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  1. IF anyone is interested in this putter, I do have a headcover to match.
  2. Kind of surprised with how much love these get no one really wants them.
  3. Evnroll ER5 hatchback - has 3 rounds and a few+ mat sessions on it. Looking for 245 Obo shipped to conus. Comes with accompanying Evnroll headcover and ballmarker.35” Would really like to sell this but I’m open to At least listen to trade offers.
  4. Chris - Omaha, Nebraska currently play sm8 50, sm6 56/60 would want to test 54 or 58.
  5. Omaha Nebraska titleist 917d2 swing speed 95 would like to test the 440.
  6. Chris/ Nebraska Handicap 12 Irons Nike vapor fly's wedges titleist sm6's. 7 Iron Carry distance - I play with 160 in mind.
  7. Bought(online) this for myself as a Christmas gift, always wanted to add a Bettinardi to my collection. When I unboxed it I didn't like the grip, no big deal figured I'd swap it out for a superstroke/flux/garson etc. It was new when I purchased it and I've hit maybe 10 putts with it indoors, it just doesn't fit my eye. Decided it would be worth it to just flip it for something, thinking of getting fit for a seemore or something. I'm open to listening to trade offers. $300 Shipped CONUS
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