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  1. I'm quite concerned that the heads seem to be on backwards.
  2. They also seem to like to alternate each year from moving weight to stationary weight so I would guess the next version will return to a moving rear weight like the Epic lines.
  3. I purchased, cleaned up and flipped a 70's era Ping Chipo last year. Interesting little club with a bit of a following.
  4. I had an elderly friend who used a device like the one in this video. It allowed him to play into his 80's.
  5. I go back and forth and have used all of them in recent years. For some reason, I tend to occasionally hook hybrids. My most recent purchase is a Ping 425 Max 7-wood with a 5-wood shaft. So far, it is my favorite. Very versatile and I can use it even from iffy lies.
  6. I am also going to assume you have a disability that prevents you from taking the ball out of the cup manually. Any of the devices would work but the suction cups can eventually harden and not work. Whatever you use, pull the pin first so that you can avoid the cup edges and you'll be fine.
  7. As I age, I find that the technological advances don't necessarily help my game as much as they help me maintain the quality of my game. By that, I mean that things like my driver distance stay the same rather than fade with age.
  8. It's only special if it is a decanter and full.
  9. 6- Callaway driver and 3 wood, Ping 7 wood, Mizuno irons, Sub 70 wedges, Wilson Staff putter, Maxfli balls.
  10. What are those dimple shaped markings in the middle of the face? I've never seen those on any of my clubs.
  11. Picked up an Epic Max driver and 3-wood from the Callaway Preowned website last week, replacing my Epic GBB driver and Mavrik Pro Sub Zero 3 wood.
  12. I'd make sure it became a part of his permanent record.
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