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  1. At 57 years old, I had my first fitting and new set of irons last season. A gift certificate for a fitting, part of which got credited to the price of new clubs helped seal the deal. Up to then, I had gotten by quite well by occasionally buying used irons and saving the money. That can be a reasonable solution. I ended up with Mizuno 921 Hot Metal irons and I am very happy. I am still adjusting to the increased distance. I was over a lot of greens in the second half of the season!
  2. Here's the most recent competitor- The new Cobra drivers- https://mygolfspy.com/cobra-ltdx-drivers/
  3. Meguiars Ultimate Compound does a good job. It also breaks down as you use it to prevent you from doing damage. Hopefully it is just in the clearcoat.
  4. That's always my internal battle. Stick with what's working or buy that new toy. My 3 or 4 year old Epic GBB is just fine per a fitting I did last summer but the price decrease on the PGX drivers is calling my name!
  5. My G4325Max 7-wood came in today. Ordered 6/19/21, delivered 1/7/22. 202 days total. Now the wait 'til spring!
  6. I'm not seeing anything from the early Stealth reviews yet to persuade me that it's going to be TM.
  7. My bag is pretty well set now with the new putter and wedges. My driver, a Callaway GBB Epic is the oldest club in the bag. I'd like a new driver and can't help myself from looking, but my fitting over the summer told me that I hit the Epic as well as anything else I tried. Heart says...new driver...new driver...new driver. Head, wallet and club fitter say...stick with old driver.
  8. I figured it out. I was making the changes under edit profile while they needed to be made under Signature. Your earlier message put me onto this. Thanks.
  9. I re-did all of it. This will be a test to see if it worked. Thanks for trying to help. Edit- it didn't work.
  10. No message. They show as the new ones in the profile and I hit save but it isn't changed when I post.
  11. On a related note, I have changed some clubs in mine and hit save yet the old clubs keep displaying. Any thoughts?
  12. I am very scientific. I use my initials, one to each side and just below the number.
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