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  1. Hi this is Chet from Ohio Man, I would love to test these for you. My Shoe Size is 11. Currently I wear True Linkswear nearly every time I play. If its really sloppy out and I feel I need to go with a spiked shoe then I go with my Ecco Cage Spiked shoe. I always feel the most important thing when trying out golf shoes is comfort. After all, who wants to play 36 when your feet are hurting after the first nine? The second most important thing would be grip. I've actually done a shoe test in the past just for myself. I was curious how my shoes might affect my performanc
  2. Greetings Forum Friends, I just signed into this forum due to the opportunity to test the Heppler Putters. They look awesome to me. I am looking forward to checking out other topics on the forum as well. But first, let my reply to this thread with the required information. My name is Chet, from Westerville (near Columbus), Ohio. Of course that's in the USA. Currently I game an Edel putter. I have a couple of Custom Shop Scotty Camerons I sometimes put into the bag instead. I completed the PING online fitting and it put me into the FLOKI. 34.5". I'd be excited to tes
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