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  1. I’m writing this entry more to work out something in my head FYI. However, you will get a glimpse into just how crazy I am. The best and worst thing about a job in the Golf industry is access to toys…. On the one hand, it’s great!! You have the opportunity to test all the new stuff (long before any else sees it) and have access to pretty much anything you want. On the other hand, it can be fking impossible to actually play well. With every new club comes different ideas, weights, CG’s, fitting techniques, different me’s etc. It’s hard to do anything well if the variables change on a daily basis. I used to vow up and down that “this is the set-up, I’m fully cooked” followed by “oh sure I’d love to try those new irons, or driver or whatever.” Good work to get if you wanna have a ton of gear and suck while doing it. When I was at WRX not only was I granted the chance to try it all but to make it even better, I had the best fitters in the world dialing me in. At the tail end of my time at WRX, I had a set that I was in “LOVE” with. My bag was a mix of 4 or 5 different manufacturers, all sticks made and fitted by my friends and I was happy. It was a gearhead’s dream. But my game was AWFUL. I had too many options, too little time to practice and on top of it all I’m a recovering alcoholic (7+ years Sober) and my brain is like a cracked-out hamster on a wheel running in the dark with Gwar playing in the background. http://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/54d3ffe569499_-_gwar-n8hu4k.jpg The point is I’m nuts. It was in no way an ecosystem for improvement. My golf life went backward. My handicap went from 1 to 6. It wasn’t the gear, it was pure overstimulation for a person who wakes up overstimulated. THEN I JOIN CALLAWAY… To be honest I didn’t hit a ton of Callaway gear when I was at WRX. I LOVED the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver but never got my hands on one. Rogue and Epic Flash were great but I didn’t love the sound and Mavrik was a victim to Covid. I just didn’t have a chance to dig in on that one. If I’m getting REALLY honest the main reason was with the constant launches year to year I never truly got to play consistently with any of my clubs. Part of that gig was trying everything so you could actually speak to it honestly. That was kind of the whole point of the job. It got to the point of lunacy and every chance I did have to dig in on Callaway product, I was already at a point where one more club would have not only hurt my game but put my fiance over the top. I had clubs and boxes everywhere . It was becoming a home harmony issue WHAT I DO... When I look into new clubs I DIG in. I make notes on my phone, play out gapping scenarios research head weights all the way to becoming emotionally attached before I even order them. I have countless notes on my phone of bag scenarios that never happened, although a good number of them did. When I was a kid my Mom used to find spec sheets all over the place with dream sets built up from my mind. Lofts/Lies/Shafts/Gapping/Pros/Cons/To-do lists etc. I recently went into an old eBay account from 2015 and my watch list was 200 deep. After all that madness and an obvious problem with over stimulation, my biggest fear of joining Callaway was not being able to partake in the craziness. Even my buddies were like, “you have always been a free agent type guy, how you gonna play just one brand? “ How indeed I ask…..how indeed… HOWEVER!!!!! Like anything else, fear and insanity is merely opportunity to grow…or something like that. So I step into my new equipment life with Callaway. Yes as an employee but more importantly as a user (head to toe, 14 clubs, and a ball). It’s a lot to lay on a gear head… The funny thing is, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Whether I got lucky with a good release year or the “one company” thing is just better, nonetheless, my game hasn’t been this good in 5+ years. I haven’t even had a fitting yet!! I’m eyeballing the whole thing and every club in my bag just works. My gear junky shows up even now, I’m surrounded by the GlenGary clubs on a daily basis and I have the chance to build up whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s tempting but I don’t engage, well, that’s not 100% true, my Driver/3-wood/5-wood are SUPER Tour Sauce but they work so there. So I slipped a bit The reason I’m divulging this babble is the Callaway lineup has impressed the living out of me. I’m sure this narrative could play out at any