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  1. Ended up giving into my demons and getting a new tsi2
  2. I’m currently gaming a 917d2 but I want to move forward a little bit. Curious if anyone has a TS or TSI head they aren’t using. Would prefer the TS1 or TSI1 but open to all anything that might be available. Currently have a 9.5 I think so like to stay close to that. Condition wise I’m really hoping for 9.0/10.0 or above but again, beggars can’t always be choosers.
  3. Also I have a series three Apple Watch if you’re still on the fence about a gps distance watch. I obviously prefer my voice caddie too it, but definitely works well. 100 shipped conus. it’s been so long I can’t remember what app I used on the watch. But here’s a great last. mygolfspy.com/apple-watch-golf-apps/
  4. I signed up for club Cameron really just for the bag. I have a phantom x5 so the club cameron headcover isn’t going to fit and seems silly to collect headcover for a style I don’t have. 95 OBO shipped conus Next I have a pair of Titleist collapsible alignment sticks. $30 shipped conus I’m not a pistolero fan so this grip was harvested from my phantom x5 infavor of a flatso. The guy at the store took the plastic off to change the grip otherwise it’s never been used. $45 shipped conus
  5. would totally do it if they were yellow. GLWTS.
  6. Hey everyone, a couple of years ago I took a trip to Vegas at the time, I thought it would be cool to rent some brand new clubs, play on a course and it would all kinds of fun. What ended up happening is I didn't get the right set of clubs to rent, the round was terrible and I ended up quitting after 9 holes. So I am heading to vegas again in a few months. And I want to bring my own clubs. Is ship stix a good service or should I bring my own clubs in some sort of travel set up. Any help would be great.
  7. Had my car broken into 2 nights ago. A little damage to the stuff inside,but luckily nothing too important was stolen(like my clubs). I had left my Garmin approach S20 in the center console that was stolen(including two gym bags). I was leaning towards just getting another one but wanted to see if maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to get something else.
  8. I would love to get fit and test an excel putter. Was disappointed when I had a putter fitting and wedge fitting this year that the club champions I went to didn’t have any edel products. The fitter though was kind enough to show me the custom divot tool they made for him. definitely would be nice considering my car was broken into two nights ago and clubs weren’t stolen but there was some damage to my gamer.
  9. If you’re looking for a dw you should see if you can test the sik dw, it’s an amazing head. Almost made the switch too that.
  10. Why would you give that up. I get it. You have the regular one and are keeping the stealth version to use as your daily.
  11. Chris Omaha Nebraska I Walk 30-40% of my rounds. Been wanting to get a cart and walk 100% of my rounds.
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