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  1. Such a cool way to recap the year. I’ll have to do some thinking but It’s not hard to find people who are shoutout worthy on this forum!
  2. Good morning all! all the snow has melted here in CNY and we are left with the usual early December visual of wet and muddy lawns. As @sirchunksalot said, EOY is a busy time in the auto industry so I’ll be polishing up some work myself then it’s off to grandmas house we go for some touch ups on her house. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
  3. Joining the majority here. Not fixing your ball mark on the green is by far the worst for me. It varies course to course on whether they want you to even replace the divot in the fairway. I’ve played some where they want you to fill it with sand and leave the sod out of the divot. But every course expects you to replace your ball mark. Depending on the speed of the round I try to fix 2-3 extra balls marks as I come across them on my way to line up my putt. Respect the course and the course respects you!
  4. This is probably the one thing on the forum I’m missing most now that work is still crazy. Hopefully I can start getting back on these soon. Seems like they’re getting better and better!
  5. Against my better judgement… first one is from a year ago with an iron and second is from this years Mizuno Long Game test at the range with the driver.
  6. I started to get my wife into the game in 2020 and then Covid hit she played a couple times in order to get out of the house. For the last 2 years between being pregnant and now with the baby here she’s lost interest in playing (mainly due to the time commitment). Now, She mainly likes to come and walk with me with the baby while I play as something to do together. I like the company and it’s a change of pace from my normal routine.
  7. I was able to visit the dogfish head brewpub in rehobeth beach DE this summer. Tried the 120 in a flight and along with a bunch of their local only beers. They had a mandarin and mango crush beer that was so good I bought a growler for the week. Lasted 2 days if that.
  8. We must be on the same algorithm cause I’ve had this pop up for me on a few platforms haha
  9. Congratulations testers! Looking forward to reading your reviews and see if those 3-putts get minimized!
  10. Happy thanksgiving eve everyone! I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys some time off spent with family and friends. We are hosting a pre-thanksgiving cousins get together which has sort of become a yearly tradition. I finished the storage shelving from my earlier post which will help clean up a lot of my crap I have laying around in the living area of the basement where we tend to congregate (mainly because of the bar). I thought it came out good and it’s already filling up with stuff!
  11. Haha hence the shelves to keep even water resistant totes up off the ground. If they get wet now I’m in big trouble!
  12. Happy Sunday spies. Coffee went down smooth this morning. Currently getting the house together for the holidays as well has having some friends over for a play date with the girls. Once that’s over I’m hoping to continue working on my new shelving unit I’m building in the basement to become a little more organized. decided to use ledger boards so the yellow top totes I have slide in and out for easy access. I Decided to start this in the midst of 10 other projects I have going on, just in time for the holiday season!
  13. Heel taped on my 4 iron for swing weight and draw bias. And usually the driver slightly towards the heel but more on the center for the same draw bias. Driver is more for feel than bias. Occasional putter taping depending on the course I play.
  14. Sorry to hear about your pup. I’ve have 4 dogs 3 of which had bad reoccurring seizures throughout their lives. It’s never easy. I hope they’re feeling better. i would hold out a couple more weeks for 1 more round. I believe around the 18th the temps are supposed to be 60 so there is hope for one more round!
  15. I had the same thought on my driving iron. I went from a steel DG S400 shaft to a KBS tour prototype 85g hybrid shaft tipped at 1” I found the flight and release off the club face was greatly improved and the feel almost gave me a sense of more forgiveness (weird but the only way I could describe it). I think with the advancements in graphite shafts and pairing them with long irons it’s more beneficial to utilize those shafts. That being said it comes down to personal preference as I know a couple people who prefer steel shafts in their 2/3 irons.
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