of the big companies but there is something special about these sticks I have in the bag. This company. Remember I’ve tried it all, literally. The more I get to know Callaway designs their clubs, the more I know that as a golfer I got into a REALLY good situation. There hasn’t been that awkward lead-in time with my clubs, the Driver came out of the gate swinging and hasn’t let me down, the irons may be the best set I’ve had since my X-12/962B combo and the ball….MY GOD the ball is unbelievable. I thought it was awesome before I got hired for the record. I have IG posts and an article from WRX to prove it. Here is my WITB: DRIVER: Epic Speed (8.5, 8GF, 12GB) Shaft: MCA Tensei 1K 60TX “Patriot” (45.25 inches, Tipped 1, D4) 3-wood: Epic Speed ADJ (15@14.5, 12GF, 8GB) Shaft: MCA Tensei 1K 70TX (42.75 inches, Tipped 1.5, D4) 5-wood: Epic Speed T (18@18.5) Shaft: MCA Kai’li White Proto 80TX (41.75 inches, Tipped 2, D4) IRONS: Apex ’21 (4-PW) Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (Soft stepped 1X) Lofts: 21.5, 25, 28, 32.5, 36.5, 40.5, 45 Std Lie, Std Length, All Irons D3 WEDGES: Jaws MD5 Raw (50/10S, 54/08C) PM Grind (60/10 w/ Big Pon Grind) Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 (Onyx) PUTTER: Toulon Las Vegas w/ DBL Bend BALL: Chrome Soft *X GRIPS: Golf Pride BCT 58R Logo Down 1+1 GLOVE: Tour Authentic I know we aren’t splitting the atom or curing cancer here, but most gear heads will understand the struggle. When I got sober it was the structure and me buying into the process that saved my life. In a weird way, the same thing happened here. I’ve taken a big swig of the Callaway Kool-Aid..it’s fu$$ing delicious. I never really understood the full bag contracts, they always seemed a little too structured for me. I understand now. When you join a company like Callaway you become a part of a harmonious jazz band and the finely tuned ones tend to make sweet music. That was a dumb analogy but you see where I was going Every product they make is based on the Callaway philosophy and there is something to be said for committing to the whole thing as opposed to just one or two things. Like the people I work with, the Callaway equipment just feels like home to me. I don’t think my 14 friends should have any worry about getting kicked to the curb, at least until the next launch. Gotta have the new/new always right? So what did we learn here? Well, for me it’s taking the time to understand things. Getting to know your clubs and the company that makes them is a weird way of getting to know yourself. What makes you tick? How do you grow to trust something that will help you play well? It’s all extremely important to good golf which at the end of the day is all I care about for you and me. Oh and BTW these irons I am so committed to? The Apex ’21? I just ordered a set of TCB’s “just to test” I have a sickness. Thanks a lot Jon Rahm. That is all. LFG JDub
  2. The specs of the Forged wedges are 52/10C, 56/12C and 60/10C Yes Tour Cavity Back I believe they are only available thru select fitter at 4-AW
  3. Figured it was a good time to dig into these as they are BY FAR the most asked about iron in our line. Earlier this year I broke down our player’s irons (see link below) and I briefly went into TCB. With Rahmbo’s win at Torrey, it’s time to dig into these a little further. THE BASICS: Created as a reboot to the popular Apex Pro Double Dot (pictured below) the Apex TCB is a forged players CB integrating Callaway’s back weighting system that locks in CG and swing weight. From a performance standpoint, the Apex TCB launch lower and spin a bit more than its counterpart X-Forged CB ’21. It has less offset, shorter blade length and less bounce than XF21 offering players that like that blade look in a cavity back head the perfect option. The question I get from time to time is “what does the TCB have internally?”. The answer is not much. No Flash Face Cup like you see in Apex ’21 only the A. I driven Tour Tuned Face Plate that dials in spin and launch. WHY IS IT SO POPULAR? According to the man that designed them Callaway Golf’s Scott Manwaring it was a labor of love that started with the development of the Apex Pro Double Dot that were designed with the help of then new staffer Xander Schauffele. Xander Back-Up from 2020, the original gamer had no stamping Xander Back-Up from 2020, the original gamer had no stamping Xander Back-Up from 2020, the original gamer had no stamping Lee Janzen Wesley Bryan “The double dot is an iron that I’m very proud of, we took the idea of the Apex Pro and added nuanced