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  1. ryno_wineo

    Wickenburg Ranch - Big Wick

    One of my favorite courses in Arizona!
  2. I left my fitting with the same, albeit shorter/not tipped, Lin-Q Purple shaft in my new 3w as is in my driver. I noticed the similarity between the two clubs being that the club head was where I expected it to be at all times and had no trouble flighting the ball up/down with the 3w if needed. tl;dr - just get fitted and let the numbers decide. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. ryno_wineo


    I see 72 different ways that I could not get par on that hole.
  4. My two cents while coming up on my 1-year anniversary using Arccos: Customer service is extremely responsive Being in Arizona, the heat seems to mess with the sensors (mine are screw-ins) more than average. Within a year I've had to replace 7 of the 14 sensors but have received replacements within a week of requesting. I bought an Apple Watch to check out the functionality of the watch app, but kept finding myself referencing the phone throughout the round to dial in pin location/shot tracking mistakes. I ended up selling the watch 2 weeks later. The Link has b
  5. I'm a new Phoenix spy! Generally playing weekly Saturday/early am Sunday, but will be open to afternoon rounds this summer too.
  6. Paired my Callaway Epic Max LS 9* with the UST Lin-Q Purple 7F5, 1" tipped (hard). My 3 finalists were: Lin-Q Purple 7F5 #2 in overall launch numbers Purple isn't for everyone Lowest average spin Tied for best L/R dispersion Fastest average clubhead speed by 3.6 mph Least efficient (smash factor); first in distance Ventus Black 7X Best consistency in numbers throughout swings Tied for best L/R dispersion Slowest average clubhead speed Went int
  7. A fellow member of Golf Spenders Anonymous! Hello! I'll definitely check it out. In my irons I just switched from the 130x C-tapers to the DG Tour x100's because my launch/landing angle/spin numbers were too low. 2i though, I'm likely looking for the sweet spot of maximum distance/accuracy off the tee (aren't we all) and will do my damnedest to flight the ball correctly into a green on a short par 5.
  8. I believe that’s one of the two standard options; my fitter only had the HZRDUS Black option mentioned above.
  9. I have really liked the recoil in my Srixons; just didn't know if they're optimal for me or if it was just a good (free) option. Is a hybrid shaft essentially the same as a 2i/utility iron shaft or should I be looking for different characteristics?
  10. I was only able to test it in the True Temper HZRDUS Smoke Black 80 stiff and don't feel that it was optimal for my swing. Trackman averages were 107 SS, 10.3* launch, 4300 rpm, with a landing angle of 42*. I see one locally available (Offerup) with a Mitsubishi MMT UT 105 TX shaft available, but have no experience with that shaft. I've not tried any of the AD shafts; would want to run down that rabbit hole before blindly going down that path.
  11. I'm currently gaming the Srixon ZU85 2 iron (18*, UST Recoil 95 F5) and have my sights set on the Callaway X Forged UT. Utilization will be for off the tee when facing tight holes and approach shots on short par 5s. I really enjoy the UST Recoil, but have opened the aftermarket can of worms and am open to really dialing in the club with the correct shaft; unfortunately I've not been able to find a fitter that has the ability to swap shafts on a sample 2i head. Do I match my driver/3wood with the UST Lin-Q Purple 7F5 (mid spin/launch)? Match my irons at DG Tour Issue x100? Something
  12. While it's not the gunmetal you're asking about, I game the Lin-Q Purple in both my driver and 3wood. When getting fitted, it came down to Ventus Black 7x, KBS TD, and the Lin-Q purple. For me, the dispersion was the tightest with the purple and I've loved every swing with both clubs since. If it's a question as to is the Lin-Q lineup a great shaft? Absolutely.
  13. Hello hello! Long time MGS follower/reader, first time forum-er. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? "Playing" for 25 years, taking it seriously for almost 4. '21 has not been kind to me; finished '20 at 4.6 and am currently trending at 8.7 with 9+ on the horizon. What do you love about golf? Competition. Initially with myself/expectations. If I'm going to lose that one then against my friends. Still losing? Then against the tequila after the round. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other
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