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  1. GooD morning Spies! travel day for me. Gold tomorrow if the Nawlins weather cooperates! violating all sorts of rules typing whike taxiing. Better go! Great days to all!
  2. Good morning Spies! It's a cold morning in Indy, with snow on the stoop and frozen dog ... walkers. Luckily I booked some warm sim time at PGATSS for early evening practice. I need to figure out once and for all the 5W/5H/hybrid iron club in my bag. Good luck with your procedure @Coachbutt! Sending prayers your way. I am fortunate to travel to warm(er) climes this weekend, as we head to New Orleans for a meeting and some fun time too. A friend is getting us onto Metairie CC Friday. It may be my last outdoors round for a bit, sadly. Also, I am in the market for a used Foresight GC2 (if I may share this bleg). If anyone has one they want to unload, please reach out. To all my fellow northerner/midwesterners - stay warm! I wish you all amazing Tuesdays.
  3. Congratulations Testers! This seems like an intriguing test. Will the AI matter? Good luck with your testing!
  4. Great summary article, @GolfSpy_APH. Well done.
  5. Good morning, Spies! Wishing you all super days. Speedy recovery wishes to the kiddo, @GolfSpy_APH! It's gray outside, which matters not because I am just a working fool today and tomorrow before sliding into some holiday time. Best wishes to all!
  6. The yellow is fantastic. The cover is super durable and the ball just performs.
  7. Good morning and happy day Spies! Jason @sirchunksalot wishing you positive news and outcomes today. It will be a busy few days here before relaxing into the holiday. I am very much looking forward to having all three daughters home. Two were here last night and we had a blast. Hoping I can squeeze some golf in next weekend, weather permitting. I hope you all have super days!
  8. That looks incredible. Well done @azstu324!
  9. I switched out my Miura CB-57s 5-8 today for my TS3s, paired with my TS4s and TS1. All I can say is I shot my PB and the TS3 felt so soft and pure when hit solid. Simply amazing. I love these clubs and they are not coming out of my bag unless I pick some vintage blades just for fun. Simply fantastic clubs.
  10. I was disappointed that I improved so much this season, dropping my handicap into single digits (barely), yet never broke 80. But it was a great summer nonetheless. After taking nearly a month off due to travel and a busy work schedule, I stole a late November round today on what was a gorgeous day here in Indy. Mid 50’s, sunny, no wind - just beautiful. Played at River Glen GC in Fishers, IN. This is Hole #16, which played as a 170 yard par 3 today. I was pleased to play really well for me. After gaming a combo of Miura 5-8, Maltby 7-P,G irons for a few months, I thought I might need a little more forgiveness in the early winter and played an all-Maltby combo today, of TS3 5-8, TS4 9-P, TS1 G, and the irons were deadeye all day. I also ditched the driving iron and played Paradym TD driver, Rogue 3W and 5W, and Paradym X 3 and 5 hybrids. The hybrids are better for me than the driving hybrid irons, it turns out. I was fortunate to hit them all well. So, in sum, I finally broke 80! And that’s with no birdies (although I did have super near misses slide over the cup’s edge on a couple, which would have turned my 79 into a 77 or 78). it was such a fun day with a good friend. Hoping to play Friday too, weather permitting. Thanks for reading!
  11. Sincere condolences @cksurfdude. Pets are family. Hang in. Work is crazy. So are some people. That’s my day in a nutshell. Hope your day is not crazy. Go play golf if you can!
  12. Good morning Spies! Getting motivated for exercise and the workday. Coffee stat! Hope you all have fabulous days!
  13. With the earlier sunsets post-DST, I went to PGATSS and hit for an hour in the Sim. I tested driver shafts, and confirmed I am in the correct one. Then I hit some 7 irons for distance and accuracy. I am much more consistent hitting off grass but it was still good work and I am grateful it is available nearby. One 160 yard 7 iron shot stood out. This was close!
  14. Good morning, Spies! Recovering from a very fun weekend here. Lots of time with friends, and spent a super day yesterday with FABWIFE for our anniversary. Part of the day involved cleaning out the garage, or starting to, which made her happy and is also one step closer to getting a sim in there sometime soon. More purging will need to be done first. There is no golf in my immediate future. That needs to be fixed! I wish you all super days.
  15. I went to the PGATSS and spent about 20 mins putting with 3-4 of the new AI putters. I wanted to be impressed, but sadly was not. They are gorgeous. But I felt no difference in my putting as compared to my usual wand; if anything, my accuracy was poorer, as was distance control. I did find the White Hot insert more forgiving and more consistent than the milled face, which I found interesting since my gamer putter has a milled face and it is more consistent for me than either of the AI putters. The putters are objectively excellent; I putted well with them. Just not better than my current gamer. Not to pile on, but for comparison purposes I also tried the LAB Link 1 and the LAB DF, both of which were more accurate and more consistent than the AI putters. All that said, picking the right putter is a very individualized endeavor. My experience will no doubt be the opposite of others'. Support your local golf store and go try them out!
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