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  1. Well, I tracked down the order number for my club today (ordered June 19th)and contacted Ping for an update. The response- Thank you for providing us with the order number. I am currently showing the order in a back order status due to us being out of the 7 wood head. I spoke with the customer service manager and the gave an estimated time frame for the order to ship out December 2021 to February 2022. Until we are provided a date from our supplier on when more heads will be arriving to PING we can not given an exact time frame. Ugh.
  2. I would love to give these a shot. I enjoy comparing products and would love to see how these stand up to other premium ball offerings.
  3. ...and by the time we get them they will be last year's models.
  4. Still waiting on my G425 Max 7-wood with a 5-wood shaft ordered on June 19th. In Ohio, the season is close to over. Frustrating to the point that I'll think twice before ever ordering a Ping club again.
  5. I'd heard that the issue price of shipping through the shipping containers as outlined above. The components are coming from Vietnam and this container costs have gone through the roof. I'm still waiting on the damn 7-wood ordered June 19th, so I don't really care about the increases as I'm not going to be eager to buy any Ping products for a while given this experience.
  6. That has been my experience with all of the clubs I purchased from them over the years.
  7. Still waiting on the 425Max & wood I ordered on June 19th. I have also learned that the plant in Vietnam that makes many of their components has shut down due to Covid, so there will be even greater delays. Also, the costs of shipping in the shipping containers has gone up astronomically, so there are some price increases coming.
  8. I bought a "like new" Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 3 wood off of the Callaway Pre-owned site a couple of months ago and really like it. It was not "like new" when it arrived, it WAS new, in the original packaging. I have a Ping 425 Max 7-wood, with a 5-wood shaft, on order. I loved it at the fitting two damn months ago but I am still waiting on Ping.
  9. I ordered a G425Max 7 wood on 6/19 and I am still waiting, 7.5 weeks out.
  10. Woohoo, picked mine up today. They came in 2 days short of 7 weeks after I ordered them. Can't wait to play with them tomorrow. They're so pretty I almost don't want to game them. LOL. By comparison, the Ping 425Max 7 wood I ordered the same day hasn't come in yet and they expect it more in the 8 week range.
  11. I played Montauk Downs a month ago. It is a beautiful course and an absolute beast.
  12. Oyster Reef is the best of the courses in the group affiliated with Shipyard. Hilton Head National and Old South are both interesting and can be very reasonable later in the day.
  13. I would love a chance. Old guys need driver love too!
  14. Just went through a fitting today and came out with these. Now the 4-6 week wait!
  15. I would very much appreciate a chance to test the Maxfli balls.
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