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  1. Currently playing a Callaway Epic Subzero driver. On a whim in December 2020 I bought a Steadfast stiff driver shaft. I can honestly say I am thoroughly impressed with how much more consistent I am, plus longer as compared to the stock April's Rogue Max shaft. For $75 it was a gamble that paid off big time!
  2. Part 1- I was always an off the rack player but getting fitted two yrs ago for the 1st time was an eye opener. I’m currently playing a split set of Mizuno MP 20’s HMB/MMC. A professional fitting was a game changer. Part 2 was a driver fitting at C.C. I was recommended for a Titleist TSi2 with an Accra shaft. Price tag $900+. I was NOT ready to drop that kind of money on one club. On a whim I bought a Steadfast golf shaft after seeing an ad on Facebook. It was $75. Figured it was worth the gamble. It paid off beyond my wildest expectations. I’ve driven the ball the longest and straightest ever in my life. I’ve gotten into single digits and couldn’t be happier. Update to part 2- I did another driver fitting at CC yesterday. Despite 5 different heads and 6 shafts (and all combinations) we were unable to get a set up that surpassed what I’m currently hitting now. Go figure?
  3. If the seller has the Mizuno blue box, ask him to show the invoice that came with the clubs.
  4. Pretty cool pic. Two questions tho…. 1. Did your boss find out? 2. Are you still gainfully employed?
  5. After playing Callaway for 25+ yrs I received my Mizuno MP20’s in December 2019. HMB 4-7 and MMC 8-PW and a T-20 50 deg gap wedge. Hands down the best irons I’ve ever played.
  6. Eric Knutsen staten island, NY I play a Ping Sigma G Wolverine I’d look to try the TA3
  7. Tom. Regarding the pro board dimensions- looking down at address is each panel 10 1/2” long (heel to toe) and 14-18” wide?
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