shape, lines, and setup that gave Xander exactly what he was looking for. I have a signed head on my desk from Xander as we speak. It represents a lot of hard work and what is possible when we can hyper-focus on making an iron for one of the premier ball strikers in the world.” -Scott Manwaring Callaway Golf Director of Design As with any great iron, the tour presence didn’t stop with Xander, many of our staffers put the iron in play and continue to game them. Players like Si Woo Kim and Wesley Bryan come to mind. With Apex TCB, Manwaring and the R&D team took the DNA of the double dot made some very subtle refinements to the shape (top line, par area, etc). The biggest to-do was implementing the new CG/Swing weight system that you see in the current lineup. “It didn’t make much sense optically to use the circle weight that we do with the Apex MB, I was actually inspired by some of the things Odyssey/Toulon were doing in regards to weights. They always had a seamless appearance and I wanted to try and integrate that into XF21 and TCB. After some serious trial and error, we found the recipe. What we have now is a true player forged CB that almost instantly gets the response from our players.” -Scott Manwaring Callaway Golf Director of Design HOW DID RAHMBO REACT AT FIRST? This one was actually quite un-dramatic, JR took one look at the TCB, set it down, and fell in love VERY quickly. The lower launch, blade-like look with the forgiveness he wants was all fully cooked. The OG Rahm Set The OG Rahm Set The OG Rahm Set Rahm Gamers Rahm Gamers “It was kind of a one and done with Jon” “I just got a 4-iron signed by him for my desk, that’s the club he hit into #16 which was one of the coolest things for me to see” -Scott Manwaring Callaway Golf Director of Design TCB VS XF21 Less offset Less bounce Shorter blade length TCB Launch lower Spin is apples to apples SPECS FYI PHOTO GALLERY Akshay Bhatia Branden Grace Xander Sam Burns MY EXPERIENCE As a true gear head, it actually shocks me that I haven’t really dug into these yet. I’ve hit a bunch of 6 irons at ECPC and compared them to my XF21. Spin was the same, launch was slightly lower and TCB was a little easier to turn over oddly enough. I do like the less bounce aspect to them, especially in the short irons (tried an 8-iron) where the turf interaction is amazing. All in all, if I were to integrate these it would be 7-PW at the most, having too much fun with the Apex ’21 4-6 . Hope this info helps LFG JDub
  4. All irons are a degree to 2 degrees weak Fair lol
  5. I’ve had a few days with my “Wunder Style” Apex ’21 Irons and I must say, the experiment has paid off in spades. My Callaway box was at my doorstep when I arrived home from Muirfield Village and I took them out right away. First impression? WOWZA. I’ve played three rounds with them so far and these are my takeaways I’m 8 yards further with each club (On Avg) I typically hit about 10 greens per round and I’ve hit AT LEAST 13 with Apex ’21 My gapping got better before I had a large gap between the 4 iron/4 utility/4 hybrid and my 5-wood. Now I don’t. See new numbers below. My miss hits are of the same quality as my solid shots with my X-Forged CB. I’m better. My iron game has been an eyesore but with the Apex ’21 done my way, im a good iron player again. Let’s get into the numbers, shall we? I had a chance to do a gapping session so I have hard data to back up the performance. Keep in mind that my miss with any iron is center thin and it happens about 30% of the time. Old Set: X-Forged CB ’21/Apex MB Combo w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (Soft Stepped), Std Length, Std Lie, D3 X-Forged CB (4-7) Apex MB (8-PW) Loft/Carry Distance XF 4-iron: 22.5, 210 XF 5-Iron: 26, 195 XF 6-iron: 29, 180 XF 7 Iron: 33, 165 Apex MB 8 Iron: 37, 150 Apex MB 9 Iron: 41, 135 Apex MB PW: 46, 125 New Set: Apex 21 (Wunder Spec) w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (Soft Stepped), Std Length, Std Lie, D3 Loft/Carry Distance Apex 4-iron: 22.5, 220 Apex 5-iron: 25.5, 205 Apex 6-iron: 28.5, 190 Apex 7-iron: 32.5, 175 Apex 8-iron: 36.5, 160 Apex 9-iron: 40.5, 145 Apex PW: 45, 130 Here is how the whole bag gaps out now: Carry Distance in normal conditions: Driver: 280 3-wood: 255 5-wood: 235 Apex 4-iron: 22.5, 220 Apex 5-iron: 25.5, 205 Apex 6-iron: 28.5, 190 Apex 7-iron: 32.5, 175 Apex 8-iron: 36.5, 160 Apex 9-iron: 40.5, 145 Apex PW: 45, 130 Jaws 50/10S: 115 Jaws 54/8C: 105 PM Grind 60: Who Cares This new setup helped my gapping tremendously, my entire bag has been a weird puzzle lately but