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  1. I've been fit for irons on a mat and it was fine. Having said that, I went into a fitting planning on getting new irons. So, for me it wasn't about total distance or total dispersion. It was all about relative distance and dispersion comparing different options. If you want to compare how "good" certain clubs are compared to your usual gamers, well then you need to do apples to apples. But if you are going to buy new clubs getting fit for them on a mat is fine. Possibly better in that you remove at least one or more variables. Dude, you are off topic. You should start a new thread to discuss your question.
  2. Yes, According to the TaylorMade webpage it does.
  3. PXG makes a 16 degree 3 wood (The 341 XF) - Adjusts up and down 2 degrees. That's like a 4 wood that can adjust to 3 wood or 5 wood loft. BTW - Why play short and straight? Why not long and straight? Hitting longer doesn't necessarily mean hitting it less straight,
  4. A few years ago, I had a mostly Cobra bag. But today I have Cobra Driver PXG 3-wood Cleveland Hy-wood Cobra Hybrid PXG irons Taylormade Wedge Callaway Wedge Edel putter ... with a Tour Edge Grip.... does that count as 2? Srixon ball So that's at least 6 brands in my bag. 8 if you let me count the putter as 2 and the also count the ball.
  5. I just don't like goop on my driver. The dry erase marker comes off with just your thumb. Another advantage is a dry erase marker can be in your bag taking up very little room and it will last several seasons.
  6. Stop using foot spray. Just put a dry erase marker (NOT sharpie) line on the ball. Orient the line vertically before striking the ball. The dry erase marker will easily rub off both the club face and the ball. It will also leave a nice witness line on the club face. Lastly it will give you lie angle information you aren't getting right now. The other bonus is you aren't spraying goop all over your 600 dollar driver.
  7. What? Is that a real thing? If so, the engineer in me has immediate alarm bells ringing in my ears. Anything that has to "break in" is prone to bad tolerance. How much does it need to break in? How long does it take to break in? What's to stop it from breaking in too much or too long? What if it keeps breaking in forever? ... Answer, it will fail. A break in period is NOT good engineering if that's a real thing. If it's just you having to get used to a new driver then it's fine. But if the face really needs to break in, that's bad design, and I'd avoid it like the plague.
  8. I have been a fan of this for years. With the milled face there's a witness mark left after every strike. It's now my habit to hit a drive, look at the face for where I hit it, wipe the mark off the face. I'm sure the driver wasn't designed specifically for this feature, but it is pretty handy.
  9. The clubs are great. My suggestion order them with either the standard or the midsized PXG Grips. Ask them to send the grips loose in the box. Then when you get them you can choose to either put the PXG grips on, or put on what ever grip you like. Every club I've ever ordered from PXG, I've gotten with the grips shipped loose in the box. Personally I like DTX Pure Midsize grips. So, I put those on myself after my clubs arrive with the grips loose in the box. I don't agree. But then, I always order midsize so maybe that's the difference. The PXG midsize grips are fine. Again, they aren't DTX Pure Midsize (which are the best grips in the world, bar none.)
  10. I have had a C-130 and ClicGear 3.5+ set up for about 4 years now and I have no complaints what so ever.
  11. I have to agree. These are really good.
  12. I've been playing the Srixon Divide as well. The same thing happens to me.
  13. That is a great looking set up you got there. BTW - I really like your towel.
  14. My bag is a C130. I walk a lot but when I do I use a clicgear 3.5+ push cart. So, I like a "cart bag". I have to confess, I was really REALLY disappointed in MGS's cart bag test as they didn't even test the C130. The c130 is the best cart bag on the market. It is the ONLY cart bag anyone should ever buy. Why, do I feel so strongly? Because it has the "Smart Strap" feature. If you ever use a bag with the "Smart Strap" feature, you will never want a bag without it. Forget that silly strap on the back of the golf cart that either comes lose or your "buddies" unstrap, because they think they're funny. You don't need it. The "Smart Strap" keeps your bag pointing the right direction. It never falls out. It never gets loose. It doesn't get in the way of any pockets. It doesn't squish anything in your bag. Seriously, if you buy a bag without the "Smart Strap" did you even buy a cart bag? Shame on you, MGS, for making a "Most Wanted" cart bag that doesn't have this feature. I read and support what MSG does. But they totally whiffed on this one. Sorry, because of the "smart strap" the C130 is in a class by itself. Note: If you are a walker and like to sling your bag on your shoulder, you can ignore my comments.
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