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  1. Ben / Chesterfield, MO / USA Bettinardi BB56 (Rt Hand, 36", Jumbo Etched Grip, 2.5° loft, 20° lie angle...fitted in Studio B) Tomcat 14...I like the shape, slight arc, and alignment dots, like a runway! However, I would not want the adjustable shaft but a solid shaft installed. I've tried it and at 36" (35" too), the adjustable shaft is not stable! It rocks back and forth. I would also prefer a 2.0 min grip.
  2. Ben / St. Louis, MO. I practice daily at home for about an hour, and 15 min at the course, as I play 3 times/wk. Too Many 3 Putts! Probably 6/round. My line is usually very close, but my main issue is speed, especially leaving it short. I was fit for my Bettinardi QB6 & BB56 at Studio B in Chicago. The cameras and software they used was amazing, better than SAM, as it showed me all the numbers about my swing. If I could get these numbers at home each day, I should be able to train my hands, arms, and body to eliminate most, if not all the three putts.
  3. Ben-St. Louis, MO. Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 85 (I currently play the Ping G400MAX R Shaft @ 45.5")
  4. I have a PGA T-LINE XV Putter US Pat 3,880,430 bought in the late 70's or early 80's. Does anyone know which company manufactured this putter?
  5. Ben/Missouri 12 handicap Ping G410 Hybrids 4-5-6 (22°-26°-30°) lofts Current Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue 70 (R) Thanks!
  6. Ben/Missouri 12 Ping i500 (Recoil SmacWrap F3, blue dot, midsize grip, std length) 145-150 yds
  7. I've been using a Bettinardi QB6 this year, however, I wanted more of a mallet for a second putter (actually my 9th!). I tried every brand, from Ping to Odyssey to Evnroll to TaylorMade to Cameron...EVERYTHING. My choice, with the best feel and roll was the Bettinardi BB56. I've only played one round, but made most putts inside 10' and long putts were tap-in's. They own the milling process!
  8. YES-YES-YES. Been looking all over and can't find the new Cleveland's anywhere! Want to compare to the Tommy Armour Impact #3, which I hit 10/12 putts from 15' at Golf Galaxy. Ben MO Bettinardi QB #6 (fit at The Hive) Elevado Single Bend (35") w/any midsize or 2.0 pistol grip, if possible.
  9. Asked Callaway and they had no idea, but would check it out. Just switched from a Bettinardi QB6 to an Odyssey White Hot XG #8, which seems to have a "hotter face" than the QB6...will see what happens. Also waiting to hear back from Callaway.
  10. Ben/St. Louis 14 Ping i500 145 yds


  12. I have been seeing customer issues with Odyssey inserts, from Metal X to current Micro-Hinge, falling out of the putter heads. The Metal X seem to peel away from the head, while the micro-hinge just fall out of it's cavity. I don't know if the heat in the car's trunk affects the adhesive, or if there is an issue with the product used to adhere the inserts to the face of the putters. This is the only brand where I have seen this occurrence. I personally have older Dual-Force and White-Hot Odyssey putters with inserts that are upwards of 20 years old, and have never had an issue.
  13. Ben/Missouri 12 handicap 54° & 58° Callaway 2019 PM Grind w/Recoil 460 F3 shafts (Seniors need graphite in wedges, too) Low spinning short chip just off the green w/54° & Flop shot over a hazard w/58°
  14. I would like to see MGS compare matte to lacquer golf balls, especially the roll on the green.
  15. I sell golf equipment, and have seen Odyssey inserts, which are apparently glued on, fall off the putters! Chinese made...what do you expect. Want a good putter, buy "Made In The USA"...
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