now it all kind of makes sense. The problem was from 4-iron thru 6-iron I just wasn’t getting the ball speed and performance to do anything but guess. It’s hard to play well that way. Not anymore. Here is how the whole bag gaps out now: Carry Distance in normal conditions: Driver: 280 3-wood: 255 5-wood: 235 Apex 4-iron: 22.5, 220 Apex 5-iron: 25.5, 205 Apex 6-iron: 28.5, 190 Apex 7-iron: 32.5, 175 Apex 8-iron: 36.5, 160 Apex 9-iron: 40.5, 145 Apex PW: 45, 130 Jaws 50/10S: 115 Jaws 54/8C: 105 PM Grind 60: Who Cares The point is, for better players that struggle with the irons or are finding deficiencies in their setups, going into something like this and bending/tweaking the set to match what you need is a no-brainer. I’m a gear head to the core and as much as I want to strut around with Raw TCB’s, that path won’t help my golf game. I want to play well far more than I want a bag full of players’ irons. To be honest I truly believe I’ve cracked a code. I offset the extra loft and launch by going into a heavy low spin shaft, I combat the lack of spin by playing a spinny golf ball (CSX) and BOOM. I’m having a blast. Try it. I dare you. You won’t go back I promise you.
  6. I get it. It’s a trend on TOUR, Phil wins the PGA at 50 with a 48-inch thunder stick and some kid in your Saturday game is hitting it 20 by you. I’m with you. I’d compare this undertaking to wearing skinny jeans in your early 40’s…it CAN be done but like any brave and ambitious undertaking, we must take a deep breath and think this through. Let’s first establish what a long driver is. In my opinion, anything north of 46 inches is long. Versus industry standard that would put you anywhere from an inch to a quarter of an inch over the industry standard. We at Callaway have a standard length of 45.75 which is flirting with “long” but not quite there. Truth be told for the average golfer a longer driver will help dispersion before distance. Why? Just by sheer human reaction the longer the club, the shallower the plain. Have you ever taken a broom handle or a long stick and swung it for fun? Do you notice how shallow the plane is? The same rule applies here. That shallow-er plane will help face control (a little) and aid in hitting it a bit straighter, and higher! Two for One!! On TOUR the Driver length standard is slowly rising. On the Callaway staff we have Phil at just south of 48, Dylan Frittelli 46, Xander 45.5, Rahm 45.25, and Jim Furyk was at 46.5 for a good spell. In Furyk’s case, it wasn’t just the distance he was looking for, it was dispersion and the fact that he could swing easier and still smack it out there. As you can see Rahmbo is closer to TOUR Standard (which is 45) but the others add a bit extra. For that group of names, it’s the combination of not only distance and accuracy but also each player has the desired flight window they require. The X factor in this whole thing is when they all got properly fit. I know it’s mind-numbing to hear that over and over but it’s the truth. Take Phil for example, when he decided to go into a long driver it was a plan that entailed what he needed to do physically to make it work and a ridiculous amount of trial and error with Master Tech Gerritt Pon. He not only had a plan but changed his body and swing to take actually take advantage of the extra 3 inches. “There are some interesting things to look at when going into the long drivers. With the players we have worked with there seems to be a point (length) of diminishing returns that takes place. At a certain point, players will plateau in speed and that’s when you need to stop. Not all players respond exactly the same way, some players will actually LOSE speed with a long driver, the length can be awkward for some which inhibit speed. For example, a lot of players we fit won’t swing their 4-iron any faster than a 5-iron, it’s that point of diminishing speed that we need to pay attention to. If you don’t have access to a fitter and want to give it a test, try choking down on a longer driver and start working your way up the shaft as you go. It’s not apples to apples but it’ll give you an idea. “ -Gerritt Pon Callaway Golf Master Tech Read the full Story on Phil’s Driver: Phils Driver: Epic Speed PM Proto (6@5.5 3GF, 2GB) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 6TX (47.85 inches, Tipped 0, D9) Without going into a long exhaustive study on club fitting and physics I’ll do us the favor of keeping this REALLY simple. Here are 5 tips to help create your Hellacious Seed Machine Talk to a trusted fitter first: Make the call, send the