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  1. Your less expensive area would be Orlando. Lots of terrific courses, like Grand Cyprus, Disney courses, RTJ Jr/Sr in Celebration, and on and on. The most beautiful was Palm Desert, although I was there in May, playing the TPC Stadium, Indian Wells, & Silver Rock was fun. San Diego is my favorite with Torrey Pines 1 & 2, Aviara, Maderas, and so many more. Weather in all locations should be perfect, although Orlando can get rain. Check Hotels.com and Tee Off.com and see what deals you can get. Air fare into San Diego and Orlando should be similar, depending on where you depart. Personally in February I'd take San Diego. However, first of March I'm going to Vegas to play for a week...TPC Sumerlin, TPC Las Vegas, Bear's Best, Angel Park (2 Palmer courses), Coyote Springs (1 hr NE Nicklaus course-magnificent), Siena, and on and on. Good Luck!
  2. My 10.5° is set +.5° and my shaft is at 44.5". You'd be surprised at how many pro's hit drivers between 44" and 45".
  3. I'm a certified fitter and I tell customers the following...you cannot compare one brand of shaft to another by their specs. Flex differences and kick points are for that specific brand only to distinguish between their own models. You have to physically hit each shaft you are interested in, look at the launch monitor numbers (especially if your indoors), and make a decision based on your feel and the numbers. If you can be fitted outside, ex: a country club or demo day, all the better, as you can physically see your complete shot. Feel is so important, just like the look of an iron when you're deciding on what to buy. If you're not convertible with the head, shaft, and/or grip, don't buy it. Keep looking until you get the right combination.
  4. Here is the difference between big box stores and Club Champion. Although a driver from Club Champion has additional costs, you will probably get the correct one you require at CC. Head, shaft, & grip will be correct. Not all fitters at CC are PGA certified, but they have been trained well and understand fitting very well. They are also familiar with shafts and what to expect in performance. I'm certified and have worked for a major retailer, however, I had to spend my own dime to learn and become a certified fitter. I went to the factories on my own dime and learned at Ping, Callaway, Titleist, and Taylor Made, plus visiting shaft and putter manufacturers. BUT, most employees of the big box stores have just left McDonald's, have no experience, learn from one minute videos, and are told by the manager to just sell anything to anyone...because the customer is too dumb to know any difference! Go to Club Champion. Buy your balls, tees, and gloves at a big box store.
  5. Yes. If you hit 15 year old clubs well, score low, keep them.
  6. As a fitter, Srixon did a fitting at Golf Galaxy, but at these inside facilities you can't tell anything. Taylor Made gave me a sleeve of TP5 and TP5x and asked me to complete a survey, and the TP5 is still the best ball, in my opinion...PERIOD. Titleist sent me two white sleeves with a #2 and #3, no idea what the balls were, and asked me to complete a survey. The #2 was the best...wish I know which ball it was, although I believe it was the 2022 Pro V1, while the #3 was the Pro V1x.
  7. Who Cares! When Tiger had Nike in his bag virtually no one bought them. His clubs were made for him...Period! People are so gullible when it comes to marketing.
  8. I dropped Arccos immediately. Not worth the problems and it won't work with all phones. I have a Garmin S20 watch and Bushnell Pro XE scope. Unless you're a PGA Tour Pro, you don't need Trackman or anything like it! Don't waste your money.
  9. Don't have a 3 wood...use a 5 wood turned down to 16°. Perfect off the tee and deck.
  10. From fall into winter I use the junk I find in the woods and water! Just a word to you fellow golfers. Please, stop using those cheap two piece crappy balls!!! I just hate going into the woods or fishing off the green to find this junk! Come on, get with it. At least 3-piece, if not Pro V1 or even TP5 (my favorite). Thank you!
  11. Went from Winn to Superstroke Cross Comfort, and wanted something that would last longer and perform to where the club wouldn't slip..FOUND IT! Lamkin Sonar+. Excellent feel, solid grip...just feels great. Put them on all my clubs in September and very happy with them. Too soon so see how they wear, but the materials appear to show I should get two season from these grips.
  12. Buy Ecco from the website only. I bought Ecco Biom Hybrid in black and white, $220 msrp, bought on sale with 40% off sale prices for $90 each. Very soft leather, waterproof with Gore-Tex. Get on their email and follow on FB.
  13. Golf Galaxy...Golf Galaxy...Golf Galaxy....For heaven's sake, with few exceptions these "Dick's Sporting Goods" employees have ZERO TRAINING. I worked there...I should know. When I was hired I was thrown out on the floor and told to sell-sell-sell! NO TRAINING! So I spent my own money and traveled to California and Arizona, went to the manufacturers and learned how to fit the right way. I'm certified, not by watching a 5 minute video, but hands on by professional fitters from four different manufacturers. I also visited a shaft manufacturer and putter designer's studio. PGA Members at local clubs, Club Champion...they are the professionals. Golf Galaxy, with few exceptions, are burger flippers. Check out the clubs at the big box stores, but get fitted by professionals.
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