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  1. I started using Pure Grips, DTX model - they’re full rubber, have sensational grip, and can be cleaned with soap/water and look/feel new. *Disclaimer: I live in Arizona, play 120+ rounds of golf annually, and have oily skin/sweat heavily in the summer. I normally go through 2 sets of grips/year between rounds and range time, but had been gaming the same set for over a year; I just replaced them recently because a new, obnoxious color came out and I wanted to be…obnoxious. The only downside I’ve found so far is that due to it being 100% rubber, the Arccos screw-ins can fall out mid-swing; nothing a little electrical tape can’t fix!
  2. I went from making a comment on Friday saying, “I honestly don’t remember the last time I got an Eagle” to getting one on back-to-back days. Saturday’s started with a pitiful pop up drive into a headwind that knocked it down into the fairway bunker. What followed was a “why the heck not” 5w to the green and draining a slow, downhill, trickling 43’ putt. Boom! Sunday’s started with a smooth, high fairway finder and followed with the purest 4i I’ve ever hit. Hit & sat 10” from albatross glory; most upset I’ve ever been with a tap-in !
  3. Putter fitting because what feels normal to you could be the reason you’re missing putts. if you think you’re square, but are actually off 1° or more, you’re going to have a hard time making 3’+ putts; always missing on the same side. I was standing too way away from the ball and hands were too low/toe in air. I constantly missed the center of the clubface and often joked about not knowing what the sweet spot felt like because i rarely hit it. The fitter looked at my putting stroke, had me change a couple things with my stance/arm hang/where I gripped on the club. He also recommended a putting mirror to get used to being over the ball. I bought one of the Eyeline putting mirrors and after a 15-ball putting practice before the round, my miss had shrunk from 6”-1’ misses too now burning edges from 10’+.
  4. I have a Woode 8; will take a better picture of it today when I get back to the course after work, but while I LOVE the look and idea of this bag, I feel that it missed the mark in regards to it's marketing/practicality. The Good: The color!!! I don't think I'll ever have to feel like "which bag is mine!?" Pockets galore! The magnetic pockets are clutch!!!!! So terrific! For all of those breakfast balls/reloads/mulligans/"I was just messing around"/etc shots, access is so very quick!! Layout is oh-so-sexy when laid out as recommended The Bad: I haven't used a push cart, but the slots don't work as advertised. While both walking/riding in a cart, the clubs don't stay separated in their little notches. Every club in each zone fall to one side. I don't like having my putter in the top (big) hole; I prefer the bottom single slot, but the grip (Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0) gets caught when I try to pull it out. For me, the good outweigh the bad one hundred fold. More pictures to come.
  5. Tomorrow morning I'm playing a golf course that opened 4 months ago, Sterling Grove outside Phoenix, AZ. I've heard/read that the greens are VERY firm/unreceptive and the course can be windy (young trees that don't block wind). Any recommendations on how to play a course like this?
  6. Went in to get a new shaft for my previous driver in January and here we are in May with a (literally) new bag, driver, 3w, 2i, and irons. Next up, wedge fitting. I wonder how rich I’d be if all that money had been spent on Doge in January instead…
  7. It only took 3.5 months, but my driver FINALLY showed up today; I ordered it at the end of January. Had I spent the money on Doge that I spent on the club, I'd be sitting on about $24,000! Hmm... I sure hope that I hit this like a million bucks, but I'll settle for $24,001! 9* Epic Max LS, UST Lin-Q Purple 7F5, 1" hard tipped. Fore Right!
  8. SAME!!! I've never had worse (contact) misses with ANY club in my life! There's been a few tee shots that I unintentionally played too far forward and think I only made contact with the outer-most layer of paint on the golf ball. Let me tell you, my friends were quite impressed that the same guy that hit a 342y 3w also hit a 36y drive on the following hole! #instanthumility
  9. I had more of a sweeping swing/contact with the Ping G400 while I've needed to play the SIM2 a hair further back in my stance/treat it like a long iron and hit down on the ball for best results. Have you experienced the same?
  10. Definitely check out the SIM2 Ti Rocket 3w (13.5*)! I've been having fun flighting it high on approach shots and launching gnarly low, penetrating missiles off the tee, and talking crap to my friends when I out drive their drivers.
  11. The best my clubs have ever performed is when they were in the process of getting replaced. Too bad relationships are the same way!
  12. I haven't had a driver (something about pandemic/shaft issues in asia/etc...have you heard about these? lol) in my bag for about 4 months. I'm currently playing a TM SIM2 Ti Rocket 3w at 13.5* w/ UST Lin-Q Purple 7F5 shaft (Mid/Mid launch). I've been using it off the tee and fairway and absolutely LOVE it. It's a bit tougher than/not as forgiving as my previous Ping G400 3w, but the distance gain has been enormous and I've gotten more consistent with it since I'm forced to rely on it off tees. When struggling with clubs in the past, I've eliminated them from my bag for a round or two to force myself to experience/think my way around my home course a different way. I'd highly recommend it as it may show you a better way to play a specific hole that you've overlooked in the past and maybe bring the 3w more into the limelight.
  13. I hadn't planned on upgrading anything more than my driver shaft this year, but as fate would have it, a friend got me drunk on tequila and made me a bet I couldn't refuse... Short story shorter, the next day I woke up with a hangover and no driver or 3w. So while he was the proud new owner of a Ping G410 LST and G400 3w, I had to schedule a fitting for the following day since my bag now had a top end of 2i distance. Although the Ping G425 had more forgiveness, my goal for a 3w was long par 5s in 2 shots and I couldn't look away from the TM SIM2 Ti. I went in brand agnostic and ended up with the only TM club I've owned since the original burner driver. I'm now playing the SIM2 Ti Rocket 3w at 13.5* with UST Lin-Q Purple 7F5 shaft. The driver, which I ordered a week prior to the 3w in January, is still not in my hands (Callaway Epic Max LS w/ UST Lin-Q Purple 7F5 shaft). At this point, with as long as the 3w has been off the tee, I'm tempted to cancel the driver and crank this one down 1*, and buy a second, higher lofted FW to fill in distance to my 2i.
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