DM in Instagram whatever it takes. DO YOUR RESEARCH!! There is enough honest info on the Golf web via myself, WRX, MGS, or THP that you should be able to have a small grasp on the good the bad, and the absolute ugly. Trust me from personal experience, when it goes bad it can go very bad. Once the decision is made, find a fitter and leave it to the experts. The long driver is a completely different animal. The length goes up, launch goes up, loft needs to come down, the swing weight will potentially go up and a low head weight helps to offset overall length. I don’t have enough bandwidth to get into shafts, that’s a rabbit hole. I’ll leave that to the fitter. All of that adds up to a ton of things to pay attention to. Throw your expectations out the door: There is no telling what benefits will be gained by going into a long stick. YES, you may hit it a mile, but at what cost? Get honest. Start Slow: Don’t go from your 45-inch gamer into a 47-inch hammer. Try 45.5 to start and work up only as you see success. Remember this has to actually help your scores to make sense. Swing at your normal speed: “Let the club do the work” Have you heard that one? In this case, it’s quite true, the longer length will naturally add MPH’s to your swing speed so don’t go all Sadlowski right out of the gate. As you start hitting the center of the face on a consistent basis you can then slowly try to ramp up the speed. Learn how to hit UP on it: Upward angle of attack is essential to REALLY make this work. Phil has an angle of attack north of 5-degrees. He needed to work that number up (from 1 to 2) to hit those high bombs he so affectionately talks about. This is where the lower loft setting comes into play. Hitting up with the longer length increases your dynamic loft at impact. This is why Phil had to go all the way down to 5.5 loft. Yes, it sounds like a VERY low setting but at impact, it doesn’t play at that loft, probably closer to 7.5 or 8. If his AOA was to be lower (1 or 2) he would hit knee-high fastballs at 180MPH. Sounds fun for Instagram but not at Torrey Pines!! My Experience: My journey with the long driver took place over the last month. It was a blast! My swing speed crept up to 115 MPH for the first time in 3 or 4 years and I hit a few scud missiles. It was awesome. HOWEVER, my dispersion was hit or miss, and compared to my gamer the distance wasn’t enough to commit. I’ll keep messing around with it but thus far it’s just a fun test:) The Driver in question is a 46.5-inch Epic Speed LS (8.5@7.5, Strong Cog) with a Mitsubishi Tensei 1k 50TX (Tipped .5, D5). Of every combo, this one was the most balanced. Center strikes were consistent, the good shots were unbelievable and the bad ones were mildly manageable. Here is a list of the shafts I tried: Fujikura Ventus Black 6X (Really good but didn’t spin quite enough) Graphite Design AD HD 6X (Solid but launched a little low in this set-up) Project X Hzurdus Smoke RDX Black 60G 6.5 (Very stout, numbers were good but the feel was a bit harsh for me) Happy Bazooka Hunting JDub
  7. I get this question a lot. It seems like 100 years ago when EVERYTHING was bonded. As the game has changed and with the introduction of the Opti-fit adjustable fitting system, our TOUR reps can dial in a player faster and with more precision than ever before. However, bonded hosels are still something used by Callaway at Retail and with our players on TOUR. Actually, MOST of the heads we get on TOUR are bonded. The Callaway Tour Truck has a proprietary air compression bending machine that utilizes unique molds for fairways and hybrids to adjust loft and lie. It’s actually pretty old school VS what the norm might look like. I’d compare the practice to spinning the dial on a house phone rather than telling Suri to call Dominos. Make sense? As a TOUR-only component, we still offer adjustable fairway woods for our staff when needed. Why? For a few of our staffers (and non) it’s typically to combat a left miss. Adjustable hosels by nature have more weight out towards the shaft which could encourage a hair more right to left bias. “I just don’t want it to go left” is a common quote on TOUR but it’s not the battle cry of all the players. Some TOUR players like to see a bit of the face at address and with a 3-wood they want something they can easily turn over…especially for #10 and #13 at Augusta:) Take Sam Burns, for example, he primarily fades everything with the driver but in the 4-wood he not only has a bit more loft but also has more weight VIA the adjustable hosel to have one club in his bag