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  1. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/major-1-teamcallaway-witb-photo-gallery-kirk-si-woo-svenny-and-willett/
  2. Ill be dropping more in here tomorrow and Wednesday. Any questions ask away:) https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/major-1-teamcallaway-witb-photo-gallery-k-h-lee-alex-noren-min-woo-lee-talor-gooch-francesco-molinari/
  3. Def go to a 48 or the AW in the set. It's no secret the loft packages are getting strong with the CG properties of the irons but I went to an A wedge in my TCB set and my performance is the best its been in 20 years. I don't chip with the that loft so its always a full shot club.
  4. Glad you like it! I think it's definitely the sleeper between the two but I have seen more players flip into that then Paradym which in my opinion plays a little close to Apex UW if set up correctly. The X has a distinct higher launch aspect to it.
  5. Curious to know what yall think so far. Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. The Jaws Full Toe lobber is so good. I think yall will like the J grind in the lower lofts, I played it last week for a few rounds and its pretty damn nice.
  7. The new frontier, from what I am seeing, especially with Paradym and Rogue ST Pro is maintaining the distance gains all while increasing spin. I noticed that with both sets that I was able to keep spin in a good area 6500-7000 with a 7-iron, launch it a hair higher but still getting the carry gain. In the case of Paradym it was a difference of 6-9MPH ball speed VS my TCB. 121-122 vs 130. Thats after bending Paradym 2 weak from Std. I was a bit shocked actually.
  8. He de lofts it quite a bit with the bow left rest so all of his clubs are weaker than most because of that.
  9. If you have any more questions on their set ups, LET ME KNOW!! https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/jon-rahm-witb-2023/ https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/2023-xander-schauffele-witb-photo-gallery/ https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/adam-hadwin-2023-witb-photo-gallery/
  10. This is where the ownership falls on the player. WE the club companies will continue to push tech/performance/product to the limit to give US the golfers the best chance to 1) Perform 2) Have fun Like any other investment you must research/test/discern what is best for you. That’s why I will always say “Go get fit” or at the very least go to a store and spend an hour in a hitting bay trying stuff. The perception that the iron line that falls with the woods is “less” is not something I have ever heard. Each line has a tech story behind it, that’s it. My point is if you get the Paradym Irons and Apex is launched at some point, you aren’t losing out on life for picking one over the other. It’s all good. Across all companies across all launches. YOU/US have to decide what is good for YOU. I’m here to provide the info on Cally gear so you are armed with what you need when you go start your process. Make Sense?
  11. To my knowledge if you order on line you can specify. Not sure on Retail as all I have seen is teh Round version. I believe soft goods was working on something but im not 100% sure on that. I can find out. Ok. Good question. Ill start with this list going from PLAYERS to PLAYERS DISTANCE to GI to SGI In order of forgiveness Apex MB Apex TCB XF CB Rogue ST Pro Apex 21 Paradym Rogue ST Max Apex DCB Paradym X Rogue ST Max OS Paradym VS RSTP looks like this as I did a test. Paradym launches higher/SLIGHTLY less spin/faster ball speed/slightly more forgiving so in a nutshell its for the 0-12 handicap that is looking for a fast/forgiving/high launch head but in a players design. At address they look pretty damn close to RSTP. Essentially is RSTP on HGH/Steroids and creatine. For me, I lean closer to RSTP if I had to choose as the sole, bounce profile is a bit less and I get them thru the turf easier (I'm a picker) but thats being nit picky. The cool thing about Paradym is my ball speed went up a lot/so did launch but the spin stayed the same as my TCB. I was getting 6300-6700RPMs out of Paradym with my 7-iron in a deeper test I did after the video I shot. So when people talk about lofts being strong etc, YES they are strong but the ball flys like a TCB 7-iron with spin and goes (for me) 10-15 yards further in carry and lands steeper. Hope that helps. The competition on the rack would be 790/PXG P/Apex 21/Srixon 5/T200/Forged Tec etc.
  12. Any questions you may have on any of the new product
  13. Assuming you mean Rogue TD LS vs Paradym TD then yes, you should see a slight uptick in spin and forgiveness across the face.
  14. Not that I can share no TD with Ventus Black 6X 1) Probably at some point 2) I think the standard head is an absolute monster
  15. Hey all it's Johnny Wunder with Callaway, let's make this the AMA for Paradym I'll get to as many as I can. Fire away:)
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