to test a FLOKI. For several reasons. 1 - I'm interested to see what kind of feel and feedback the adjustable PING putters provides. I've always suspected that they may feel odd due to the mechanics of the adjustable length. I've tried the sigma line briefly, but not thoroughly enough to conclude what affect the adjustability has on the performance. In truth the Sigma is a little "soft" (read that as mushy) for my taste. 2 - I've always felt PING makes great product. Having said that, I've never gamed one of their putters. 3 - The last couple of putters I've purchased I was custom fit for. I've always believed if you are going to spend a lot on a putter, you may as well get custom fit for it, right? Testing an off the shelf model with the adjustability would be very interesting. 4 - I've always preferred a firmer feeling putting, the Ping Sigma's I've tested have always felt a little mushy for my taste. I think the Heppler line would be more up my alley. 5 - The Heppler line of putter simply look great. To my eye they are some of the best looking putters on the market. I have two Custom Shop Scotty Cameron Putters which find their way to my bag just because they are really good looking. I have to confess to valuing the appearance of a putter. I hope I get the opportunity to test these Heppler Putters if not in as one of the 4 chosen testers than I'll likely test them just for my own knowledge. I also look forward to further exploring this forum.
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