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  1. It’s taken me a few years to find a ball that checks all the boxes for me. I used to play the ProV1x and moved away from it when it started to become a spinnier ball. Made the mistake of hitting the Kirklands which the latest ball test show spin WAY too much for me. I found the ball test for the ProV1x Left Dash and then followed that up with a virtual ball fitting through Titleist where I was fit for the Left Dash and sent samples. I hit the samples out on the course and found exactly what I was looking for. I’ve stocked up when they were buy 3, get 1 and plan on plying them at least until the next ball cycle in a couple years.
  2. Another fantastic opportunity for MGS readers. I’ve heard Dollar Driver Club mentioned on No Putts Given and have been interested in trying it out. I’d love to be a part of this and be another voice telling readers about the experience.
  3. Great opportunity. I went through the virtual ball fitting and was between V1x and Left Dash. I feel like a blind test could fine tune that selection process even more. It would take out any unknown biases the user has. Great idea!
  4. For me a lot of when I use 58 for the 30-40yd partial shot depends on course/hole setup. If I have to land it and stop it quickly I’m more likely to fly it with the 58 than hit a traditional pitch with a lower lofted club. If I had to ballpark it, I’d say 7/10 times I’m using a lower lofted club and playing a traditional bump and run on those partial shots.
  5. Fantastic opportunity. Even if I’m not lucky enough to be selected I’ll be following along with the reviews of these products. My putting has failed me since having a baby a couple years ago. Having a home training opportunity could bring the game back!
  6. I second this. A different golf ball may be able to adjust launch by a degree or so, it won’t be noticeable to anyone without a tour card. A pro, particularly one that uses video and/or 3D recording would alter ball flight significantly more than any ball will.
  7. I had this talk with the wife the other day. Everyone is different, but there’s plenty of golf related gifts in variety of budget areas. $25 - Pride Golf Evolution Tees and New Glove $50 - Dozen Tour Balls (personal preference is Left Dash) $75 - Book a tee time for you and your foursome, TopGolf, or hitting bay with Launch Monitor. $100 - Lesson or Fitting $200 - 3 Pack of Lessons with PGA Pro (costs will vary based on location and quality of instructor) $300 - New putter. I’d suggest SAM fitting and most fitters will include cost of you buy it there. $500 - New driver with fitting $1000 - New irons with fitting.
  8. Had my appointment yesterday. This is an fantastic idea by Titleist. It’s a simple, no pressure way for players to find a ball that works for their game. I went in hoping that I wouldn’t steer the recommendation and that the rep would find the right ball for me. When they asked me what I currently play, I let them know I don’t play a particular ball, even though I play ProV1. I used to play the V1x until around 2015 when I found it to be too spinny for me throughout the bag. After talking over different shots and what I want out of ball, they recommend I switch to the ProV1x Left Dash. I haven’t hit them yet but I’ve heard they remind people of a firmer version of the 2013x. I know it will spin far less than the ProV, but I’m a pretty steep player who naturally has a ton of spin throughout the bag. I’m hoping this will be exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’ll update when the testers arrive.
  9. I’ve never had an issue putting my glove in the back pocket, snapping it on the ring on my bag, or using the cart handle. I usually rotate 2-3 gloves per round as my hands sweat while playing and the cart handle dries them out after a few holes nicely. I can’t say I’d see much use for a product like this. For the ball mark, I much prefer a hat clip with fits nicely on the bill of my hat, or if I’m going sunglasses, I snap it to my belt instead.
  10. Interested in hearing what you decide on. I’m currently just using my Apple Watch and The Grint App. It gets the job done but I’m in the market for a more precise golf only wearable.
  11. I’ve got a unique bag setup. I carry driver, four hybrids, four irons, and four wedges. I have never been able to fit fairways Woods consistently. Clubs themselves are older models but I hit them well and budget is tight. I would rather play more golf than buy new equipment. Let me know your thoughts. Taylormade R11sTP (RIP Phenom 75x) Taylor Made Rescue Mid TP 16* (Fujikura Stock Stiff) Taylormade R7 Draw 3,4,5 Hybrids (19*, 22*, 25*) (Fujikura Stock Stiff Shafts) Taylormade R7 Draw 6i-9i (R Flex Steel Stock Shaft) Cleveland CBX2 (48,52,56) Cleveland CBX Full Face (60) Odyssey 2 Ball Ten S Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash thoughts?
  12. Finally bit the bullet and jumped from blade to mallet. I went to PGASS and got under their SAM and the results were overwhelming that I would benefit from a slant neck mallet. I hit a round with the Tour Lined Two Ball Ten and now there’s no looking back. A weakness of my putting was that I was lining up 1-2 degrees closed at address and as a result started most putts off line as soon as they left the club face. The Tour Lined makes it nearly impossible to not start on line. I was never a line on my ball for putting guy but my fitter suggested it as it would line up with the Tour Line through the 2 Ball. For the first time in forever I have confidence over the ball and believe I have a chance at holing it. I’ve been holing putts that I wasn’t even getting close before. My putts per round have been under 30 for the last three rounds. I know other reviewers have mentioned they don’t love the micro hinge insert but honestly I don’t feel much of a difference between it and the OG insert. What I do know is that it gets the ball rolling true for me putt after putt after putt. I’ve been known to mishit a few putts and the high MOI design has kept these mishits rolling towards the hole. The putter has tremendous feel and knowing I’m aligned correctly allows me to focus my ore shot routine on speed, which like I mentioned has me holing a ton more putts. The one negative I have is the pistol grip. To me, it’s a little squishy and on the smaller side. I think I’ll be changing it out for a Superstroke, assuming I find one I like that’s similar in weight the current pistol grip. The counter weight in the Stroke Lab shaft is in the shaft so I’ll have to account for those 30 grams to not mess with the swing weight.
  13. I still have the original Taylormade Rescue Mid TP in my bag. 16* that replaces the 3 wood for me. I haven’t found a 3 wood that I can hit more consistently and until I do the trusty Rescue will stay in the bag. Stingers off the tee, second shots into par 5, it’s solid from the fairway or the rough.
  14. Did you notice much of a swing weight difference with the SS grip bs stock? I have the stock pistol online but have always used SS 3.0. Afraid of switching and messing up balance.
  15. I was struggling with pulling putts and decided it was time to get fit. SAM numbers had the best fit for me with 2 Ball Ten S (Tour Line). I was never a line on my ball guy, but have tried it the past couple rounds. Combination of putter fitting (3* upright), Tour Line, and line on ball make it nearly impossible for me to not get aligned properly and start my putts on line. No 3 putts in last couple rounds and average putts down to 31 (from 36.5). Hands down the best roll I’ve ever gotten with a putter. The Microhinge face is a little “clicky” but I’m not caring if the putts are dropping.
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