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  1. Take a look at this post below. I actually put together a spreadsheet with a lot of notes. I think you could set up a Champkey net and a Real Feel golf hitting mat in that area and it would work very well! The Google Sheet in the post has links, costs, etc. for what you can use! I put pictures of my own garage hitting bay in there too.
  2. One other thing, I'd love to review and add my thoughts to any other products for a Home Sim setup to add to my Google Sheet. If you have anything you want me to put into the spreadsheet, let me know! Also, if you are building a budget, you can copy and past the spreadsheet onto your own google sheet and use the =Sum() function to get your budget. Also, on a completely unrelated note, anyone else getting nonstop ads about golf simulators?
  3. If you didn't want to remove the entire drop ceiling, Rick Shiels did something similar with his garage where he cut out a 3' x 6' section and raised it. You would want that around 2' behind your stance. If you look at that first picture, you can see where my driver and occasional 3 wood scrape the ceiling haha.
  4. I would say you probably want 10 Cubic Feet. My garage is about 9'5" tall, and I have definitely scraped the ceiling with my driver! I almost bought a shed unit to build in my backyard, but that would cost around $5K, and I was on a budget of sorts.
  5. Since I am in my garage and it slants backwards, I actually had to build a small platform too. I used sub-flooring that I bought at Home Depot and had them cut it for me. Then I just drilled in the supports (slices of the sub-floor) and put my hitting mat on top of it. If your plan is to build this up in the fall, you should buy the Skytrak ASAP as they are backordered since everyone is stuck at home!
  6. StokerAce, I had definitely read that blog post and a few others, and it's a pretty incredible set up for $1,050 (he says $700, plus a projector which maybe he already had). My initial thoughts are that the Optishot 2 is awesome for a simple "For Fun" setup. The point of my analysis is to help folks find a set up that includes Ball Data. I've used the Optishot 2 and it is a lot of fun. The problem is if you hit it fat or thin, there is no feedback for that as it is only reading the club path, face angle, and club speed.
  7. I'll give this a try when I'm at the range today, Tom! What do you do for a pre important round warm up? Something to identify things you need to be conscious of? I usually just hit Gap Wedge, 8 Iron, 5 Iron, 2 Iron and Driver, but even when I hit driver well warming up, that first tee shot is anyone's guess haha. I fight a hook a lot on my first tee shot, but it usually fixes itself by hole 3.
  8. Oh, you know when I am working on Pitching, I do this with the Quarter, Half, Three Quarter, and Full. I kind of like the idea of doing that with my Irons, MNUte. Maybe I'll work that into my practice while moving throughout the bag while going up and down. I've tried things like playing a full course in my head while at the practice range, but then I get on the course and am spending time in the sand instead haha.
  9. What is a routine I can use for practice that keeps all parts of my game crisp? So I started golfing 5 years ago. I almost immediately became addicted. This is something almost every golfer experiences, where they fix one part of their game, and another part immediately stops working. Example: I had an incredible game with my driver the other day, but I couldn't hit a green from 60 yards out to save my life. So I work exclusively on my 40-90 yard approach game for two weeks till it's crisp, then my long irons go out the window. PLEASE HELP haha. Is there a routine you use that seems
  10. Something to note in my analysis is that places like shopindoorgolf.com and rainorshinegolf.com offer full Simulator experience packages for home use, but the MINIMUM price is $4999, and it doesn't include a simulation software like The Golf Club 2019. It only includes the Skytrak base software which is good for the range, but you're missing the actual golfing a simulated course experience.
  11. Hello MGS Community, I'm a long time consumer of MyGolfSpy, but this is my first Topic I've created. The gist of this thread is how to build the best Home Simulator for $4,000. That seems like a lot, but in my honest opinion, this is the lowest cost you can get while getting a full sim experience with true ball data instead of random ball data assumed from club data systems like the Optishot's infrared system. I'm not here to brag about anything as you can see from pictures below that I built this system over a number of years and countless hours of research. In the below spreadsheet
  12. What's up, RickyBobby? Definitely here to stay. Would love to be a staff writer for the site one day. I am a golf enthusiast you could say. My wife says I'm an addict. Putting together a home simulator set up document as I have a pretty amazing set up at home for under $4K. Would love any feedback you might have. It's just in a google doc. Here's the viewer link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hbjBM2Iuk7QC4s6XDVrrWlrEZ7lDRvdwN0qTulBDK7k/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Yeah, I just ordered P770's earlier this month and the delivery time said July. I called the Taylormade reps and they said the delivery delay is actually for the head. Super frustrating they couldn't tell me that before the order form was submitted. I'm hoping it is just being cautious, but my guess is I won't be playing my new clubs for another 4 months
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