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  1. Kind of surprised with how much love these get no one really wants them.
  2. Evnroll ER5 hatchback - has 3 rounds and a few+ mat sessions on it. Looking for 245 Obo shipped to conus. Comes with accompanying Evnroll headcover and ballmarker.35” Would really like to sell this but I’m open to At least listen to trade offers.
  3. Chris - Omaha, Nebraska currently play sm8 50, sm6 56/60 would want to test 54 or 58.
  4. Omaha Nebraska titleist 917d2 swing speed 95 would like to test the 440.
  5. Chris/ Nebraska Handicap 12 Irons Nike vapor fly's wedges titleist sm6's. 7 Iron Carry distance - I play with 160 in mind.
  6. Bought(online) this for myself as a Christmas gift, always wanted to add a Bettinardi to my collection. When I unboxed it I didn't like the grip, no big deal figured I'd swap it out for a superstroke/flux/garson etc. It was new when I purchased it and I've hit maybe 10 putts with it indoors, it just doesn't fit my eye. Decided it would be worth it to just flip it for something, thinking of getting fit for a seemore or something. I'm open to listening to trade offers. $300 Shipped CONUS
  7. This past season with christmas giftcards I picked up an evnroll er5(35) and ended up not liking it as much as I thought I would. I work nights and a provider buddy who also work nights met up to play a local city course that I had never played before. Windy as hell and didn't putt as well as I would want obviously. The buddy talked me into running to GG so he could pick up a new driver, I think he wanted to go rogue to flash something like that. I picked up the sigma 2 tyne (33.5) and it felt like the best feeling putter I've every hit so the next day I went back and purchased the sigma 2 tyne and it became my everyday. I just bought a bettinardi for fun, but I don't imagine it will replace this.
  8. I'd want the hole-in-one. Closest I've come to shooting in the 60's is a 70(which was par) which is good enough for me. But I've had three instances where I've almost had the hole-in-one. One that dunked and bounced out, one that had it been two inches to the right when it landed it would have gone in and one where I had been to inches to the left it would have gone in.
  9. Oh I love second swing, have picked up a few putters and my current hybrid from them. Problem is, I would be ok with the condition of their best set, especially considering they are from 2006, but they're almost double what I would want to pay.
  10. The mizuno MP 67 set is probably my favorite looking set of irons ever made. I've always wanted a set but only recently have I decided that I was going to try and track one down. Obviously since its a much older set, tracking down a used set in decent condition has been a little harder. I definitely plan to get them re-gripped and get a few rounds out of them. Wondering if anyone had a decent used set that is gathering dust that they wouldn't mind letting go of. Thanks everyone.
  11. um two years ago when I was waiting for odyssey to send me my o-works #7 as a replacement for the works saber-tooth that broke about 2 weeks after purchase. Completely forgot that I didn't have a putter when I agreed to a round. So on the way to the course I stopped off at golf galaxy to purchase the cheapest used putter they had(and if they didn't have anything super cheap I had another store I could stop at or just bum a putter the round). Found a Nike IC 20 20a for 35. Liked it so much I almost didn't end up using my new #7. That was the first. After buying the first nike putter I did some research into what else they had released that I could possibly pick up to collect. After many failed attempts to get one for 60ish on ebay I took a friend golfing at a really crummy course. I was teaching her and she was using a friend of hers set. SO after we finished the round she wanted to go buy her own box set. So we ran to golf galaxy again, she got a box set. while we were there I found the putter I had been looking for. The nike method concept with red face and black back and interestingly enough it already had a super stroke flatso grip on it. Price tag was 40.
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