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  1. Many courses on the cape never close for the winter.
  2. One here is the 525 yd par 5 17th hole. Nothing really special, slight dogleg right. Fairly wide open enough. The challenges are that it's uphill (60-70 feet constant/gradual elevation change from tee to green), and the bend is 370 yds away, leaving about 150ish to the pin on a left to right sloping green (if the pin is on the front right it's more accessible). What makes it difficult is the time of day you play it. It's a much easier hole in the morning than in the afternoon, because the prevailing winds off the ocean are in your face when the afternoon "breeze" kicks in, which with the
  3. The Legends at Parris Island. 2nded. Not a house on the course, and q-u-i-e-t, unless someone takes off from MCAS Beaufort about 10 miles up the road. I would also suggest Hilton Head National, my favorite public course there.
  4. Missed the 'during'. More coffee needed. Still, common sense says no issue. It still does not meet the definition of a stroke, and therefore, not a practice stroke using any kind of ball (including similar size to conforming - interpretations 5.5.a.) If you make a stroke at a ball, that's practice. If you are just tapping it off the face of your club in an up/down motion, which fails to resemble any type of stroke made on the course, then should be no problem. I've called this on someone before. 2nd hole. After teeing off, walks to ball, waiting for group in front to move, drops sha
  5. Stroke: The forward movement of the club made to strike the ball. Juggling is not a forward motion of the club. If you want to get pedantic, you're doing a series of what resembles chipping, which, per 5.5.b (Exception), is expressly allowed between holes.
  6. Howabout Big Cedar in Branson MO? That's middle-ish.
  7. I was on Harbor Town this Oct. Had a bit of rain on a few holes and ended up with an 81 after all was said and done. Great drive on 18, came up a little short/left on the shot on 18, and it bounced off the embankment and back into into the hazard, got up and down for a bogey. Ok, bad luck. I had taken an extra club to make sure it cleared, but chunked it a little and came up short anyways. I hardly ever blame the *over* due to the last hole. There were other shots on the previous 17 that I made a worse mistake, and I find myself looking back on those shots and ... yeah, that's why. I fou
  8. I don't think pre-reg solves anything. I could pre-reg on the 19th after the round, then enter the score. The only way that works is if the starter gets your ghin and takes your attendance ... and you actually play the round instead of heading off to the bar, practice area, and never set foot on the course. --kC
  9. A little more clarity on the 4 rounds. It's not a rolling average where the old one drops off as the new one is added. It's when you complete the 4th round, you get your average that counts. Then you need to play another 4 rounds to get your next average. Again... like combining the 2 9s. What this does is prevents entry of four rounds in a row, having it count, then next round, having it adjust, etc...... like "but I played 2 rounds a day the past 2 days". Yeah... it's going to take you 4 days to do that in a marathon of golf that not many people can handle to get that number up for the
  10. So, penalize the guy with no friends like me? Integrity is everything. But so is implicit trust that people will do the right thing by the rules like you do. I've pondered this quite a bit (solo rounds). What's the difference between a solo round, and being a single, joining up with 2-3 random people you don't know, at a public course (for those not members at clubs), and probably won't interact much with, nor will they pay attention to your shots, because you're not part of their sanctum? Better yet... when they don't have a GHIN? They're not going to care what you shot.
  11. It's easy enough to check their index, and then CH day of play, in the GHIN app with just their name and home club. The only time I can think of where they would be different, is a multi-day tourney where they freeze the CH at the start. Works great if they shoot worse, but doesn't protect the field if they shoot "lights out" the 1st day or two and it drops.
  12. It's not a local rule. It's a rule of golf across the board (substituting ball) during the play of a hole that you cannot do it (unless the rules specifically allow like a damaged ball). Here's a link that USGA specifically addresses the "putting ball": https://www.usga.org/RulesFAQ/rules_answer2019.asp?FAQidx=261&Rule=0&Topic=12 No rule saying you can't switch BETWEEN holes though ... just cannot do it after teeing off (unless a condition of competition has implemented the "one ball rule" then you have to play the same ball/brand... and I also believe color - trying to find
  13. Imp

    2021 ProV1 and ProV1x

    Can't wait to find some to give to my friends "you play ProVs?"
  14. "* I understand I am opting in to receive the FootJoy US Newsletter" This is illegal in many states making this a requirement to enter contests. Should never have a mandatory opt-in.
  15. Playing shenny on Saturday. It's supposed to be 32*.
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