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  1. Was playing down in Hilton Head and found this one, not sure of the logo.... Up for grabs to who wants it.
  2. I'd pick out the trash cans. LOL
  3. I see a ball from another golf forum... which I also have in my ball rack (not a truvs collector, but have that and a ball from the 1st run of shamrock). Went on the tour of the facility with them the year after they launched the chromesoft (Sept 2016). I remember them only having 4, maybe 5 machines doing the printing and at the time it was just the soccerball pattern (remember the Japan only colors too, and some other test multi-color patterns), and the forum ball was one of the few "logo" runs they tested (which we all received a box). Pretty much everyone there from the tour said "huuuuge market" to do other brands/logos... which at the time they really weren't set up to do, and weren't sure it would work with the few machines, but were testing the waters. I remember talking to one of them and said "would be a mistake not to". I've heard they have many more machines now due to the demand of the regular balls, with a few just for custom logo runs.
  4. Going for a few weeks of R&R and astonished by the 25%+ increase in all the greens fees across the board. Yikes.
  5. I play it every 2-3 years when I head down there every Oct. Not in the rotation this year, but always fun. That 18th hole... I put one in the water on my approach shot, just short of the green, and cost me a sub-70 round. *sigh* --kC
  6. Is it *really* a 3 piece ball?
  7. Have fun. Playing that course is like playing almost any tree lined course in new england. Small greens. The average green size is 3,700 sq feet at HT. Where the more average green size for most courses on tour is around 6,600 sq feet. (Some 6400sq feet at Augusta avg) HT requires precision to navigate around strategically planted/placed mossy trees, to only arrive at some of the smallest greens on tour, which is why many tour pros skip this event (using the masters as an excuse I feel... going from greens that are 2x the size to small, missing greens will skew their stats....) I'm there every Oct for a few weeks.
  8. Boeing has been involved with the tournament since 2011 on a 10 year contract which ends this year.
  9. Yeah, no thanks. Don't need 'em. My wife says otherwise, "get the bright ones! I'll go through them!" I turned around, opened a cabinet... "Oh." Donate them to the local school teams or youth programs.
  10. I'mma gonna guess 637
  11. If you have Twitter, check out @ClubProGuy too.
  12. I'll walk when I can. I have the Alphard V2 and it's been a game changer for me. Walking upright, not pushing my cart up hills, I don't feel tired anymore. I rode last weekend at a VERY hilly course with long traverses between holes and kind of happy I did - funny part is carts were included, but the starter told us as we were teeing off, no one beforehand... "cart path only", I would have walked!
  13. Many courses on the cape never close for the winter.
  14. One here is the 525 yd par 5 17th hole. Nothing really special, slight dogleg right. Fairly wide open enough. The challenges are that it's uphill (60-70 feet constant/gradual elevation change from tee to green), and the bend is 370 yds away, leaving about 150ish to the pin on a left to right sloping green (if the pin is on the front right it's more accessible). What makes it difficult is the time of day you play it. It's a much easier hole in the morning than in the afternoon, because the prevailing winds off the ocean are in your face when the afternoon "breeze" kicks in, which with the elevation change and wind, can make it just brutal to make a GIR. Pars in the afternoon are few and far between.
  15. The Legends at Parris Island. 2nded. Not a house on the course, and q-u-i-e-t, unless someone takes off from MCAS Beaufort about 10 miles up the road. I would also suggest Hilton Head National, my favorite public course there.
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