he can draw on command. Do you see how every club has a job? Bonded Hosel: Epic Speed 3+ Benefits: Fade biased with less weight towards the heel, ability to bend VERY flat or upright (past what the adjustable will offer), more head stability (traditionally), cleaner look at address, weight distribution flexibility with the bonded hosel saving 5+ grams of discretionary weight. Adjustable: Mavrik SZ w/ Tour Only adjustable hosel Benefits: Easier to turn over, quick to adjust on the fly, younger players who grew up playing with an adjustable hosel are used to the CG placement and look. Xander Schauffele (Bonded) Sam Burns (ADJ) So why does Callaway offer only bonded at retail? Easy. Performance. The bonded hosel allows us to use the weight in other places in the head to increase MOI, Speed, Spin up or down, etc. We combat the lack of adjustability by offering more loft options (3+/14, 3/15, 4/16.5, 5/18, 7/21, 9/23, 11/25) than any other OEM. It’s a buffet of options to satisfy anyone from our Tour players to you and me. JDub
  8. Im using Apex '21 as my point of discussion for obvious reasons but it could go for any OEM's that have irons in this category. Im curious to everyones thoughts/experience on this one. Take company bias out of it and focus more on the idea of it. Im a gear head and struggle with my EGO when it comes to this. I’ve been asking myself this question since joining #teamcallaway. Should a sub-5-handicap player dare look at the Apex ’21? It’s an honest question actually, Callaway offers a full line of player’s irons via the Apex MB, TCB, Apex Pro, and X-Forged CB so why on earth would I ever consider trying a forged “game improvement” iron? I’ll frame this by laying out where my head went when looking into Apex ’21 for my own game. I’m fully capable of hitting any of the player’s offerings consistently out of the middle. I like the workability of a less offset, smaller profile iron. The Apex ’21 has a stronger loft package than what I normally play by about 2 to 3 degrees per iron. This was my biggest concern FYI. I’ll hit them too far, get heaters, etc. They aren’t a “Tour” iron. If I weaken the lofts to something closer to my set, it’ll mess up the whole thing The list could actually expand quite a bit if I pressed but there is a flip side to that coin that I’m not identifying. That is honesty. Yes, I hit my irons solid but when I look at my stats my GIR and proximity to the hole are nowhere near where they should be to actually see the scores I want. I can hit good shots quite often but I’m definitely leaving meat on the bone with the current setup….and I’m a gearhead and love the Tour stuff. So there’s that The strengths of my game have always been Driving, Chipping, and Putting. At no point in my time playing would I ever consider myself a great iron player, I’d say mildly serviceable is a more fair assessment. So why am I fighting it? A good idea could be to just work on my swing which is 100% a valid point but I’m more curious about immediate gains when I’m not hitting it well. I was chatting with a Champions Tour pal of mine and he gave me a little nugget. He only uses smaller profile irons when he knows he can take advantage of them. An interesting way to look at it for sure. What I took from this was he prefers to make things easy in any scenario. He also said that “good” game improvement irons will give you all the workability you would ever need if you know what you’re doing. That’s why when Phil put Epic Forged irons in the bag during the 2020 Masters he was still able to hit the shots he needed all while playing with a profile that would be designated for a higher handicapper. It’s also with noting that Apex’ 21 isn’t SUPER game improvement, I think the stronger loft setup throws people off. I’ve played well with profiles that had a bigger thumbprint and faired really well. I’m going into this trying to find NEW opportunities in my bag. The woods are cooked, the wedges dialed and the putter is on point. It’s the 4-iron to 7-iron area that vexes me. Usually, I like to combo things up with CB long irons and MB short irons but I’m also tired of that. I want to play with one uniform set again and see what that gets me. So here is what I’m doing now, I just ordered up a set of Apex ’21 irons, exactly to the spec of my current mixed set of X-Forged CB and Apex MB. The only twist is the loft package is a bit stronger (new specs below) but what I’m losing in the loft I’m getting in the launch and descent angle. What I’m gaining here (in theory) is ball speed and forgiveness on