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  1. Picked up a new Vessel XV bag.. Was planning on waiting a while before spending any more money but the 20% off Black Friday deal couldn't be missed. Although I was late and they ran out of the magnetic golf towels. I don't know if that's something that was really nice or not. Somebody take away my credit cards please and change the password to my PayPay.
  2. The clubs slide in and out easily with no binding? And does the hard ring of the top of the bag sit right on the cradle?
  3. They probably don't or if they did they probably changed it. It is the golf courses that label the tees men's or womens at this point.
  4. Yea then they have to hear it from everyone else.. I know you are being facetious but that would be the uproar 6600 isn't so bad with that distance depending on the slope.
  5. It is funny how the tips are easily avoided by most golfers. The "regular tees" are fine to play from but anything forward is senior's or women's. Why isn't age included with the tips? Technically only the pros should be playing the tips then? No, people think you should have the distance play the tips but you have to be over 70 or a woman to play the forward tees...
  6. It really doesn't matter because the difficulty is calculated for the tees regardless. We have a guy that is borderline on distance but likes the "shorter" tees. One of our overly opinionated knuckleheads has all these made-up rules and says he is too tall and not over 70 to play these tees. It is completely asinine the stuff this guy comes up with let alone what he does on the golf course. For example, he "gives himself putts" over 3-4 feet that count for quota points, all the time. I give him max strokes on the hole. He bitches later that I am taking the fun out of golf and golf is supposed to be fun. Yet he doesn't want people to move up to tees that are more enjoyable to play....
  7. Had they not stuck "Ladies" and "Seniors" labels on the tees and recommended tee boxes as per driving distance capabilities we would have less problems. Tee boxes have nothing to do with gender or age. However, people will be the same in the fact that they don't want to admit or believe they can't hit the ball as far as they think or feel embarrassment moving forward.
  8. Me too but I also ran out of stuff to buy.... Except for a golf bag. A custom vessel would be nice... I just forgot I need a gaming laptop for my simulator software and the simulator software... I guess I'm not out of stuff to buy. Never mind.
  9. I don't think of it that way but there is a stigma for some of the guys at my club who have ridiculed other players for playing the forward tees. I am not sure if it is pride or stubborness.
  10. I kept telling my guys that you shouldn't be playing driver, then three wood on every par 4. Is it really that much fun playing every hole as a par 5? One of my more outgoing (read louder) golf buddies moved up this year and has had a much easier time scoring. He tries to get the shorter guys to move up frequently. Just get a couple up there and have them team up on the rest? Lastly, you could just move up there until they join you. Then move back quietly or when they complain that you are hitting it too far to play the reds. I deal with this all the time but we have quite a few forward tee'ers in my group. A couple of guys know they should move up but it is the principal of giving up I guess.
  11. There is not enough gas to burn this place down and get the heck out of there... Furthermore, I hope you didn't clear that with an actual shovel.
  12. 11° here this morning and I thought that wasn't too bad. Better than -24°... If I stayed home from work because of temps I would never go in.
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