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  1. Unfortunately Sable Oaks is no longer a golf course which is why I didn't recommend it. I used to go out that one frequently with a friend who was a member there it was a great golf course very challenging and narrow at times. It was a fun course though even though a lot of people didn't like it because of the narrowness. I wish my track was a little more narrow and less forgiving it would make me a better golfer.
  2. Dunegrass isn't too bad. Somewhat narrow. I haven't been to it in about 5 years I believe. Interesting first hole. The greens were in a kind of grass rolled into mud state. Rolled fast and hard to hold at that time. I would have recommended it but it wasn't a favorite. Nice layout though. I was a much worse golfer back then though...
  3. Spring Meadows is nice but I haven't been there in a while, they had really nice fairways and was a decent challenge. I have heard people rave about Fallmouth CC but it is private I guess. Nonesuch river is not too bad. Take the hour drive and go play Mount Washington or Sunday River. Stop North Conway and say hi, we have a great practice facility course here.
  4. I'm due for new irons, the only reason I haven't pulled it the trigger is because of the wait time. The t100s are definitely on the list for my new possible clubs. I would give these a thorough try out.
  5. I just aced the fourth hole on my course today, first one ever. I don't care if anyone says boo about it but I am pretty proud of myself. I came away with insurance money and only had to buy my guys a few rounds,some food and a solid tip for the bartender. Honestly, it's only important to you and your friends are happy for you so get over it.
  6. I get irritated with players all the time but I don't let it get to my play usually. I'm probably already mad at myself anyway. I would have lamb basted him for this. My toleration for ignorance is ultra low and I have no qualms about calling someone out.
  7. You don't know my brain I did a similar drill that utilized two balls one just outside the toe. I was able to hit both and hit the second ball sideways down the range towards other people...
  8. I would do that but I would be chasing broken range buckets around after every swing. I am a feel guy, so I just try to control it once I know what is going on with the swing.
  9. @jddaigneault I figured out my big issue: early extension. I can get it under control with a relaxed and ideal tempo swing. Any tension and I will still come up out of it. Biggest problem now is that I cannot practice. For some reason on the range or hitting mat it is a non stop hosel fest. That part makes me a bit insane. I try to slow it down and keep my head down but can't seem to get it going. Thankfully it does seem to be limited on course.
  10. I played there early and the greens were super rough. Buddy is the assistant pro there, I will have to ask him about it.
  11. I'll give it a go. If it doesn't work I can play croquet or Polo where you hit with the hosel. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. I can't find the multi quote here but... I have been trying to shallow of the club. I get it going for a little bit and then something happens and I can't reel it back in. Practice just seems to make it worse. On the course it's not nearly as bad but I have a lot of bad ball striking and short hit clubs. I don't think I can play a whole season missing The Sweet spot of the golf club without going crazy. This picture sums up my swing when I practice. Look at how skilled I am to line the hosel up perfectly with the golf ball....
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