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  1. I just played a round of golf with someone who hit his ping 5 iron around 200 yards. Of course i discovered that that iron is lofted nearly the same as my 3 iron. I guess that's why golf club sets only go up to the 4 or 5 irons. But, they cost the same as the old conventional 3i to PW sets. Then you pay extra for a couple of hybrids, fairway woods and in many cases extra wedges. They got you coming and going.
  2. It looks like TXG will be pushing upgraded shafts from now on just like Club Champions. Too bad. I guess I can unsubscribe from TXG now.
  3. Titleist TSI3 Driver. Callaway GBB 3 and 5 Woods. Titleist718 CB 3 - PW. Titleist SM4 56 and 52 degree wedges. Mizuno M Craft 2 Putter. Bridgestone BRXS tour golf ball.
  4. I put my gloves in a ziploc baggie with desecant bags to absorb the moisture (squeeze the air out before sealing). My gloves stay soft and dry. I've used this while playing in Arizona and it works for me.
  5. I had my used set of irons adjusted at my local muni for 4$ a club. I put tape on the sole of each club and hit a foam ball off of a piece of plywood. The mark on the tape will tell you if the club is upright, ok, or flat for you. You can leave the tape on the sole and the fitter should be able to tell you how much each iron needs to be adjusted based on where the Marks are. I asked him to check to ensure that the lofts were per company specs and that the lies needed to be 2 deg flat. I hope I understood your question correctly.
  6. Anyone know where I can get a weight kit or individual weights ( 2 to 5 grams) for a titleist 910d3 driver? Thanks
  7. Driver: Titleist 910 D3 ( 9.5 deg Aldilla 2.9 60g RIP alpha stiff) 3 and 5 woods: Callaway GBB (Kuro Kage 50g regular) Hybrid: Titleist 913 HD ( 20deg Kuro Kage 60 HY stiff) Irons: Titleist 718 CB 4-PW 2 degrees flat (True Temper AMT Tour White S300 ) Wedges: Titleist BV SM5 2 degrees flat (56 S grind 10 deg bounce and 52 F grind 08 deg bounce. True Temper S300 stiff) Putter: Mizuno M Craft II cut to 33 inches.
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