mis-hits which I so desperately need. My frequent miss is a center thin shot that loses its steam during the last 25% of its travels. That shot has cost me more grief than any other and I’m now calling in the heavy artillery to make it go away. There was however one question/concern I had that kept me from pressing the button on this whole thing, the lofts. It’s no secret that the loft package in these styles of irons needs to be on the stronger side to avoid players hitting uncontrollable shots. Some people call it “loft jacking” which always gave me a chuckle. No, OEMs are not making the lofts stronger to pull the wool over your eyes and trick you into thinking you’re Sam Burns. It’s a necessity for the lofts to be stronger to work in harmony with the low CG’s and multi-material design of the irons. Take Bryson for example, his PW is 41 degrees. Is that why he hits it so far? NO. It’s simple math in that case. If his PW was on the more traditional side he would hit it straight up in the air with too much spin. The same rule (sort of) applies here. The other question I have, is, how will bending these irons a degree or two weak affect the turf interaction/flight, etc? This is where I had to go to the experts on the truck to get the answer and the answer was a resounding “nothing”. The reasoning behind that answer was due to the leading edge relief and what is basically a pretty low bounce sole, to begin with. 2 degrees up or down won’t do much except add/or subtract a touch of spin. Any more than a couple of degrees is where you will start to see some problems. Especially in the shorter clubs. The shafts play a big part in this as well, Tour Issue X100 is a tip-stiff, heavy profile. I think that the combo of the weaker lofts, low launching shaft, and forgiveness of the head may add up to something pretty cool. To remedy this in my case I split the difference by blending the lofts to sit right in between Apex ’21 Std and my gamers. Here is the Apex ’21 set up im going to try: Shafts: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (soft stepped) SwingWeight: D3 Grips: Golf Pride BCT 58R Logo Down New loft, Gamer loft, stock Gamer Yardage 4-iron: 21.5, 23, 210 5-iron: 24.5, 26, 195 6-iron: 27.5, 29, 180 7-iron: 31.5, 33, 165 8-iron: 35.5, 37, 150 9-iron: 40, 41, 135 PW: 45, 46, 125 What am I expecting to happen? If I was to guess id say ill get about 1/2 club longer but most importantly what I’m hoping to see is my performance from 175+ improves. When looking at my stats it’s that yardage where my GIR numbers get really funky. It’s almost like looking at 2 different golfers. Where my concern lies is in the shorter clubs (8-PW) where my stats are pretty damn good, and it’s from 8-iron down to LW that I make most of my birdies and the par percentage is awesome. Keep in mind that those stats at 175+ could reflect a poor short game but that wouldn’t be telling an accurate story. It’s where I’m hitting it from 175+ that’s killing me. Trust me when I say that I’ve put myself in some serious pickles with a 6-iron on up. Best case this comes off and everything gets better, the worst case is I’m still garbage from 175+ with irons that should help. That’s more of a “maybe you aren’t as good as you think you are” scenario……ouch. The middle ground is a split in improvement in the 4-iron to 6-iron and a deficiency in the shorter clubs, but that’s what combo sets are for I’ll follow up after I’ve had a chance to bang these things around, please ask away if you have any questions. Would also like some Apex’21 players to chime in on what they have experienced. I’m going in. JDUB
  9. His irons have extra grooves to add spin. A few players on our staff do it. Basically they are just like Nike Grooves
  10. Driver: Callaway Epic Speed (6 @5.5 , Green Dot Cog, 3GF, 2GB) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 6TX (47.75 inches, D4) Irons: X-Forged UT (16), X21 UT Proto (19@20.5, 25) Callaway Apex MB ‘21 (Small groove) (6-PW) Shafts: MMT UT 105TX (16), KBS Tour V 125 S+ Wedges: Callaway PM Grind Proto “Raw” (52/12@50, 55/12, 60/10) Shafts: KBS Tour-V 125 S+ Putter: Odyssey Milled Blade “Phil Mickelson” Grip: SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour Ball: CSX (Black Box w/ TT)
  11. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/sam-burns-raw-tcb-in-hand-pics/
  12. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/x-forged-tour-ut-sneak-peak/
  13. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/epic-speed--101/ for the fans
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