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  1. We’ve been through the first few rounds of teething and those worked like a charm during the day. this one kind of snuck up on us and only affects her in the middle of the night unfortunately. We know It’ll pass but it’s tough getting up at 2am for a couple hours when you’re used to sleeping through the night! I guess we are spoiled in that regard!
  2. First time poster here in the good evening thread but lately it seems I have more time at night to catch up on all things forum related. Busy first day back to work after a nice long vacation with the wife and daughter. Unfortunately my daughter is teething so the last couple nights have been long to say the least. Have a great night everyone!
  3. Most of my buddies are higher handicaps than me but it’s still e notable because we are there for the course record. I do enjoy playing with people better than me though, as I tend to try and play to their level so I play well on those days. Most of the courses around me allow singles so I don’t really get paired with randoms ever, it’s a double sided sword cause I enjoy meeting new people but I do love a solo round every now and again.
  4. Good morning and happy Friday spies I got back in yesterday afternoon from our vacation and decided to take this day to extend the long weekend. Lawn is overgrown so I’ll be putting away luggage and getting that done most of today. I hope everyone has a great end to their week and has a great Memorial Day weekend!
  5. Good morning everyone! Just stopped in to wish everyone a good day. Heading to Disney with the family for the day! thats it from me, have a great day everyone!
  6. Good morning everyone! we are coming down from the weekend wedding festivities with @Byrnzee and his family. Had a great time celebrating the bride and groom and had a fun time golfing and hanging at the Airbnb. I’m off to see my family for the rest of the week who I haven’t seen in a while and taking the kids to a day trip to Disney. Here are a couple pics from the weekend!
  7. Good morning everyone! first official day of vacation. I was up late last night finishing packing and making sure we had everything organized. Getting a haircut this morning. Buttoning some things up around the house and then headed to the airport! @Northern Monkey Good luck today! I hope everyone has a great end to the week!
  8. I’ve worn some of my polarized pairs on the course before and I haven’t noticed a lot of distortion. Most of my polarized lenses have low light transmission (dark lenses) so I tend to take them off when on the green. I think it comes down to your sensitivity to it. The OG golf lens from Oakley, the G30 iridium came in polarized and non-polarized versions. That was subsequently replaced by the Prizm Golf lens which was non-polarized mainly due to the prizm technology and the fact that polarization isn’t really needed on the course unless there is a ton of water with a lot of glare.
  9. Good morning all! One last day until I can kick start my vacation. Pretty sure the rain is going to cancel our league night so I’ll be using the extra time to pack and get everything finalized. We are still new at the whole traveling with kids things so crossing my fingers things go smoothly. Have a great day everyone!
  10. glad to see this thread popping back up. Having played a couple times this year and trying to settle into my weekly league the Mizuno 3W and Hybrid still maintain their spot in my bag. The hybrid continues to be my favorite of the bunch from this test. I don’t have have any direct comparisons to the newest models but can say of the hybrids I’ve tried in bays (stealth, paradym, TSR) and coming off playing from the rogue st max hybrid I think the Mizuno stacks up well. I think the consistency for me was the biggest selling point. Both the 3-wood and hybrid weren’t the longest for me but I was and still am very consistent with them which beats distance for those clubs in my bag. I prefer a slightly spinnier hybrid for 2 reasons; Shot shaping and holding greens. Mizuno did just that. Due to the shorter overall shaft length and the head performances in particular the 3 wood, although 15°, played more like a 3HL (16-16.5°) distance wise and the 19° hybrid played more like my 20° rogue. This was a non-issue due to the increased accuracy I was seeing. Hope this helps!
  11. Congratulations testers! I’m really looking forward to your reviews. I’m a big ventus fan so I’ll be curious how the new Velocore + does during testing.
  12. Cut: -2 PGA professional: Michael Block Thank you for putting these together it’s always a treat to be able to participate!
  13. Good morning all! It’s beautiful sunny day here in CNY which is a tease because we have about a 1/2 inch of rain headed our way tomorrow. That is particularly upsetting because that means my league night will most likely be cancelled. All in all just trying to stay focused for our vacation starting Thursday. Looking forward to getting out of town for a week or so. Have a great day!
  14. Good Morning Spies. Earlier start to work as I have to leave early for a wake. I have a short but busy week as this is our board meeting week. Our prep is done but Murphy's law usually persists and I'm expecting things to blow up just as I am boarding a plane on Thursday. End of the week is leisure with a wedding in Florida with @Byrnzee and his family. Hoping to get out on the course a couple times while I am down there but that will be a game time decision. Have a great Monday all!
  15. Like others have said the HZRDUS line is good for the price. One of my other go to “off the rack” shafts if you will is the Tensei AV Raw Blue shaft. You can usually pick them up for around $100-$120 and somewhat comparable to the ventus blue non velocore
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