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  1. Depends on other factors (what is short, long, where is the proper miss, what are wind conditions). In general, I lean on wedges and short irons if I feel like I need a few extra yards out of them. I will try to hit a trap draw and flight it a bit lower. Longer clubs, I usually choke down a touch and try to make sure I make an aggressive, committed swing. All of that goes out the window if the conditions are windy or gusty. I am almost always taking longer clubs and trying to flight the ball lower in windy conditions.
  2. Wish I could make it. But luckily, my plans are to tee it up at Pebble on June 12th. Good luck and play well to all those who signed up.
  3. Awesome stuff! Should be fun to watch all week and now I've got some guys to pull hard for!
  4. Heatherwood Golf and Country Club Hoover, AL 35244 Leave your driver at home and bring plenty of balls. This short, tight course is like a bowling alley at times.
  5. I love my Mevo+. Currently using the iOS version with the free courses, but planning on upgrading to a gaming PC in the near future. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks so much for putting this together! Best week of the year!!
  7. Bradley in Birmingham, AL Driver Swing Speed 107 Current Driver TM SLDR 430 9* with Speeder 757 stiff shaft I have NOT played modus iron shafts before
  8. Bradley Birmingham, AL I walk 90% of the time. I live on the course and even walk from my home to the clubhouse and practice facility. I use a bag boy push cart currently but would love to try the remote Motocaddy. My terrain is relatively hilly, so I would like to see how well it could handle the slopes.
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