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  1. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/epic-speed--101/ for the fans
  2. For all you Tour Gear junkies out there, my Callaway website is live https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com Still working out some kinks and formats but there is plenty of things there to keep you occupied. If you have any questions or want to see something specific, hit me up in this thread:)\ Happy Masters Week!!!
  3. Correct. Especially in the Pro Series. RCH 90 and 36. Great shafts.
  4. Jay Turner at Avian is solid
  5. If you guys want the real down and dirty go to my Reddit Page https://www.reddit.com/r/CallawayWorldofWunder/
  6. Its an interesting thought for sure. With any new tech (AI specifically) we are still in the Wild West of discovery. We do talk about it in marketing (a little) but the full scope of how its used and where we are going with it is still under lock and key. Cally is an ambitious company and what we want to do going forward is impressive on multiple levels. I thought that before I worked here lol.
  7. Id say its 75% Tour Focused. The people. The people I work with are incredible.
  8. Just a bunch of happy buzz lol. Its a big deal and opens up so many possibilities.
  9. When a big player switches its usually mapped out far in advance. With the player, agents, OEMs...they know when contracts are coming up and begin the process far in advance. Rahm tested a ton of OEM equipment and ultimately landed with us. Im not privy to the whole story as its way above my pay grade. In regards to transitioning into the new stuff, the ball and driver seem to be the most challenging thing where in Rahms case, he was happy quickly. Irons, wedges etc are more or less easy to adjust/dial in.
  10. Yes the Max LS will def give you more playability than any SZ we have made (in my opinion) the problem is spin and our new heads optimize spin in a way better way. The Speed is def fast and you should give it a whirl but coming from EF SZ, the LS will give you the closest transition. Let me know how you shake out.
  11. Hey!! Im the Content Marketing Manager focusing on the Tour. Basically anything having to do with TOUR content will be my focus along with some other fun rabbit hole stuff. I live in Toronto but was born and raised in Seattle. Favorite club at the moment is my Epic Speed Triple D Driver with a Tensei 1k 60TX. Its a heater. Agreed and I will def be digging into the tech and R&D a ton!!
  12. It’s Johnny Wunder from Callaway (former WRX staff yet still ride or die WRX’er) and I’m finally jumping in the MGS pool to mix it up with y’all. If you have any questions, topics etc. Fire away. Always been a fan of this site and can’t wait to chat it up.
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