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  1. I have a Galaxy S8 and don't have any banners. Does it pop up when you log into the app?
  2. Your email must be registered with Shot Scope as an existing user account.
  3. Keep us posted. Definitely want to hear more direct comparisons to the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo's. Turf interaction, fats, thins, toe, heel... I can do it all . Also, want to know about the draw bias, especially relative to the XL Halos which have a very minimal offset. Thanks.
  4. Would definitely like to hear how they compare to your Launcher XL irons. XL not XL Halo?
  5. Not for $55. It's gonna cost you $56 + $5 shipping
  6. I don't know much about the Maltby KE4 Max but I have a set of the Cleveland Launcher HB's and am looking at the newer Launcher XL Halo's. I can't imagine how any traditionally shaped(not hybrid iron like) iron can be as forgiving as the hybrid like irons. Would you be able to give me some more detail comparing those two? Forgiveness, distance, height, spin... TIA
  7. If all you want to do is shorten the length, always cut from the butt end. Cutting from the tip will stiffen the flex.
  8. Some other driver horizontal MOI #'s that I've found: Mizuno ST-Z/ST-X220 5000, Tour Edge Exotics C722 4900(wt. back)/4400(wt. front), Cobra LTDx LS 4200, Ping G425 LST 5000, Callaway Epic Max 5200. So given that the last 2 Callaway max drivers were 5200/5300, I'm guessing that the new Paradym core is around 5300-5400.
  9. The maximum total MOI(horizontal + vertical) is 10,000. The Ping G425 has just under 10,000 MOI. The Paradym Core has a total MOI of 9000. Most use the horizontal MOI which the maximum is 5900. The Ping G425 has a horizontal MOI of 5600. Some other horizontal MOI of other drivers are: Callaway Rogue ST Max 5300, Tour Edge Exotics E722 5500, Titleist TSi2 5300, Cobra LTDx 5200. Callaway has not revealed the horizontal MOI of the Paradym. Titleist stated that the MOI of the TSR2 is lower than the TSi2 at around 4900.
  10. The Callaway videos mentioned that the core Paradym model had a higher MOI than the Rogue. I believe that the Rogue ST Max MOI was around 5300. What is the Paradym's MOI?
  11. Does anyone know the torque of the All In Shaft? How would it compare in stability to the BGT?
  12. It won't make a difference. Even Sam said this in a previous post. 1* lie angle is approximately 0.5" difference in ball position.
  13. MOI of the Tsi3 is about 4800. Start around the 3:30 min mark.
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