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  1. My last two sets of Apex had Recoil's, and my current i500's have Recoil SmacWrap. I've probably fitted more customers with UST Recoil's than any other graphite shaft.
  2. Tried a Callaway Bertha Mini for one season. Found better to use a driver cut down and re-weighted.
  3. There are no specific specs required for shafts by the USGA or R&A. You also cannot compare a regular in one brand to a regular in another. You can compare regular to stiff in the same brand. Like tire ratings, they are only good for that specific brand. Bottom line...you have to hit each shaft you are interested in. Go to a professional fitter. Don't go to big box national chains, as their "fitters" just came from McDonald's and have absolutely NO TRAINING! They may see a video, but nothing else. I know because I worked there after I retired from a professional position. I paid my own way to Carlsbad and Phoenix for training, so I knew what I was doing, and did it right. I did it for fun, but the young kids hired for less than $10/hr couldn't care less, and the store manager where I worked said don't let them leave without a purchase. I walked in to open one morning and found all the tracking equipment "Juiced"! Just tell the customer what they want to hear and get the money! Go to a PRO or a PROFESSIONAL SHOP.
  4. Every putt is straight. Period. You just have to find the correct line and speed. I have a Bullseye I took to Sawgrass and putted well. But I have 10 other putters ranging from free to $400. Just pick the line and hit it!
  5. When I fit customers with issues like yours, the first thing I do, after deciding on the firmness of the shaft, is shaft length. With a 10/10.5° head, I have the customer hit a standard shaft, one -1", one -2". Choking down doesn't work. The shaft needs to be shorter, hold it naturally, and swing. Most stock drivers are 45.5", and there's a reason pros hit 44"-44.5"...ACCURACY. I always start at 44.5" with a person 5'6"-5'9", and could go a bit shorter. Customers over 6'4" might need an extra .5". I'm 6' and hit a 44" driver, long and straight. Once you find the right length experiment with lead tape in 2" strips angled from the back center to the right and left front corners. Add and subtract until to get to the right combination. You'll know when the ball goes long and straight 90% of the time. Best weights C-9 to D-1, but go with whatever works for you.
  6. First, get fit for a putter. No big box store, go to a pro shop or professional fitter (Club Champion). Have them check your loft, lie, toe hang, length, grip size. And insert! Do you like the feel with or without an insert. Then, before spending $400+ on a putter, have your current putter adjusted to your fit. Easy to do, except changing the hang, if any. Even buy a used putter. I recently found a perfect White Hot Rossie for $25! Do some research and fitting before you spend the money.
  7. Purchased a 2021 Fetch, and with all my putters at 36", I set this to 34.5". I was apprehensive in purchasing this putter with this shaft, as you can order a solid steel shaft, but it is fantastic. I've made more skin money with this putter than any other in my collection.
  8. I have a bag made by "Caddie Pro Golf Products". It actually looks like a long violin case, holds 12 clubs easily, has a long side pocket, ball pocket, and is very light and easy to carry when traveling. You zip open the top of the bag, an inside strap clips to an insert by the handle, and it now becomes a carry bag. I can also put it on a cart. The diameter at the top is about 28". Been using it for over 20 years, trips all over the US and Mexico. I see people lugging their clubs and they see my bag and want one! Pretty neat.
  9. TM & Callaway have had mini's on and off for years! What's the BIG DEAL!
  10. Had Callaway PM Grind and when I upgraded with Ping equipment, bought the Glide 3.0 Eye2 grind. No complaints.
  11. I've played all different types of clubs, and it's just finding the ones that are comfortable in feel, looks, and performance. Invest $100 or so and go to Club Champion and get fit. These guys know their stuff. Big box store fitters just came from McDonald's with zero training. But the fitters at Club Champion will have you hitting every different type of head and a combination of shafts, until you find the right combination. Even if you don't buy the clubs there, you will know exactly what fits and what to buy.
  12. You answered your own question. Shorter shaft and weight, plus loft. I've tried the mini's but distance wasn't there. I bought a new shaft for my Ping G400MAX and cut it to 44" (from 45.75"), added tape to C-9 (perfect for me), added .5° loft, and I'm killing it down the middle! The trick with the weight tape was to cut it into 2" strips running from the back center to the heal & toe in a "V" shape. I got the weight up to D-1, then began to subtract strips until I got the driver to the weight that was comfortable and gave me a straight trajectory.
  13. Would like to compare Birdieball to my 15' Perfect Practice mat.
  14. So tired of the Tour "Babies" complaining about equipment on tour. A few years ago it was the belly putter, now it's the arm-lock, greens book, rangefinders...I'm sick of all of you! Want to keep golf pure, then let's go back to persimmon and steel shafts, pull out the putter inserts, wound or even "featherie" balls! When Nick Faldo used an Odyssey DF putter with an insert in the 90's no one complained. I don't see anyone complaining about 460cc drivers or exotic graphite shafts! And your "entourage"...LOL! Did Jack have a traveling swing coach, psychologist, chef (other than Barbara), therapist, meteorologist, track-man analyst, driver, taster, dresser, barber...It's just ridiculous what these "babies" have to have to be pacified. Just sad! And you wonder why there are 5-hour rounds! Their brains are so scrambled they couldn't hit a fairway or green playing Putt-Putt!
  15. No difference. Place a small 2x4 on the floor and be sure the putter head and front portion of the grip are properly aligned.
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